List of all 2022 games industry events, game development events, conferences, summits, and festivals (scheduled + cancelled). Search the list by country, city, month, location, or nature.
6 – 9 JanMusic And Gaming Festival LogoSuper MAGFest01 – JAN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesWashingtonShort for “Music And Gaming Festival,” MAGFest is a 4 day-long event dedicated to the appreciation of video game music, gaming of all types, and the gaming community. The event runs 24 hours a day.$110Per RequestN/ANone18/08/2021 12:49:5510/01/2022 08:37:28
20 – 25 JanTaipei Game Show 2022 LogoTaipei Game Show01 – JAN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2B2CAsiaTaiwanTaipei CityTaipei Game Show, held by Taipei Computer Association (TCA), is the only game exhibition, which combines B2B and B2C zone. From 2003, it attracts tons of gamers from all over the world because of the special and amazing content.$ 3,000NT$16,800 – NT$21,000Game Linker Match Up!None01/09/2021 15:05:4226/01/2022 08:44:22
20 – 30 JanGlobal Game Jam LogoGlobal Game Jam 202201 – JAN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALGame JamNorth AmericaVirtualVirtualThe Global Game Jam® (GGJ) is the world’s largest game creation event taking place around the globe, typically at physical locations but with some virtual participation as well.http://www.globalgamejam.org40,000+N/AN/AN/ANoneNone08/05/2021 14:01:1131/01/2022 07:56:24
26 – 27 Jandevcom Pitch It event Logo 2022devcom Pitch it! Winter Edition01 – JAN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeGermanyVirtualdevcom Pitch it! is devcom’s online matchmaking event that targets exclusively publishers and developers, offering an additional boost for their business throughout the whole year.€ – 79€NonePineNone13/12/2021 14:06:3928/01/2022 15:52:53
3 – 4 FebHyper Games Conference LogoHGC India & Asia Edition02 – FEB2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BCISUkraineVirtualHyper Games Conference (HGC) is the major international online conference in its niche devoted to the development, promotion, and growth of the Hyper/Hybrid Casual Games industry. Our participants are from all over the world, about 90 countries take part in HGC,500+GMT+30 – 49€Per RequestPineNone28/10/2021 15:07:2705/02/2022 10:33:43
5 FebBoston FIG Festival 2022 LogoBostonFIG Festival02 – FEB2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualLast year, we pioneered an online festival in a truly interactive virtual space on Gather. You told us that it really worked! And people from all over the world were able to show their games and attend because of the format, and Pay-What-You-Like tickets. This year, we’ve decided to do it again. what you wantNoneGatherNone20/12/2021 09:13:0706/02/2022 10:55:51
7 – 8 FebWN Conference Berlin 2022 LogoWN Conference – Berlin02 – FEB2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeGermanyBerlinThe conference will bring together about 1,000 video game industry decision makers that will be joined by another 1,000 online attendees from around the globe on the WN Hub communication platform.,000+GMT+260 – 720€Per requestWN HubNone01/12/2021 12:40:5309/02/2022 09:04:55
10 FebGamesforum Barcelona Logo 2022Gamesforum Barcelona02 – FEB2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeSpainBarcelonaGamesforum Barcelona is a One-day Gamesforum Laser Event focussing on Ad Monetization in F2P mobile games taking place at the Novotel CITY Barcelona.€ / 899€N/AN/ANone08/12/2021 15:11:0111/02/2022 08:05:47
12 – 18 FebYorkshire Games Festival Bradford 2022 LogoYorkshire Games Festival02 – FEB2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalEuropeUnited KingdomBradfordWith the Let’s Play weekend of family fun, Young Developers Conference for KS3 students, and our Game Talks programme of talks, networking and special industry guests, there’ll be lots for everyone to enjoy! 09:24:5619/02/2022 09:03:02
14 – 15 FebPocket Gamer Connects London 2022 LogoPocket Gamer Connects London02 – FEB2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeUnited KingdomLondonPG Connects return to London as in-person event. More details soon.£70 – £1,249£365 (Showcase table)Meet 2 MatchNone11/10/2021 10:34:0715/02/2022 10:30:12
16 FebBreakpoint 2 Virtual Conference 2022 logoBreakpoint 202 – FEB2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaNorth AmericaVirtualBreakpoint is an open virtual event, free of charge, that provides an opportunity for practitioners in the game development industry to learn from each other, network, share best practices and ideas through technical talks. Conference will starts at 10am-6pm EST 11:16:0828/02/2022 08:05:31
21 – 25 FebGame Max Game Week 2022 LogoGame Max | Game Week02 – FEB2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2B2CEuropeBelgiumVirtualGameWeekis a free event open to all : students, devs, teachers, reporters, foreign relations… With some high profiles of the belgian gaming sector, GameMax invites you to review the 5 goals that makes up for its foundations. 11:46:5926/02/2022 06:50:06
21 – 28 FebSteam Next Fest 2022 LogoSteam Next Fest 202202 – FEB2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualSteam Next Fest is a multi-day celebration where fans can try out demos, chat with developers, watch livestreams, and learn about upcoming games on Steam. Deadline for submissions 9th of December. submissionSteamNone06/11/2021 08:25:4015/03/2022 11:58:15
22 – 24 FebD.I.C.E. Summit LogoD.I.C.E. Summit 202202 – FEB2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesLas VegasThe 2022 D.I.C.E. Summit & D.I.C.E. Awards will be returning in-person as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the awards and bring together industry leaders to share about the interactive entertainment industry once again$950 – $3,550TBAProprietaryNone24/06/2021 19:14:3128/02/2022 08:06:37
23 – 25 FebAfrica Games Week Cape TownAFRICA GAMES WEEK02 – FEB2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BAfricaSouth AfricaCape TownOff the back of the last 3 year’s events Africa Games Week continues to drive exposure, opportunities, knowledge and investment to African Game Developers connecting them to the world. – r4,500Per RequestMeet 2 MatchN/A22/02/2021 10:19:1226/02/2022 06:50:09
25 – 27 FebHyper Casual Jam 2022 LogoHyper Casual Jam Com02 – FEB2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALGame JamVirtualUkraineVirtualHyper Casual Jam Com is an international game jam for hyper casual developers organized by GDBAY. Listen to insightful lectures from the leading industry experts, work on your hyper casual game prototype, win valuable prizes from the event’s sponsors, and get a chance to create a potential HC hit!$0 – $9NoneDiscordNone31/01/2022 15:26:2728/02/2022 08:05:45
26 FebThe Thing Stockholm Conference Logothe thing02 – FEB2022CANCELLEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeSwedenStockholmthe thing is friendly, cozy, relaxed and welcoming to any and every kindred soul who wants to make or already makes games in Stockholm! We will be hosting a day full of lectures, roundtables, discussions, panels, mingles, and celebrations of games and their creators. – kr30,000N/AN/ANone24/11/2021 10:29:0131/01/2022 11:24:00
2 – 3 MarHamburg Games Conference LogoHamburg Games Conference03 – MAR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeGermanyHamburgThe Hamburg Games Conference features B2B networking, talks and opportunities for companies, professionals and students. The 2021 edition was fully online and offered a digital interactive multiplayer experience which drew more than 650 visitors. – 199€500 / 1.500€Meet 2 MatchNone26/07/2021 18:01:5304/03/2022 08:24:37
3 – 5 MarEGX Birmingham 2022 LogoEGX Birmingham03 – MAR2022CANCELLEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CEuropeUnited KingdomBirminghamUPDATER: Event cancelled, new dates for 2023 incoming. Formerly Rezzed. Following fan feedback from Birmingham’s large, passionate gaming community, EGX has made the decision to return to the region in 2022 under a new name – EGX Birmingham.£20.00 – £46.00Per RequestNoneNone11/10/2021 12:38:4031/01/2022 11:44:39
8 – 10 MarMobidictum Business Network 2022 LogoMobidictum Business Network #303 – MAR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeTurkeyVirtual“Mobidictum Business Network” is an event series that Mobidictum aims to bring together leading game companies, game developers, investors and service providers. – 49€49€N/ANone01/02/2022 09:21:0611/03/2022 09:00:44
9 – 10 MarCall for Change Summit 2022 Logo DevcomCall for Change Summit03 – MAR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeGermanyVirtualJoin us for 2 days of workshops, presentations, panels and round tables with a strong focus on training, education and sharing. The Call for Change Summit by devcom aims at raising awareness in the gaming industry and talking about the tools and methods for more inclusion. 15:35:4211/03/2022 09:00:40
9 – 10 MarIndieGameBusiness Sessions March Edition 2022 LogoIndieGameBusiness Sessions: March Edition03 – MAR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualJoin us for our 10th event featuring a wide variety of business, marketing, and licensing sessions for the first time. Tickets to participate in all sessions are completely free. In addition to the lectures, meet with hundreds of industry leaders.GET YOUR TICKET NOWN/AGMT-8$0 – $50NoneMeet 2 MatchNone22/01/2022 16:18:1909/03/2022 09:00:15
9 – 12 MarInto Games Career Festival 2022 LogoInto Games Career Festival03 – MAR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALHR / RecruitmentEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualLast year we hosted over 80,000 job changers and career seekers, with a one-day jam-packed schedule of talks and advice that provided a guide to the world’s most exciting job sector. This year we’re even bigger, running it over 4-days on Twitch, Discord and Twitter… 13:58:0113/03/2022 08:47:20
10 – 12 MarIndie Summit Valencia 2022 LogoValencia Indie Summit03 – MAR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDFestivalEuropeSpainLas NavesThe event will consist of two sections: two days devoted to professionals in the videogame sector —developers and industry respectively— and a third one devoted to the general public. Both sections with talks, round tables, project exhibitions, networking area and a financing and investment table. showcaseN/ANone01/02/2022 17:32:2813/03/2022 08:47:20
15 MarGoogle For Games Developer Summit 2022 logoGoogle for Games Developer Summit03 – MAR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualCheck out new solutions for game devs that make it easier to build high quality games and reach growing audiences around the world. Hear from leaders across our Android, Google Play, Ads, Cloud, and Stadia teams. 21:42:5216/03/2022 10:17:13
20 MarCourage XL Showcase 2022 LogoCourage XL03 – MAR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesSan FranciscoMeetup with GDC & GameConnection visitors the day before the conferences start! 30 (indie) game developers to showcase their latest game, play a game and get a drink + meet 500+ game industry professionals.http://www.courage.events500GMT-8Free150€ / 750€ guaranteedNoneNone16/12/2021 18:08:4621/03/2022 06:23:33
21 MarMIX Anniversary 2022 LogoMIX 10th Anniversary Showcase03 – MAR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualThe showcase will present announcements, trailers, new gameplay and more, bringing together some of the hottest developers and publishers around the world. An event page on Steam is also planned. The team will also plan for an onsite showcase in San Francisco if conditions permit.$500 via submissionDiscordNone20/01/2022 09:08:0122/03/2022 16:02:35
21 – 25 MarGDC 2022 LogoGDC 202203 – MAR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesSan FranciscoLove it or hate it. You will go there at least once. GDC returns in 2022 as in-person event / a physical conference.,000+GMT-8$249 – $2.099N/AProprietaryNone19/07/2021 17:17:4326/03/2022 02:12:43
21 – 25 MarMeet 2 Match at GDC San Francisco 2022 LogoMeetToMatch – The San Francisco Edition03 – MAR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesSan FranciscoMeet all relevant publishers, investors, and developers during one of the biggest games industry gatherings in San Francisco or online.,000+GMT-8Starting at 69€N/AMeet 2 MatchNone13/01/2022 15:26:3726/03/2022 02:12:44
21 – 25 MarGame Connection at GDC San Francisco Logo 2022Game Connection @ GDC03 – MAR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesSan FranciscoGame Connection is the deal making event. If you are present in San Francisco between March 21st and 25th, you will be able to schedule physical meetings. On the contrary, if you cannot travel, our system will automatically create a Zoom link to hold the meetings.’s MeetNone01/03/2022 10:49:4326/03/2022 02:12:44
22 MarAnimation Exchange 2022 LogoAnimation Exchange03 – MAR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualJust like in previous years, the entire day of talks will be streamed for free for everyone to watch, enjoy and learn together! 06:02:0123/03/2022 16:48:31
22 MarEuropean Game Showcase Logo 2022European Game Showcase03 – MAR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesSan FranciscoThe European Game Showcase at GDC is a pro-bono event where 30+ European developers showcase their newest games to the press, publishers, and strategic partners. It’s an invite-only event aimed to help developers and their showcased projects in taking the next steps towards success. OnlyVia showcaseMeet 2 MatchNone10/12/2021 15:22:0529/03/2022 04:57:29
23 – 25 MarDigital Gaming India Expo LogoDigital Gaming India Expo03 – MAR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CAsiaIndiaNew DelhiDigital gaming is not a new phenomenon. It has been around since the time of indoor games; only changing its form. Digital gaming has evolved over the years and has become an independent industry with great creative and professional potential. 09:46:5126/03/2022 02:12:48
24 MarFuture Games Show Spring Showcase 2022Future Games Show: Spring Showcase03 – MAR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualThe Future Games Show runs three shows a year, 2022 will be our biggest and most ambitious year yet. Showcase + Steam Page 16:11:1927/06/2022 20:12:45
25 – 26 MarIndieWay Business Platform March 2022 LogoIndieway (March)03 – MAR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeTurkeyVirtualFree webinars for community members Business opportunities and meetings with matchmaking platform. – 242€242€Meet 2 MatchNone27/08/2021 16:06:0827/03/2022 18:11:29
25 – 27 MarDstars Connect Italy 2022 LogoDStars03 – MAR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeItalyVirtualSince 2021, DStars has its own digital conference in partnership with WN Media. The event is focused on the Italian gaming industry with two different tracks, international guests and exclusive contents. The conference is live streamed through WN Hub and it is free for all. RequestWN HubNone19/01/2022 09:44:3528/03/2022 05:22:07
30 – 31 MarTalent In Games Conference Kiev 2022 LogoTalents in Games Conference03 – MAR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BCISUkraineVirtualTalents in Games Conference will gather game industry professionals to share their experience. Along with the lectures, the conference provides an on-site expo zone, where you can meet the leading game companies’ representatives personally.$10TBAWN HubNone28/01/2022 16:42:4701/04/2022 16:05:14
1 – 4 AprLudum Dare 50 Game JamLudum Dare 5004 – APR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALGame JamVirtualUnited StatesVirtualLudum Dare is an online event where games are made from scratch in a weekend. Check us out every April and October! Next one is the 20th anniversary edition. 11:20:2305/04/2022 14:20:49
1 – 10 AprLondon Games Festival Logo 2022London Games Festival04 – APR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CEuropeUnited KingdomLondonLondon Games Festival is a major global celebration of video games and interactive entertainment. #LGF22 runs for 10 days from Friday 1 April to Sunday 10 April 2022 with events planned both in person and online.£0 – £149Per eventN/ANone19/10/2021 13:21:1310/04/2022 21:32:45
2 AprIndie Showcase Amsterdam LogoIndie Showcase04 – APR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalEuropeNetherlandsAmsterdamAlmost 2 years have passed since we could visit game events, hang out with players and devs, and play games together! Noio and Second Maze are now teaming up to host Indie Showcase – the very first indie games festival.,99€Curated ShowcaseN/ANone01/12/2021 11:17:3903/04/2022 14:03:21
6 – 7 AprGlobal Games Pitch for PC and Console Games LogoGlobal Games Pitch – PC & Console Games04 – APR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BCISUkraineVirtualPitch your PC / console game online to 50+ publishers and investors! 10:10:2508/04/2022 07:46:56
7 – 8 AprXP Game Developer Summit Toronto 2022 LogoXP Game Developer Summit04 – APR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BNorth AmericaCanadaTorontoThe 2022 XP Game Developer Summit is a hybrid premium B2B gaming event. Our virtual component will provide a platform for businesses to connect with Canadian companies and discover investment opportunities in Canada. Our in-person event takes place in Toronto.$79.77 – $120.53Per RequestMeet 2 MatchNone13/01/2022 15:28:1709/04/2022 07:33:41
7 – 9 AprWASD Tobacco Dock London Event LogoWASD04 – APR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CEuropeUnited KingdomLondonA new video game event made for you. Play games? Make games? Study games? W.A.S.D is for you. Come to Tobacco Dock and play. – 80€Per RequestNoneNone19/10/2021 12:55:0410/04/2022 08:01:37
8 AprFor the Win Belgrade 2022 LogoFor the Win!04 – APR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeSerbiaBelgradeFor the Win!: Building exceptional game industry ecosystems is not a usual gaming conference. It is a highly international event that brings together various actors, companies and ecosystem organizations, with the idea of ​​exchanging experiences and good practices. OnlyNoneNoneNone28/03/2022 20:23:1310/04/2022 08:01:25
8 – 10 AprNow Play This 2022 London LogoNow Play This04 – APR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalEuropeUnited KingdomLondonLondon’s leading festival of experimental games returns to Somerset House showcasing the very latest in independent and experimental game design from across the globe.£9NoneNoneNone21/02/2022 09:52:2210/04/2022 21:32:46
9 AprIndieCade Horizons ConferenceHorizons (by IndieCade)04 – APR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALAcademiaNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualHorizons is an online, international event to showcase game students, universities, and colleges and connect them with one another, tool creators, recruiters, and the broader public. 11:48:1710/04/2022 21:32:49
11 – 12 AprGame Accessibility Conference Virtual Logo 2022#GAconf Europe04 – APR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualTwo days of talks and networking exploring accessibility for gamers with disabilities, hosted by the IGDA’S accessibility SIG. 08:09:2913/04/2022 08:41:38
13 – 16 AprCopenhagen Games LogoCopenhagen Games04 – APR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalEuropeDenmarkCopenhagenEsport and gaming festival. 11:04:5717/04/2022 07:42:46
15 – 18 AprInsomnia Gaming Festival 2022 LogoInsomnia Gaming Festival04 – APR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalEuropeUnited KingdomBirminghamInsomnia is a huge gaming event, uniting players for a weekend of gaming fun and interactive exhibitions all under one roof. The prestige event has something for every gamer, from BYOC playing hall to Retro Gaming stalls and even an exclusive first look at some of the greatest games coming out soon!£25 – £260Per requestN/ANone04/01/2022 14:30:1319/04/2022 07:59:52
21 – 24 AprPAX East Boston 2022 LogoPAX East04 – APR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesBostonPAX East is a celebration of gaming and gaming culture featuring thought-provoking panels, a massive expo hall filled with the best publishers and studios, new game demos, musical performances, tournaments, and a community experience unlike any other.$62 – $235Per requestN/ANone16/11/2021 08:35:4425/04/2022 07:37:53
21 – 22 AprGames Education Summit 2022 LogoGames Education Summit04 – APR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeUnited KingdomSheffieldEducators, games studios and young games developers will gather in Sheffield and online on 21-22 April 2022 to discuss the most topical subjects in games education – including remote working, mental health and those skills which recruiters are currently finding tricky to find.£0 – £199.00N/AN/ANone04/01/2022 14:29:0823/04/2022 07:27:15
22 AprEPC - Everything Procedural Conference - 2022 logoEPC – Everything Procedural Conference04 – APR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDAcademiaEuropeNetherlandsBredaWe are crafting a full day programme on procedural content generation in games, where speakers will share their knowledge and experience. During the conference there will be plenty of time to ask questions and connect. – 219,5€TBAN/ANone03/02/2022 13:46:3623/04/2022 07:27:18
22 AprGames Gathering Gamedev Under Attack 2022 logoGames Gathering: Gamedev Under Bombs04 – APR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeUkraineVirtualIs a conference dedicated to the Ukrainian game industry in wartime. Gamedev workers’ stories about their catastrophically changed lives. 07:56:5325/04/2022 07:37:11
23 – 24 AprGamedev Creative Carrer Expo 2022 LogoGamedev and Creative Careers Expo04 – APR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CEuropePolandWarsawThe 5th edition of the International Gamedev and Creative Careers Expo 2022 is an event which creates the opportunity to establish contacts between employers and people and companies willing to cooperate in the video game industry and related creative sectors. – 290 PLNPer requestNoneNone04/01/2022 14:27:5325/04/2022 07:38:04
23 – 24 AprTokyo Sandbox Indie Fest 2022 LogoTokyo Sandbox04 – APR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalAsiaJapanTokyoTokyo Indie Fest started as an initiative by the local gaming community to bring indie games out of dark, enclosed spaces into the limelight. Indies are not a side show, but the main event. showcaseN/ANone10/12/2021 07:57:5125/04/2022 07:38:05
19 – 21 AprECGC - East Coast Game Conference 2022 LogoECGC – East Coast Game Conference04 – APR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesRaleighThis year’s East Coast Game Conference will be held at the Raleigh Convention Center. We plan to host seasoned developers, emerging Indies, and students looking to break into the game industry.$30 – $399$300 – $2.000N/ANone29/01/2022 13:14:2323/04/2022 07:27:11
9 – 10 AprGames Gathering 2022 Chisinau LogoGames Gathering 2022 Chisinau04 – APR2022CANCELLEDCANCELEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeMoldovaChisinauAn international gaming conference in Chisinau, focused on the work skills upgrade, helping to find business partners or investors, and providing job opportunities.$9 – $89Per requestN/ANone23/02/2022 18:08:3808/04/2022 08:46:27
25 – 26 AprCopenhagen Matchup Logo 2022Copenhagen MatchUp04 – APR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeDenmarkCopenhagenMatchmaking event for investors, publishers, and Danish game developers to facilitate new partnerships and business. With the exclusion of service providers and specialized matchmaking suggestions, Copenhagen MatchUp aims to be razor sharp and to the point for its participants. companies / 250 personsGMT +1Free (Participants will be vetted before accepted)FreeMeet 2 MatchNone11/11/2021 13:30:0727/04/2022 08:19:34
26 – 28 AprVentureBeat GamesBeat Summit 2022 LogoGamesBeat Summit04 – APR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesLos AngelesAttendees will get the choice to attend and network at the exclusive live and in-person event for over 500 gaming executives in Los Angeles, and/or join thousands of the worldwide executive gaming community virtually to learn about what has changed and is disrupting the games industry.$0 – $799TBAN/ANone02/02/2022 14:44:5029/04/2022 08:00:31
27 – 28 Aprdevcom Pitch It Spring Edition 2022 Logodevcom Pitch it! Spring Edition04 – APR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeGermanyVirtualdevcom Pitch it! is devcom’s online matchmaking event that targets exclusively publishers and developers, offering an additional boost for their business throughout the whole year. The Winter, Spring and Fall editions of Pitch it! will take place exclusively online on our matchmaking platform PINE. 14:07:3629/04/2022 08:00:33
27 – 28 AprGame Assembly Logo 2022The Game Assembly – Meet and Greet04 – APR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALAcademiaEuropeSwedenMalmo + StockholmAt Meet and Greet, we gather game companies for a fair like set up where the students can come to introduce themselves and show off their portfolios, in search for internship. Around 40 game companies from different countries attends The Game Assembly’s Meet and Greet. 14:41:1229/04/2022 08:00:36
27 – 29 AprGames Job Fair 2022 LogoGames Job Fair Spring04 – APR2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALHR / RecruitmentEuropeFinlandVirtualAn ONLINE event dedicated to recruitment and career-building in the games industry. Empowering participants to be part of a bigger community and motivating them to explore new paths in achieving their career goals. applicationNonePineNone11/02/2022 15:53:2130/04/2022 08:51:47
TBAPlay by Play Conference 2022 LogoPlay by Play 2022 DELAYED TO H204 – APR2022CANCELLEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BAustraliaNew ZealandWellingtonWellington’s favourite offbeat game development conference is back for our sixth year! Play by Play aims to provide attendees with a curated smorgasbord of eclectic content, bespoke knowledge and oft unexplored realms of our craft. 16:33:1806/12/2022 13:00:21
5 – 9 MayLudoNarraCon 2022 LogoLudoNarraCon05 – MAY2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalAustraliaAustraliaSteamLudoNarraCon is a digital convention celebrating narrative video games, hosted on Steam. An initiative of indie label Fellow Traveller, it aims to create a platform to showcase and celebrate interesting and innovative narrative games. showcaseSteam / DiscordNone22/02/2022 08:31:2310/05/2022 07:15:29
9 – 10 MayPocket Gamer Connects Seattle 2022 LogoPocket Gamer Connects Seattle05 – MAY2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesSeattleAfter two years away because of the pandemic, we’re returning to the same popular venue as before. Some 1,000 attendees from the games industry will gather in town on May 9-10 to network, discover, pitch and learn from 150 of the world’s leading authorities.,000+GMT-7$70 – $1.000TBAMeet 2 MatchNone25/10/2021 13:57:2511/05/2022 08:40:16
9 – 11 MayLos Angeles Games Conference 2022 LogoLA Games Conference Online05 – MAY2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualLA Games Conference Online features 3 tracks over 3 days – with fireside chats, roundtables, panels, and presentations on digital game investment, creation, distribution, marketing, and monetization.$299 – $499TBAN/ANone02/02/2022 14:43:5712/05/2022 08:09:49
11 MayASO Conference Berlin 2022 LogoASO Conference05 – MAY2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeGermanyBerlinIf you are an ASO practitioner, this will be a perfect opportunity for you to benchmark, share ideas, find solutions and build lasting relationships. More speakers and final agenda will be announced by end of March 2022.€NoneN/ANone15/03/2022 18:02:0012/05/2022 08:09:49
13 – 17 MayA Maze. Festival Berlin 2022 LogoA Maze.05 – MAY2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDFestivalEuropeGermanyBerlinA MAZE. / Berlin is back in 2022: From May 13-17th the international Games and Playful Media Festival will combine a digital programme in the A MAZE. Space with a live event taking place in Silent Green and Panke Club (Berlin) on May 17th. – 60€Via showcaseN/ANone01/02/2022 18:01:3918/05/2022 07:21:39
16 – 17 MayDigital Dragons 2022 Krakow LogoDigital Dragons05 – MAY2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropePolandKrakowDigital Dragons is Central and Eastern Europe’s prime games industry conference addressed to representatives of the digital entertainment sector. – 650€Per requestPineNone02/12/2021 16:50:4518/05/2022 07:21:40
16 – 18 MayESI Washington 2022 LogoESI Washington05 – MAY2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesWashingtonJoin us for an exciting few days unlike any previous ESI event in which we wholeheartedly embrace the strengths of the US capital. We will be bringing our trademark combination of networking, education and content to DC, with a specialised focus on governance, and esports’ growth around the world.$371 – $848TBAN/AESIDC1520/12/2021 09:13:4919/05/2022 07:12:38
17 MayGames Capital Summit 2022 logoGames Capital Summit05 – MAY2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeSwedenMalmoA rare opportunity for venture-ready companies to connect directly with VCs actively investing and seeking opportunities in the games sector. The Games Capital Summit takes a hands-on approach, with a focus on mentoring. Deadline to apply with projects is 1st of May. OnlyNoneNoneNone21/04/2022 08:01:5218/05/2022 07:21:42
17 – 20 MayNordic Game 2022 LogoNordic Game05 – MAY2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeSwedenMalmöNordic Game and partners in the region plan to expand Europe’s leading games industry conference into a hybrid event in 2022, both online and on-stage in Malmö, as well as launch a new consumer-oriented expo in the same venue, to share the excitement of making games with a wider audience. / 499€Starting at 299€Meet 2 MatchNone27/09/2021 11:39:4621/05/2022 08:57:28
18 – 19 MayAddon 2022 Rennes LogoADDON05 – MAY2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeFranceRennesDedicated to professionals in the video game industry, the event will offer 2 days of technical conferences related to production, but also plenty of networking time, all in a friendly atmosphere, in the heart of Rennes.€ – 300€TBAN/ANone22/10/2021 10:34:4420/05/2022 09:00:19
19 – 20 MayGamesur Summit Virtual 2022 Logo#GAMESUR SUMMIT05 – MAY2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualGames User Research (#GamesUR): making video games better by understanding players and play. A volunteer-run @IGDA SIG.$5 – $25TBADiscordNone12/01/2022 15:56:5821/05/2022 08:57:40
21 – 22 MayIndie Live Expo 2022 LogoINDIE Live Expo05 – MAY2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseAsiaJapanVirtualThis is an information filled program for the hottest indie game news. It is broadcasted in 3 languages Japanese/Chinese/English, and has been viewed by over 28.6 million people with more than 650 games introduced. A live stream where every indie gamer will be satisfied. for ShowcaseN/ANone01/02/2022 17:33:4723/05/2022 07:22:33
23 – 24 MayAfrican Games CoProduction Market 2022 LogoAfrican Games Co-production Market05 – MAY2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeGermanyVirtualIf you are a European indie studio, join us on 18 & 19 May 2022 for the AGCM match-making days. 2 days of conferences, panels, pitching and one-to-one meetings to get to know the African video games industry and the 9 selected African studios. 2 MatchNone08/04/2022 17:21:0925/05/2022 09:00:19
24 – 26 MayGameDev Guild Conference 2022 LogoGameDevGuild05 – MAY2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualThe online game dev conference for Unity developers. Join us for 24 Talks + Q&A sessions from industry experts covering a broad variety of the latest and most relevant topics,000+N/A$97 – $297NoneDiscordNone10/05/2022 08:05:1627/05/2022 08:19:33
25 – 28 MayArctic Game Week 2022 LogoArctic Game Week05 – MAY2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CEuropeSwedenSkellefteåAs the midnight sun shines over northern Sweden, we once again open the doors to a week filled with business conferences, networking, entertainment and the public event Nordsken where games, culture and creativity meet.$156Per requestMeet 2 MatchNone14/10/2021 09:39:0029/05/2022 09:12:55
26 – 27 MayDevGamm Moscow 2022 LogoDevGAMM05 – MAY2022CANCELLEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BCISRussiaMoscowDevGAMM conference is aimed at developers, publishers, game designers, programmers, artists, business development managers, recruiters, journalists and everyone involved in the game industry in any way. 09:06:0519/04/2022 09:17:09
26 – 27 MayHyper Games Conference EU Edition 2022 LogoHyper Games Conference CIS & EU Edition05 – MAY2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BCISUkraineVirtualHyper Games Conference (HGC) is the major international online conference in its niche devoted to the development, promotion, and growth of the Hyper/Hybrid Casual Games industry. Our participants are from all over the world, about 90 countries take part in HGC – 49€Per requestN/ANone18/02/2022 09:42:5528/05/2022 09:56:51
26 – 29 MayMomoCon 2022 LogoMomoCon05 – MAY2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesAtlantaMomoCon brings together fans of Japanese Anime, American Animation, Comics, Video Games, and Tabletop Games to celebrate their passion over 4 days.$35 – $70Per requestN/AN/A05/03/2021 08:46:1530/05/2022 08:18:15
27 – 28 MayGame Access Conference LogoGame Access Conference05 – MAY2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CEuropeCzech RepublicBrnoFamed for its relaxed atmosphere, inspiring speakers, outstanding design and rich accompanying program, Game Access is fast becoming one of the most sought-after and beloved game dev events in the region.,500+GMT+1106 – 210€Per RequestN/AN/A21/05/2021 10:46:2829/05/2022 09:12:58
28 – 29 MayBoston Talk and Learn 2022 LogoBostonFIG Talks & Learns05 – MAY2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualJoin us for a day of sharing, learning and networking! Our annual game-creators conference showcases industry speakers covering a variety of fascinating topics in the areas of game creation. This conference is suited for the independent professional or aspiring student/hobbyist what you wantNoneGather TownNone13/04/2022 09:16:5030/05/2022 08:18:17
28 – 29 MayGotland Game Conference 2022 LogoGotland Game Conference05 – MAY2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CEuropeSwedenVisbyAfter two years with the Covid-19 pandemic we are relieved and over-joyed to once again invite everyone to Wisby Strand, to join us in the celebration of games and game design! – 1.650 SEKN/ANoneNone08/03/2022 11:50:4430/05/2022 08:18:19
31 May – 1 Online 2022 LogoGI Live Online05 – MAY2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualGI Live: Online returns with major keynotes, panels and roundtables, featuring the likes of Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick and Valve. Massive investors and big name publishers will be meeting indie developers from around the world. And we’ll reveal the winners of the 2022 Indie Publishing Awards.$30 – $120N/AMeet 2 MatchNone06/04/2022 17:51:3302/06/2022 08:49:17
6 JunPitch Ya Game 2022 LogoPitch Ya Game06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALPitchingEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualSimply tweet your elevator pitch on official round days and within 12 hours from the official start time depending on your timezone. Pitches may be honored up to an hour earlier or post official close. 10:58:1307/06/2022 06:40:09
7 – 8 JunWN Conference Istanbul 2022 LogoWN Conference – Istanbul06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeTurkeyIstanbulA series of international b2b events for the game industry.€ – 600€TBAWN HubNone20/01/2022 17:07:1909/06/2022 09:00:22
9 JunSummer Game Fest 2022 LogoSummer Game Fest06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualWith #SummerGameFest we are building a next-generation global event — decentralized physical events for the community in IMAX, big showcases from us + partners, play at home content, and much more! Show starts at 11AM PT / 2PM ET / 6PM GMT. #E32022Watch the recordingN/AGMT-7FreeNoneNoneNone05/05/2022 18:08:1510/06/2022 10:47:56
9 JunDay of the DevsDay of the Devs06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualDay of the Devs began in 2012 as a collaboration between Double Fine and iam8bit with the purpose of shining the spotlight on great indie games. Since then, the event has showcased over 500 games in both in-person and online events. Show starts immediately after #SummerGameFest #E32022Watch the RecordingN/AGMT-7FreeNoneNoneNone05/05/2022 18:10:2210/06/2022 11:29:01
9 JunDevolver Digital Showcase 2022 LogoDevolver Direct06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualWatch the ‘Devolver Digital Marketing Countdown to Marketing’ on June 9 at 3PM PT / 10PM GMT! #SummerGameFest #E32022Watch the RecordingN/AGMT-7FreeNoneNoneNone03/06/2022 16:28:5316/06/2022 11:00:21
10 JunGeeked Week Gaming 2022 Netflix LogoGeeked Week (Games)06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualThe five-day virtual fan event celebrating Netflix’s genre series, films, and games returns on Monday, June 6 – Friday, June 10, while the last day is focusing on games. Co-hosted by Geoff Keighley. Show starts at 10AM PT, 5PM GMT #Summergamefest #E32022Watch the RecordingN/AGMT-5FreeNoneNoneNone16/05/2022 21:15:0510/06/2022 20:53:47
10 JunTribeca Games Showcase 2022 LogoTribeca Games Showcase06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualA digital showcase featuring exclusive gameplay and creator interviews from Tribeca’s official selections. Show starts at 3PM ET / Noon PT #SummerGameFest #E32022Watch the RecordingN/AGMT-4FreeNoneNoneNone27/04/2022 11:04:1211/06/2022 08:42:40
10 JunIGN Expo 2022 logoIGN Expo 202206 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualExclusive showcase that will feature new announcements, never-before-seen gameplay, and world premieres – will be returning in 2022 as part of IGN’s Summer of Gaming. Show starts at 9AM PT / 12PM ET / 4PM GMT.Watch the RecordingN/AGMT-7FreeNoneNoneNone09/06/2022 09:21:2316/06/2022 11:00:24
10 – 12 JunPixel Heaven 2022 Festival LogoPixel Heaven06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalEuropePolandWarsaw10th edition of Pixel Heaven Games Festival & More is one of Europe’s key events dedicated to the fans of electronic entertainment. It’s also one of the biggest European events for indie game developers. requestN/ANone24/11/2021 13:24:2013/06/2022 20:53:55
11 & 13 JunGuerrilla Collective 3 2022 Showcase LogoGuerrilla Collective 306 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualGuerrilla Collective is a digital games showcase to reveal fresh announcements, trailers, gameplay, a Steam event page for wishlisting, demos, game ordering and more – bringing together many of the hottest developers and publishers from around the world! Show starts at 8AM PT / 3PM GMT. Second part starts on 13th of June 1PM PT / 4PM ET / 8PM GMT. #Summergamefest #E32022 Watch the Recording from 11th of June Watch the Recording from 13th of JuneN/AGMT-7FreeNoneNoneNone16/05/2022 21:37:1214/06/2022 08:14:38
11 JunWholesome Direct 2022 LogoWholesome Direct06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualNew game reveals, exclusive footage, and even games that will launch DURING the show! Nearly 100 amazing indie games in total! Show starts at 9:30AM PT / 4:30PM GMT. #Summergamefest #E32022Watch the RecordingN/AGMT-7FreeNoneNoneNone16/05/2022 21:37:3112/06/2022 08:16:26
11 JunFuture of Play 2022 Direct LogoFuture Of Play Direct06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualFuture Of Play Direct is bringing the spice to Summer Game Fest, showcasing announcements and reveals from 30+ titles, plus special guests, a musical performance by Alex Moukala and a whole lot of hype. Airing at 10:30AM PT / 5:30PM GMT right after Wholesome Direct! #SummerGameFest #E32022Watch the RecordingN/AGMT-7FreeNoneNoneNone26/05/2022 08:03:2612/06/2022 08:17:49
11 – 12 JunGaming Community Expo GCX 2022 LogoGCX (Gaming Community Expo)06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesOrlandoMeet developers, content creators, artists and so much more as the gaming community comes together to raise a ton of money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. With loads of fun on the show floor come celebrate how #GamingDoesGood with us.$70 – $1450 – 190 PLNN/ANone27/08/2021 12:25:4213/06/2022 08:19:34
11 JunFuture Games Show E3 2022 LogoFuture Games Show06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualThe Future Games Show runs three shows a year, 2022 will be our biggest and most ambitious year yet. Showcase + Steam Page. Show starts at 12PM PT / 9PM CET #E32022 #SummerGameFestWatch the RecordingN/AGMT-7FreePer requestN/ANone18/01/2022 16:14:0127/06/2022 20:13:25
12 JunPC Gamer Gaming Show 2022 LogoPC Gaming Show06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualWe plan to broadcast this year’s PC Gaming Show on Sunday, June 12. Just as we have since 2015, the event will showcase never-before-seen gameplay footage, surface interesting conversations with developers, and share announcements from across the world of PC gaming. Show starts at 12:30 PT, 3:30PM ET, 9:30PM CET. #E32022 #SummerGameFestWatch the RecordingN/AGMT-7FreePer requestNoneNone01/04/2022 19:47:2713/06/2022 07:55:52
12 JunXbox And Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 LogoXbox & Bethesda Games Showcase06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualThe Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase will include everything you need to know about the diverse lineup of games coming soon to the Xbox ecosystem, including upcoming releases to Game Pass on Xbox and PC. Stream in over 30 languages starts on Sunday, June 12 at 10AM PT / 1PM ET / 5PM GMT. #E32022 #SummerGameFestWatch the RecordingN/AGMT-7FreeNoneNoneNone28/04/2022 15:07:1112/06/2022 20:41:21
13 JunCapcom Showcase 2022 LogoCapcom Showcase06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualA new livestreamed digital event is on the way. Tune in on Monday, June 13 at 3PM PT, 6PM ET, 10PM GMT. for the Capcom Showcase livestream. We’ll be diving deeper into details and news on previously announced titles. The show will run about 35 minutes. #E32022 #SummerGameFest Watch the RecordingN/AGMT-7FreeNoneNoneNone07/06/2022 07:28:1916/06/2022 11:00:28
14 JunXbox Games Showcase ExtendedXbox Games Showcase Extended06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualStay tuned for the Xbox Games Showcase Extended on June 14th at 10am PT where we will share new trailers, take deeper looks at the news from the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase and speak with some of your favorite game creators. This all-new broadcast is approximately 90 minutes in length. #E32022 #SummerGameFestWatch the RecordingN/AGMT-7FreeNoneNoneNone06/06/2022 15:31:0817/06/2022 08:13:21
15 JunGamesForum Berlin 2022 LogoGamesForum Berlin06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeGermanyBerlinGamesforum Berlin is a One-day Gamesforum Laser Event focussing on Ad Monetization in F2P mobile games taking place at the Leonardo Royal Berlin Alexanderplatz. – 899€N/AN/ANone08/04/2022 17:05:5516/06/2022 07:26:05
15 JunShacknews Indie Showcase 2022 LogoShacknews E6 2022 Indie Showcase06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualThe Shacknews Indie Showcase will feature a number of announcements including release date reveals, Steam Early Access launches, and exclusive gameplay footage. Show starts on June 15 at 1:00PM PT, 4:00 PM ET, 10PM CET over on! #E32022 #SummerGameFestWatch the RecordingN/AGMT-7FreeNoneNoneNone02/06/2022 10:19:5216/06/2022 07:27:34
15 JunOkre Summit 2022 logoThe OKRE Summit06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomLondonAn opportunity for games developers and creatives to meet people from across the entertainment industry and charity sector to collaborate on and champion entertainment that makes a real difference in the world. Speakers including Miles Jacobson OBE (Football Manager) and Dan Bernardo (Playtra). at €72.30 (£60)NoneNoneNone19/04/2022 18:40:2216/06/2022 07:26:07
15 – 16 JunDigital Games Conference 2022 Logo DubaiDigital Games Conference06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BAsiaUnited Arab EmiratesDubaiDigital Games Conference (DGC) was established to be MENA region’s number one business event for the gaming industry. Since the very first DGC in 2017, each on-ground event has brought more than 500 gaming-related companies from over 30 countries to the region. – AED200N/AN/ANone27/05/2022 08:45:3617/06/2022 08:12:50
11 – 19 JunTribeca Games Festival 2022 LogoTribeca Games Festival06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesNew YorkThe Tribeca Festival once again offers digital experiences for global audiences powered by Parsec. Those able to join the Festival in person this year will be the first to experience a playable Games Gallery featuring demos, art, and artifacts for this year’s selections. 10:53:1020/06/2022 07:05:06
13 – 17 JunSerious Play Conference UCF 2022 LogoSerious Play06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDAcademiaNorth AmericaUnited StatesOrlandoThe 3-day conference offers more than 100+ practical sessions and workshops on the use of game-based learning in Military, Government, Healthcare, Business, Higher Education, and K-12 as well as a full track for instructional designers and game developers.$100 – $650TBAN/ANone15/11/2021 14:15:2118/06/2022 08:56:15
13 – 20 JunSteam Next Fest 2022 LogoSteam Next Fest June 202206 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALSteam FestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualRegistration is open now for Steam Next Fest June 2022 edition! If you are thinking of participating, please register your game so we can help you prepare to get the most out of the event. NEW FOR JUNE 2022: All upcoming unreleased games are eligible. #E32022 #SummerGameFest 05:30:2221/06/2022 07:19:37
17 JunIndigo 2022 LogoIndigo06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDFestivalEuropeNetherlandsUtrechtINDIGO is the leading game business and showcase event in the Netherlands, organized annually by Dutch Game Garden. Join on-site for the Talks Conference with professionals from the industry and the MeetToMatch square, or tune in from a distance for online matchmaking and a day-long showcase stream. – 135€TBAMeet 2 MatchNone02/02/2022 14:42:4218/06/2022 08:56:10
17 – 18 JunIndieWay Business Platform June 2022 LogoIndieway (June)06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeTurkeyIstanbulFree webinars for community members Business opportunities and meetings with matchmaking platform – 250 €250€Meet 2 MatchNone15/10/2021 13:14:4520/06/2022 07:05:11
17 – 26 JunGames Careers Week 2022 LogoGames Careers Week06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALHR / RecruitmentEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualA free online festival to inspire people from every background to discover careers in the UK’s fastest growing creative industry – video games. 11:15:1827/06/2022 07:50:10
20 – 23 JunSave and Sound 2022 LogoSave & Sound06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalEuropeDenmarkVirtualSave & Sound is an online music festival with sales on Steam. Celebrate headbanging soundtracks as well as unique implementations of music and audio in games. The event is organized by Bedtime Digital Games. 08:29:1524/06/2022 09:04:36
21 JunCall for Change Summit 2022 Logo DevcomCall for Change Summit #206 – JUN2022CANCELLEDCANCELEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeGermanyVirtualFor the next edition in March, the 2-day-event will focus on environmental topics, climate protection and sustainability in the games industry. The second edition in June will again explore practical approaches to diversity, inclusion and accessibility. 2 MatchNone28/01/2022 11:58:0920/06/2022 20:02:30
23 – 24 JunGame Camp France 2022 LogoGame Camp France06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeFranceLilleThe great annual gathering of the French video game industry is back for 5th edition.€ / 666€TBATBANone17/01/2022 16:56:5925/06/2022 10:02:44
23 – 24 JunIndie Game Fest Cologne 2022 LogoIndie Game Fest06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDFestivalEuropeGermanyCologneThe Indie Game Fest is a curated, annual event in Cologne dedicated to projects by indie game developers from Europe. At the exhibition in the Wasserturm Hotel Cologne, 30+ studios will be able to exhibit their games in front of trade visitors and the public. – 150€Via submissionN/ANone12/04/2022 17:50:3223/06/2022 08:09:35
25 JunGame Dev Graz 2022 logoGame Dev Days06 – JUN2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeAustriaGrazUnique game developers conference in Graz, Austria. This time part of a Button festival 09:05:5727/06/2022 07:50:08
1 – 16 JulNew Zealand Games Festival Wellington 2022 LogoNZ Games Festival07 – JUL2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalAustraliaNew ZealandWellingtonNZGF is a week-long festival centred around all things games – whether digital, tabletop or otherwise! It’s our goal to ensure everybody has the opportunity to be included in the magic of games, so we aim to provide events for all demographics. 08:00:5417/07/2022 11:46:17
5 – 8 JulFirst Playable 2022 logoFirst Playable07 – JUL2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeItalyPisaAre you an Italian games developer ready for two days of coaching, talking, and pitching? Or a publisher/investor wanting to get to know the Italian games industry? Then First Playable is the event for you. Get feedback, learn the business or pitch. 2 MatchNone23/03/2022 02:00:3812/07/2022 08:28:11
5 – 6 JulWN Conference 2022 LogoWN Conference St. Petersburg07 – JUL2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BCISRussiaSt. PetersburgThe conference will bring together over 1,000 video game industry decision-makers that will be joined by online attendees from around the globe on the WN Hub communication platform.,000+GMT+399€ – 800€Per requestWN HubNone13/06/2022 13:54:2207/07/2022 07:58:24
6 – 7 JulPocket Gamer Connects Toronto 2022 LogoPocket Gamer Connects Toronto07 – JUL2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaCanadaTorontoThe leading mobile gaming industry conference, Pocket Gamer Connects, is heading to Toronto for the first time on July 6-7! This is our first conference in the city and we’re excited to be bringing the roadshow here for the first time.Get your pass with 20% off1,000+GMT-4$60 – $1,270$255 (table)Meet 2 Match20% via website link19/04/2022 08:44:1508/07/2022 07:59:13
6 – 7 JulESI Singapore 2022 LogoESI Singapore07 – JUL2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BAsiaSingaporeSingaporeESI will kick off our time in Singapore with sessions tackling the challenges of commercialisation, and ways to get the most out of your partnerships in the space. We’ll also cover esports’ unique place in the South East Asian ecosystem.$600 – S$816TBAN/ANone20/12/2021 09:14:4608/07/2022 07:59:14
6 – 10 JulBIG Festival 2022 LogoBIG Festival07 – JUL2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalSouth AmericaBrazilSão PauloBIG Festival (Brazil’s Independent Games Festival) happens since 2012 and is the most important independent games festival and business forum in Latin America.,000+GMT-3R$ 400 – R$1000N/AN/AN/A19/07/2021 10:16:0111/07/2022 07:56:11
7 – 11 JulDIGRA International Conference LogoDIGRA International Conference 202207 – JUL2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALAcademiaEuropePolandKrakowThe local organising committee in Guadalajara is excited to host the 2021 DiGRA International Conference, the first to be held in Latin America. This is a rescheduling of the 2020 event. – 475€N/AN/ANone19/01/2021 15:19:4212/07/2022 08:27:38
9 – 10 JulPax Rising Online Showcase 2022 LogoPAX Rising Online07 – JUL2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualPAX Rising Showcase is a Discord-based community event celebrating indie games. Over the two days in July, a curated list of indie gems will offer a totally free demo for you to try out paired with a full schedule of content ranging from in-depth roundtables. 09:14:3711/07/2022 07:56:14
11 JulGame Global Summit 2022 Logo BerlinGame Global Summit07 – JUL2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeGermanyBerlinNext Game Global Summit will take place in Berlin on July 11, 2022 together with LocWorld47. Event specializing in video game localization, quality assurance, and testing.€TBAN/ANone07/12/2021 09:09:3912/07/2022 08:28:25
12 – 14 JulDevelop: Brighton07 – JUL2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomBrightonDevelop:Brighton has been bringing together the European Game Dev community from global superstars to micro indies – since 2006. Come and learn from your peers and share your experiences, hear from the industry’s leading lights, get up-to-date with tools, and network. – £995TBAN/ANone26/10/2021 18:52:1815/07/2022 08:55:03
12 – 17 JulGames Gathering 2022 LogoGames Gathering 2022 Odessa07 – JUL2022CANCELLEDCANCELEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BCISUkraineOdessaGames Gathering 2022 Odessa is an international gaming conference in Odessa. This is an opportunity to raise your professional level and meet new business partners — publishers, investors and service providers. First two days are virtual, last two live on-site.,200+GMT+2$9 – $129Per requestN/ANone20/01/2022 13:17:1110/06/2022 15:46:45
13 – 16 JulGames For Change Festival New York 2022 LogoGames for Change Festival07 – JUL2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesNew YorkFor nearly two decades, the Games for Change Festival has been a destination for developers, educators, researchers, students, and other game-changers who wants to make an impact through video games or immersive media.$0 – $419TBAHopinNone07/03/2022 12:21:2517/07/2022 11:46:18
14 – 15 JulGames Gathering Summer 2022 LogoGames Gathering Summer07 – JUL2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeUkraineVirtualDuring two summer days in a convenient online format, you can establish profitable business relationships, communicate with colleagues and ask questions to experienced developers from around the world$0 – $99Free for indiesPineNone10/06/2022 15:53:5116/07/2022 08:48:27
16 JulTennoCon 2022 LogoTennoCon07 – JUL2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalNorth AmericaCanadaVirtualTennoCon 2022 is fast approaching! On July 16, unite with your fellow Tenno from across the Origin System for a fully-digital, all-day event packed with exciting reveals from the team at Digital Extremes. 09:34:5417/07/2022 11:46:21
16 – 17 JulTwitchCon Amsterdam 2022 LogoTwitchCon Amsterdam07 – JUL2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CEuropeNetherlandsAmsterdamJoin other European creators and communities in Amsterdam for a weekend of games, meet and greets, live competitions, good music, and much, much more.,500GMT+165€ – 108€N/ATwitchNone22/02/2022 21:22:5026/07/2022 08:36:50
21 JulPublish Me festival 2022 LogoPublish Me! Festival For Developers07 – JUL2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalEuropeCyprusVirtualPublish Me! Festival is an online event by mobile game publisher AppQuantum, in association with WN Media Group. Our goal is to provide mobile game developers with a platform for showcasing new promising casual mobile games and learn more at online lectures and panel discussions from the top experts. HubNone10/06/2022 10:49:3622/07/2022 07:50:47
28 JulAnnapurna Interactive Showcase 2022 LogoAnnapurna Interactive Showcase07 – JUL2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualAnother one. Reveals, announcements, and much more. Broadcast starts at 12PM PT / 3PM ET / 7PM GMT.Watch the RecordingN/AGMT-7FreeNoneNoneNone10/06/2022 09:34:0210/09/2022 20:33:02
28 – 29 JulDevGAMM Vilnius 2022 LogoDevGAMM Vilnius07 – JUL2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeLithuaniaVilniusDevGAMM conference is aimed at developers, publishers, game designers, programmers, artists, business development managers, recruiters, journalists and everyone involved in the game industry in any way. – 250€TBAPineNone20/04/2022 15:59:1130/07/2022 07:57:37
30 – 31 JulNarrascope 2022 LogoNarraScope07 – JUL2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualNarraScope 2022 is a free, online-only event that supports interactive narrative, adventure games, and interactive fiction by bringing together writers, developers, and players.$3 – $50NoneDiscordNone21/02/2022 09:43:2501/08/2022 07:49:50
4 – 7 AugGen Con 2022 LogoGen Con Indy08 – AUG2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesIndianapolisGen Con is the largest and longest-running tabletop gaming convention in North America, held annually in Indianapolis, IN$16 – $225TBAN/ANone30/09/2021 09:10:2814/08/2022 08:36:43
6 – 7 AugBitSummit X-Roads Kyoto 2022 LogoBitSummit X-Roads08 – AUG2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalAsiaJapanKyotoBitSummit X-Roads will be open to the public for the first time since 2019. The first day specializes in B2B, focusing only on attending developers, publishers, media, and sponsors, and the second day will welcome general attendees.¥2,000 – ¥10,000¥33,000Meet 2 MatchNone03/03/2022 10:24:0006/08/2022 09:25:15
6 – 7 AugVideo Game Music Con Puerto Rico 2022 LogoVideo Game Music Con08 – AUG2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaPuerto RicoSan JuanVideo Game Music Con, Puerto Rico is a two-day event dedicated to video game music, taking place in the Conservatory of Music in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Our keynote speaker will be the renowned composer and producer Tom Salta (Halo: Spartan Assault, PUBG, Deathloop).https://gamemusicconpr.com100+GMT – 4$35NoneDiscordNone17/06/2022 10:10:2708/08/2022 08:00:02
8 – 11 AugSiggraph Vancouver 2022 LogoSiggraph08 – AUG2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BNorth AmericaCanadaVancouverSIGGRAPH 2022 is the premier conference for computer graphics and interactive techniques worldwide. This year, we gather in person in Vancouver and virtually to celebrate our diverse, global community and the stories, innovations, and industry advancements that make us SIGGRAPH.$30 – $975TBAN/ANone20/10/2021 09:33:5512/08/2022 08:33:41
12 AugTHQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2022 LogoTHQ Nordic Showcase08 – AUG2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseEuropeAustriaVirtualThe company will present several, brand new games, expanding the company’s portfolio into new genres with both licensed and original gaming experiences. Gamers can look forward to everything from intense, dark and gritty to light, colorful and just plain fun! Show starts at 12 PM PDT / 3 PM EDT / 21:00 CEST. #gamescomWatch the RecordingN/AGMT+1VirtualNoneNoneNone19/05/2022 08:18:3410/09/2022 20:32:07
17 – 20 AugNew Zealand Game Developers Conference 2022 logoNew Zealand Game Developers Conference08 – AUG2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BAustraliaNew ZealandWellingtonThe New Zealand Game Developers Conference (NZGDC) is a professional game development and interactive media conference for New Zealand and Australian audiences. It focuses equally on actionable and inspirational content, while providing networking opportunities.$20 – $340TBAN/ANone08/03/2022 11:51:4022/08/2022 08:03:45
18 – 20 AugQuakeCon 2022 LogoQuakeCon08 – AUG2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualThis year’s QuakeCon will once again be a digital-only event. The QuakeCon team is already working hard to put together exciting new streaming programming, online meetups, giveaways, charity opportunities, the virtual BYOC, and more, and we will announce more details in June. 07:32:3521/08/2022 08:07:51
19 – 21 AugMAGWest 2022 LogoMAGWest08 – AUG2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesSan JoseMAGWest is a three day event that runs 24 hours a day with nonstop console gaming, arcades, tabletop, LAN, live video game cover bands, chiptunes, guests, and more, now with 100% more west coast style!$42 – $85TBAN/ANone14/04/2022 13:51:2222/08/2022 08:02:53
22 – 23 Augdevcom Conference gamescom 2022 Logodevcom08 – AUG2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeGermanyCologneEurope’s biggest game developer conference will again offer a wide range of events and sessions for international game developers, game publishers and service providers. #gamescom – 1.699€Per requestSwapcardGCGCommunity10/03/2022 17:41:2611/09/2022 09:46:44
23 Auggamescom opening night live 2022 Logogamescom: Opening Night Live08 – AUG2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDShowcaseEuropeGermanyCologneThe spectacular ONL live show produced by Geoff Keighley. Show starts at 8PM CEST, 2PM ET, 11AM PT. #gamescomWatch the RecordingN/AGMT+1Free virtual / 29€ onsiteNoneNoneNone10/03/2022 15:55:5910/09/2022 20:34:19
23 AugCourage Cologne Showcase 2022 LogoCourage Cologne08 – AUG2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeGermanyColognePlay a game and get a drink! That’s the premise of Courage Cologne. 15 Indie game showcasers present their work to other game professionals. The annual game showcase brings together game professionals in a relax and informal setting. #gamescomcourage.events250GMT+2Free150€NoneNone23/05/2022 15:39:5624/08/2022 07:25:46
23 – 25 AugCEDEC Japan 2022 LogoCEDEC08 – AUG2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BAsiaJapanVirtualCEDEC (Computer Entertainment Developers Conference) aims to improve the development capabilities of the entire industry by bringing together professionals involved in the development of computer entertainment and people engaged in related work and exchanging information and opinions with each other 13:50:3826/08/2022 08:41:54
24 AugFuture Games Show Gamescom Showcase 2022 LogoFuture Games Show @ gamescom08 – AUG2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseEuropeGermanyVirtualOur third show of 2022 will be the Future Games Show at Gamescom Powered by Mana on Wednesday, August 24. It will feature around 50 games from publishers such as Team17, 505 Games, Prime Matter and Ravenscourt. Show starts at 8PM CEST, 2PM ET, 11AM PT. #gamescomWatch the RecordingN/AGMT+2FreePer RequestN/ANone18/01/2022 16:15:2010/09/2022 20:35:20
24 – 26 AugMeet To Match Cologne Edition 2022 LogoMeetToMatch The Cologne Edition08 – AUG2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeGermanyCologneMeet all relevant publishers, investors, and developers during the biggest games industry gathering of Europe in Cologne or from home.€NoneMeet 2 MatchNone10/05/2022 18:18:3227/08/2022 08:35:22
24 – 28 Auggamescom Cologne 2022 Logogamescom08 – AUG2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2CEuropeGermanyCologneThe event will be a hybrid, bringing back the physical show gamescom is known for but also building on the online elements from 2021 iteration. – 59€Per RequestSwapcardNone31/08/2021 16:34:1601/09/2022 08:21:20
25 Auggamescom congress 2022 logogamescom congress08 – AUG2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeGermanyCologneThe gamescom congress is EU’s leading conference on the potential of computer and video games in society and the economy. Covering a broad spectrum of topics, the congress shows that game technologies help to inspire innovations and master digitalization in nearly all economic and social spheres. – 119€NoneN/ANone15/06/2022 14:02:0026/08/2022 08:41:45
25 – 28 AugReplaying Japan 2022 logoReplaying Japan08 – AUG2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDAcademiaAsiaJapanOsakaGame Studies Conference. The tenth international conference will be hosted by Ritsumeikan University at the Osaka Ibaraki Campus. After a two year hiatus, we hope to have some aspects of this conference conducted on-site, with an online section for those unable to make it to Osaka 11:53:5129/08/2022 07:58:02
27 Aug – 2 SepChinaJoy 2022 LogoChinaJoy09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2B2CAsiaChinaVirtualChinaJoy is one of the most famous and influential digital entertainment exhibitions in China. 09:14:3905/09/2022 07:45:58
31 Aug – 3 SepPromised Land Art Festival 2022 logoPromised Land09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropePolandŁódźBringing together professionals working in film, gaming, and other creative industries, Promised Land is a place for the exchange of knowledge and experience, for networking, and crossing the divide between the digital and the traditional arts. Organized by CD Project Red.€TBAN/ANone10/05/2022 16:25:4804/09/2022 07:34:57
1 – 4 SepBusan Indie Connect Festival 2022 LogoBusan Indie Connect Festival09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDFestivalAsiaSouth KoreaBusanBusan Indie Connect Festival (BIC Festival) is a global indie game festival held every year in Busan, Korea since 2015, and has grown to become the largest single event for indie games in Korea. Online portion of the festival will be held from 1st to 30th of September.,000KRWTBAN/ANone29/03/2022 04:49:3505/09/2022 07:45:06
2 – 3 SepParadox Interactive 2022 Logo PDXCONPDXCON09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalEuropeSwedenStockholmPDXCON is the ultimate immersive experience for Paradox fans! Meet and mingle with the developers who make your favorite games, get together with fellow fans to swap stories and strategies, and indulge in unique experiences from the Paradox universe that you won’t find anywhere else. Only 500 tickets will be sold to this exclusive experience.,999 SEKNoneNoneNone23/04/2022 07:35:4304/09/2022 07:34:59
2 – 5 SepPax West 2022 LogoPAX West09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesSeattlePAX West is a celebration of gaming and gaming culture featuring thought-provoking panels, a massive expo hall filled with the best publishers and studios, new game demos, musical performances, tournaments, and a community experience unlike any other.$45 – $235N/AN/ANone26/05/2022 08:04:3608/09/2022 06:53:36
3 – 4 SepHyper Games Conference Turkey and Africa EditionHyper Games Conference Turkey & Africa Edition09 – SEP2022CANCELLEDCANCELEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BCISUkraineVirtualHyper Games Conference (HGC) is the major international online conference in its niche devoted to the development, promotion, and growth of the Hyper/Hybrid Casual Games industry.,500+GMT+20 – 49€TBAN/ANone14/04/2022 20:21:4903/10/2022 17:13:07
4 – 6 SepDICE Europe Barcelona 2022 LogoDICE Europe09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeEuropeBarcelonaD.I.C.E. Europe will be returning from it’s hiatus in 2022. This year’s event will take place at the luxurious W Barcelona hotel. t this 3-day event, attendees will be treated to insightful speaker programming and an intimate exchange of ideas.$1,650TBANoneNone08/03/2022 11:48:3907/09/2022 07:56:16
5 – 6 SepMobidictum Business Conference 2022 LogoMobidictum Business Conference09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeTurkeyIstanbulThe largest game industry conference in Turkey and MENA region. We aim to grow the game industry in the region by bringing world-class publishers, service providers, and game companies to Turkey. – 199€N/AN/ANone26/05/2022 11:32:2407/09/2022 07:56:18
5 – 8 SepFoundations of Digital Games (FDG) LogoFoundations of Digital Games (FDG)09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALAcademiaEuropeGreeceAthensThe International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games (FDG) is an interdisciplinary conference on technology used to develop digital games, and the study of digital games and their design. 11:49:3612/09/2022 07:40:55
6 – 7 SepESI London 2022 LogoESI London09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomLondonESI London 2022 will be our largest and most ambitious event yet, as we continue to listen to feedback, push the boundaries, and ultimately deliver the most memorable and valuable industry events we can.£72 – £480N/AN/ANone27/06/2022 16:20:4908/09/2022 06:53:58
6 – 7 SepWN Conference Shanghai 2022 LogoWN Conference – Shanghai09 – SEP2022CANCELLEDCANCELEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BAsiaChinaShanghaiA series of international b2b events for the game industry.,500GMT+8100 – 300€Per RequestWN HubNone20/01/2022 17:08:5825/07/2022 18:37:02
7 – 9 SepExternal Development Summit XDS 2022 LogoXDS09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaCanadaVancouverExternal Development Summit (XDS) is the only annual, international games industry event held in Canada, with a primary focus on external development for art, animation, audio, co-development, QA and localization.$849TBAN/ANone27/01/2022 08:29:5710/09/2022 07:07:47
7 – 9 SepGames Industry Law Summit Vilnius 2022 LogoGames Industry Law Summit09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALSummitEuropeLithuaniaVilniusRegistrations for Summit VII are currently OPEN for the qualified attendees (you must be actively involved in the games industry matters and have a recommendation from one of the event’s board members). The event has a strict limit of 200 people. Only (900€)NoneNoneNone13/10/2021 09:24:0710/09/2022 07:07:48
8 SepVideo Game Storytelling Summit 2022 logoThe Video Game Storytelling Summit09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALSummitNorth AmericaCanadaVirtualLearn how to enhance your storytelling for video games from Flint Dille, John Zur Platten, and other experts behind games like Uncharted, Diablo, and Jurassic World. 07:40:3820/10/2022 15:58:36
8 – 9 SepWN Conference Limassol Cyprus 2022 LogoWN Conference – Limassol09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeCyprusLimassolMeet all the Cyprus based game companies at the WN Conference. – 300€Per requestWN HubNone25/07/2022 17:34:4910/09/2022 07:07:58
10 SepUbisoft Forward 2022 LogoUbisoft Forward09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaCanadaVirtualOn September 10 at 12:00PM PT/ 9:00PM CEST, Ubisoft Forward returns in full force, ready to reveal updates and news on multiple games and projects from Ubisoft teams around the world. Ubisoft Forward will broadcast on YouTube, Twitch, and on our official website.Watch the RecordingN/AGMT-8NoneNoneNoneNone06/07/2022 15:03:0411/09/2022 14:32:42
14 – 17 SepEVA Argentina Games Expo 2022 LogoEVA – Argentina Video Games Expo09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CSouth AmericaArgentinaBuenos AiresEVA was the first event in the LATAM region to be dedicated to video game development and this year is its 20th anniversary. It is the most important event in the local scene for video game development industry and grows year after year in public, guests and sponsors.$50 – $100Per requestN/ANone02/08/2022 09:12:1019/09/2022 09:10:00
14 – 15 SepWomen in Games Conference 2022 logoWomen in Games Festival09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualGet ready for two days of positivity and constructive insights – all of our speakers bring their wealth of knowledge and expertise to enrich the panels and activities we’ve put together. WIG Conference is part of WIG Festival:$30NoneHopinNone29/08/2022 09:53:3916/09/2022 08:40:33
15 SepGamesForum London 2022 LogoGamesForum London09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomLondonGamesforum London is a One-day Gamesforum Laser Event focussing on Ad Monetization in F2P mobile games taking place at etc. venues St Paul’s on the 15th September.€ – 875€N/AN/ANone02/08/2022 09:12:5016/09/2022 08:40:32
15 – 16 SepMeet To Match Tokyo Edition 2022MeetToMatch The Tokyo Edition09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BAsiaJapanTokyoMeet all relevant publishers, investors, and developers during the biggest games industry gathering in Japan or from home. at 59€N/AMeet 2 MatchNone21/07/2022 11:55:1116/09/2022 08:40:50
15 – 18 SepGame Devs of Color Expo 2022 logoGame Devs of Color Expo09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualJoin us — we’re amplifying the creative power held by people of color in games. You’ll learn what it takes to make incredible games and connect with a diverse group of creators from around the world!$20 – $100TBAN/ANone31/01/2022 16:30:2219/09/2022 09:08:42
15 – 18 SepTGS Tokyo Game Show 2022 LogoTokyo Game Show09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CAsiaJapanTokyoTokyo Game Show, commonly known as TGS, is a video game expo / convention held annually in September in the Makuhari Messe, in Chiba, Japan. It is presented by the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association and Nikkei Business Publications. Theme for TGS2022 is “Nothing Stops Gaming.”,000+GMT+9¥11,000 – ¥27,500starting at 275.000 JPYProprietaryNone05/10/2021 19:30:0119/09/2022 09:08:53
16 – 17 Sepgames berlin week 2022 Logogamesweekberlin09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDFestivalEuropeGermanyBerlingamesweekberlin 2022 is a festival for video game fans of all ages: bring your family or friends and spend a whole weekend discovering fantastic games – and more. From September 16 to 18, we invite you to play. discover. connect. at the former UCI Colosseum in the heart of Berlin. – 79€TBAMeet 2 MatchNone05/05/2022 11:40:1019/09/2022 09:08:43
16 – 18 SepGaming Istanbul GIST Logo 2022Gaming Istanbul09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CEuropeTurkeyIstanbulGaming İstanbul has become the largest B2C and B2B gaming expo of Turkey & the MENA in three years and the visitor number has been increasing about approximately 27% every year. The gaming bridge of Eurasia GIST combines Asia and Europe games market and open a door through the MENA. – 245€TBAMeet 2 MatchNone08/12/2021 15:00:4919/09/2022 09:08:44
17 SepThe Thing 2022 LogoThe Thing09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeSwedenStockholmthe thing is a mini-conference for gamedevs by gamedevs in Stockholm Sweden! We will be hosting a day full of lectures, roundtables, discussions, panels, mingles, and celebrations of games and their creators. – kr30,000N/AN/ANone28/07/2022 18:31:4618/09/2022 06:56:06
19 – 22 SepNvidia GTC Conference 2022 LogoNvidia GTC09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaNorth AmericaVirtualExplore the latest technologies and business breakthroughs. Learn from experts how AI and the evolution of the 3D Internet are profoundly impacting industries—and society as a whole. 09:41:3824/09/2022 10:23:17
21 SepWN CEO Summit 2022 LogoWN CEO Summit09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeTurkeyIstanbulJoin industry veterans and gaming visionairies for an open dialog. Feel free to take part in the organised discussions with up to 10 people or just network with CEOs and entrepreneurs, form partnerships and make deals.,000€NoneWN HubNone01/09/2022 07:42:4520/10/2022 15:58:41
21 – 22 SepIndie Game Business Sessions 2022 LogoIndieGameBusiness Sessions: September Edition09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualJoin us for our 10th event featuring a wide variety of business, marketing, and licensing sessions for the first time. Tickets to participate in all sessions are completely free. In addition to the lectures, meet with hundreds of industry leaders.Register NowN/AGMT-8$0 – $50NoneMeet 2 MatchNone08/04/2022 17:26:2820/10/2022 15:58:48
21 – 22 SepGI Live London 2022GI Live: London09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeUnited KingdomLondonThe UK’s premier indie, publishing and investment event will return to London Excel in September. GI Live: London will feature leading games companies meeting and connecting with developers in a two-day event.£37.50 – £200£600N/ANone28/07/2022 18:32:4624/09/2022 10:22:28
21 – 23 SepGame UX Summit 2022 Bungie LogoGame UX Summit09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesBellevueGAME UX SUMMIT is the first professional UX event dedicated to the video game industry. It brings together renowned speakers from various game development disciplines through the lens of UX. Two days of summit + One day of Masterclasses in the Seattle area! Hosted by Bungie.$89 – $399Per requestN/ANone19/03/2022 07:11:3121/09/2022 08:58:05
19 – 24 SepAfrica Comicade Gamathon 2022 LogoAfrica Comicade – Gamathon 2209 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BAfricaAfricaLagosWe would be hosting discussions around the business sustainability of the African creative industry. We would be focused on career and entrepreneurial development for African digital creatives, highlighting opportunities and avenues to achieve this.$20 – $200Per request ( 2 MatchIndustryChampion21/07/2022 12:29:1427/09/2022 09:01:03
22 – 25 SepEGX London 2022 LogoEGX London09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CEuropeUnited KingdomLondonEGX aims to keep players and their experience at the centre of events, allowing fans and developers to continue coming together, celebrating the games community and creating unforgettable memories.£15 – £75Per RequestN/ANone11/10/2021 12:39:2326/09/2022 07:36:55
23 – 24 SepGame Developers Session 2022 Logo PragueGame Developers Session09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeCzech RepublicPragueOldest game developers conference in Europe, come to experience our 20th anniversary special event. In 2022 GDS is taking place in the beautiful historical venue of National House Smíchov in Prague. – 159€TBAN/ANone12/07/2022 08:26:3225/09/2022 12:26:40
24 – 25 SepGame Conference Armenia 2022 LogoGame Conference Armenia09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CCISArmeniaYerevanGCA is a three-day event being curated by You, with an audience of about 3000 in Yerevan, Armenia. Our goal is to bring together bright minds to give talks that are idea-focused, and on a wide range of subjects, to foster learning, inspiration, and wonder-and provoke conversations that matter. – 120€$4.000N/Agca2022 (10% discount code)23/05/2022 15:38:2725/09/2022 12:26:23
26 SepIGDA Leadership Day 2022 LogoLeadership Day by IGDA Finland09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeFinlandHelsinkiThis one day event is designed around a thought provoking speaker track and ample room for networking with industry peers. We will of course organize an IGDA Mentorship Cafe to help you grow your professional network. 14:41:3301/10/2022 07:49:22
27 SepWe Speak Summit 2022 logoWe Speak Games Summit 202209 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeUnited KingdomBristolAdvances in voice control, conversation technology and artificial intelligence are set to revolutionise traditional gaming. Join the brightest minds and ‘voice in gaming’ experts for an afternoon of talks, discussions and insights into the future of interactive entertainment. 09:35:0028/09/2022 07:36:20
27 – 28 SepPocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2022 LogoPocket Gamer Connects Helsinki09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeFinlandHelsinkiThe PG Connects roadshow returns to Helsinki, the spiritual heartland of the mobile games industry, for our sixth Finnish conference! It’ll be bigger than ever with 1500 attendees and 600 companies represented.,200+GMT+2£129 – £1,249TBATBANone11/10/2021 10:35:1029/09/2022 07:59:56
28 – 29 SepMGS Mobile Growth Association 2022 LogoMGS Games09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesSan FranciscoJoin us in San Francisco as we dive into the world of mobile gaming. Engage in conversations with game developers and marketers as we tackle new market dynamics while also looking toward the future of gaming. Mobile Growth Association.$199 – $3.000Per requestN/ANone06/06/2022 11:46:3030/09/2022 07:58:54
28 – 30 SepClash of Realities 2022 LogoClash of Realities09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDAcademiaEuropeGermanyCologneThe 13th International Conference on the Art, Technology and Theory of Digital Games will be back for one last time in the fall of 2022. 07:34:3105/10/2022 08:28:49
28 – 30 SepGame Developers Association of the Philippines 2022 LogoGDAP BizCon09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BAsiaSingaporeVirtualThis is Game Developers Association of the Philippines 1st official conference dedicated for business networking, conference and exposition. 16:12:4705/10/2022 08:28:52
29 – 30 SepGame Conf 2022 LogoGameconf09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeFranceAngoulemeFrom I to III : growing as an indiehttps://gameconf.fr100GMT+2Invite Only (Free)FreeNoneNone04/07/2022 10:29:2501/10/2022 07:48:28
29 Sep – 1 OctReboot Develop Blue 2022 Logo Dubrovnik CroatiaReboot Develop Blue09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeCroatiaDubrovnikBoutique games industry conference set in King’s Landing is back.,200+GMT+2445€Per requestNoneNone10/03/2022 14:27:4301/10/2022 23:58:01
30 Sep – 2 OctGame Wave Festival 2022 LogoGame Wave Festival09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeEstoniaTallinnThe Game Wave Festival is a business, education and entertainment event for the gaming industry professionals. It first took place with great success in September 2021 in Jūrmala, Latvia, and was attended by more than 270 participants from 25 countries. EURN/AB2MatchNone27/06/2022 16:16:4603/10/2022 06:58:59
30 Sep – 2 OctIndieCade Everywhere Festival 2022 LogoIndieCade Anywhere and Everywhere09 – SEP2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualIndieCade Anywhere and Everywhere is IndieCade’s online festival for 2022. This online event is built from the ground up specifically to highlight and feature games of all types, along with their creators, from around the world.$75 – $100DiscordNone28/01/2022 10:05:0803/10/2022 06:59:00
1 – 9 OctMelbourne Games Week Australia 2022 LogoMelbourne Games Week10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CAustraliaAustraliaMelbourneNow in its 8th year, MIGW is the biggest games event in Asia Pacific and a fixture on the global calendar, connecting games, technology and culture, with a broad program for industry, educators, and game enthusiasts alike. 04:53:3121/03/2023 07:51:05
3 – 5 OctGames Connect Asia Pacific GCAP Melbourne 2022 LogoGCAP10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BAustraliaAustraliaMelbourneGCAP 2022 will challenge attendees to chase their ambitions and create world class products, experiences, studios, and businesses for an ever-expanding global games audience. GCAP 2022 will provide avenues for personal and professional ambitions to be realised and success to be achieved. 2 MatchNone31/03/2022 01:28:0208/10/2022 07:43:36
3 – 10 OctSteam Next Fest October 2022 LogoSteam Next Fest10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualAnnouncing Steam Next Fest, a multi-day celebration of upcoming games. Explore and play hundreds of game demos, watch developer livestreams, and chat with teams about their games in progress, coming soon to Steam. submissionSteamNone02/09/2022 08:53:1412/10/2022 20:33:43
4 – 6 OctGame Slice 2022 LogoGame Slice10 – OCT2022CANCELLEDCANCELEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaCanadaVirtualBack for its seventh year, Game Slice offers game industry professionals a space to gain valuable feedback from their industry peers in a collaborative and exciting environment. Game Slice is a private event for Corporate Game Studios, Professional Game Developers, and Indie Game Developers. submissionVia submissionDiscordNone04/07/2022 16:58:0308/10/2022 07:44:28
5 – 6 OctHorizons Bordeaux 2022 LogoHorizon(s)10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeFranceBordeauxA new forum at the heart of the challenges of the video game sector. It is in this pioneering territory, a land of training and innovation, that players in the sector meet to carry out and develop actions at the service of the video game industry.€TBAN/ANone04/07/2022 09:29:3508/10/2022 07:43:10
5 – 7 OctLevel Up KL 2022 LogoLevel Up KL10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2B2CAsiaMalaysiaKuala LumpurSoutheast Asia’s premier industry event for game developers is back for its 8th year running with a hybrid event with the objective of bringing together both local and international players to the regional game development scene in Southeast Asia. requestMeet 2 MatchNone02/08/2022 09:13:4408/10/2022 07:43:12
6 OctDutch Game Day 2022 LogoDutch Game Day10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeNetherlandsHilversumThe Dutch Game Day powered by Control is a cooperation between the Dutch Media Week, the Dutch Games Association and game development magazine Control. The event consists of a two track conference with speakers from The Netherlands and abroad – 214€TBAN/ANone11/05/2022 15:11:5207/10/2022 07:27:09
6 – 9 OctGIC Game Industry Conference - Poznan 2022 LogoGiC10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropePolandPoznanThe GIC offers the best B2B opportunities to reach industry professionals from Poland and most of Central and Eastern Europe. The best available meeting system MeetToMatch allows for well-organized sessions with just the proper business partners you are looking for. – 620€620€+Meet 2 MatchNone11/02/2022 10:39:0810/10/2022 07:39:53
6 – 7 OctThe International Games Summit on Mental HealthThe International Games Summit on Mental Health10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaCanadaVirtualThe International Games Summit on Mental Health runs from October 6th-7th, 2021 online, in partnership with Take This. In its second year,the summit will touch on the full range of mental health issues facing the game industry and community, including a special focus on depression. 09:11:0612/10/2022 07:32:12
6 – 12 OctBrazil Game Show LogoBrazil Game Show10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CSouth AmericaBrazilSão PauloThe Largest Gaming Show in Latin America.$99.5 – R$1.950N/AN/ANone07/08/2021 11:09:3117/10/2022 07:47:42
7 – 9 OctPoznan Game Arena 2022 LogoPoznan Game Arena10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CEuropePolandPoznanPoznań Game Arena is the largest computer, console, and multimedia entertaiment fair in Central and Eastern Europe. For almost 15 years PGA remains to be the biggest event dedicated to Polish players, which sets standards and gathers the greatest audience. PGA’s accompanied event is B2B conference GiC.,000GMT+27€N/ANoneNone26/09/2022 10:49:3012/10/2022 20:33:51
7 – 9 OctPAX Australia 2022 LogoPAX Aus10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CAustraliaAustraliaMelbournePAX Aus is a celebration of gaming and gaming culture featuring thought-provoking panels, a massive expo hall filled with the best publishers and studios, new game demos, musical performances, tournaments, and an experience unlike any other.$65 – $170Per requestN/ANone31/03/2022 04:46:1810/10/2022 07:39:56
7 – 9 OctTwitchCon San Diego 2022 LogoTwitchCon San Diego10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesSan DiegoWait, we’re meeting up IRL?! Yesssss. We’re super excited to finally have everyone back together again, connecting, collabing, co-creating all in one place. So pack up, suit up, and get ready for the Ultimate Squad Up in the best city ever, San Diego October 2022.$129 – $229N/ATwitchNone22/02/2022 21:23:3410/10/2022 07:39:57
11 – 14 OctThe Ting III 2022 LogoThe Ting10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDHR / RecruitmentEuropeSwedenStockholmThe Ting III: A week-long event where game studios from Sweden and around the world get to meet and find an intern from our pool of super-talented 3D and 2D artists, game designers and UX designers and more. 18:18:5915/10/2022 08:21:09
13 – 14 OctSweden Game ArenaSweden Game Arena10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeSwedenSkövdeThis year, we are gathering the Swedish games industry under the collecting theme Strengthening the Swedish Games Industry. As previous years, we also welcome junior and senior game developers as well as startups to this year’s conference to enjoy pitches, recruitment fair, talks, panels and more! – 1200 SEKNoneB2 MatchNone10/10/2022 15:53:5216/11/2022 08:17:05
13 – 14 OctW Love Games 2022 LogoW ❤ Games10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeFinlandHelsinkiW Love Games is a conference in Helsinki that focuses on women in games and tech development. “W” stands for women but also for “we” as people, we who play and make games, we of all backgrounds and interests that games bring together and make all differences disappear! 09:43:5815/10/2022 08:21:12
13 – 15 OctCentral and Eastern European Game Studies Conference 2022 LogoCEEGS10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALGame JamEuropeEstoniaTallinnThe Central and Eastern European Game Studies (CEEGS) conference is an annual event dedicated to the study of digital and non-digital games, their cultural underpinnings and societal effects, as well as game players and developers. 08:07:2717/10/2022 07:46:31
13 – 16 OctHyper Games Conference Turkey Edition 2022 logoHyper Games Conference All Gaming & Expo Edition10 – OCT2022CANCELLEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeIstanbulTurkeyHyper Games Conference (HGC) is the major international online conference in its niche devoted to the development, promotion, and growth of the Hyper/Hybrid Casual Games industry.,000GMT+3TBATBAN/ANone14/04/2022 20:22:5303/10/2022 17:11:34
14 – 15 OctIndonesia Game Developer Exchange 2022 logoIGDX10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BAsiaIndonesiaBaliIndonesia Game Developer Exchange (IGDX) is an annual event, organized by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics in collaboration with the Indonesian Game Association (AGI), as part of the ongoing effort to increase the technical qualities and business capabilities of Indonesian gamedev. 16:12:5616/11/2022 08:17:01
15 Octa11yTO-Gaminng 2022 Logo#a11yTO Gaming10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaCanadaTorontoWe are pleased to announce that #a11yTO Gaming is returning as an in-person event this October! To celebrate our return, we’ve completely reimagined the format and incorporated a more “activity focused” approach to this year’s event!$49N/AN/ANone05/09/2022 08:31:0617/10/2022 07:46:45
19 – 20 OctWN Conference Moscow 2022 LogoWN Conference – Moscow10 – OCT2022CANCELLEDCANCELEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BCISRussiaMoscowTalks from the industry leaders, brand-new developer showcase, networking with game industry peers, international platforms and publishers, new business ties and opportunities. HubNone28/01/2022 16:47:1925/07/2022 18:37:32
17 – 20 OctUnreal Fest 2022 LogoUnreal Fest10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesNew OrleansUnreal Fest is back! Join us in New Orleans for more than 100 sessions across three action-packed days. We’ll have hands-on training, inspirational speakers, innovative projects, Epic devs on hand to answer your questions, and a big Unreal Fest Party at Mardi Gras World.$250NoneN/ANone01/09/2022 07:42:0521/10/2022 07:38:03
18 – 21 OctGames Gathering Bratislava 2022 LogoGames Gathering Bratislava10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeSlovakiaBratislavaGG Bratislava is an international game conference in Bratislava focused on the work skills upgrade, helping to find business partners or investors, and providing job opportunities.,000+GMT+2$19 – $149N/APineNone03/08/2022 09:17:4822/10/2022 07:59:58
19 – 21 OctGamiLearn Spain 2022 logoGamiLearn10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALGame JamEuropeSpainSalamancaThis symposium is open to contributions from researchers, practitioners, and industry in the application of gamification or games in learning environments. 10:40:2406/12/2022 12:59:14
19 – 22 OctMEGAMIGS 2022 LogoMEGAMIGS10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CNorth AmericaCanadaMontrealYou read it right, the 2022 edition will take place in the heart of downtown Montréal at the Bonaventure Hotel. But that’s not all, the unmissable event for video game fans is returning during the colourful season, from October 19th to 22nd!$12.50 – CA$497.50Per requestMeet 2 MatchNone24/03/2022 02:40:5724/10/2022 07:50:38
19 – 23 OctGamescom Asia 2022 Singapore Logogamescom Asia10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2B2CAsiaSingaporeSingaporeGamescom Asia has both B2B and B2C offerings and we hope to see more of you at Trade Zone but also your upcoming games at the Entertainment Zone in 2022. With this being the prelude to a fuller scale event in 2022, there’s more of gamescom asia to come in the future.$295 – S$25Starting at SGD 500TBANone25/10/2021 13:31:5324/10/2022 07:50:41
22 – 23 OctGame Access Connect 2022 LogoGame Access Connect10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeCzech RepublicBrnoGame Access Connect is focused mostly on newcomers to the games industry and allows them to network with professionals and learn through workshops, sessions and showcases. 18:32:1524/10/2022 07:50:42
24 – 25 OctDev Play 2022 Logo BucharestDev.Play10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeRomaniaBucharestThe Game Development Conference for Eastern Europe. – 199€TBAMeet 2 MatchNone17/05/2022 21:41:4626/10/2022 08:08:57
24 – 25 OctGame Accessibility Conference IGDA 2022 Logo#GAconf NA10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesRedmondTwo days of talks and networking exploring recent and future advancements in the field of game accessibility.$0 – $250N/ADiscordNone05/09/2022 08:30:1826/10/2022 08:09:00
24 – 28 OctScottish Games Week 2022 LogoScottish Games Week10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2B2CEuropeScotlandMultipleScottish Games Week is the first-ever, week-long, Scotland-wide series of events focussed on videogames! From design, development and publishing, to education and the application of games, join our showcase of Scotland’s pioneering and diverse games ecosystem.£95 – £200TBAN/ANone27/06/2022 16:19:1229/10/2022 09:25:50
25 – 26 OctGame Sound Con 2022 logoGameSoundCon10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesLos AngelesGameSoundCon 2022 is hybrid! While we would love to see you in person in Los Angeles, you can now attend remotely with our online only ticket! Online access gives you real-time access to GameSoundCon sessions, live text chat and more$125 – $535N/AN/ANone25/10/2022 10:39:2016/11/2022 08:15:29
26 OctGame Anglia 2022 LogoGame Anglia10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomIpswichGame Anglia is the biggest Game Development conference in the East of England. This year’s event on October 26th will feature a showcase area dedicated to game developers – students and indies.£15Via showcaseN/ANone10/10/2022 10:08:2416/11/2022 08:15:31
26 OctGames Forum Seattle 2022GamesForum Seattle10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesSeattleWe’re bringing the best UA managers, Ad Monetization managers and Product Managers together for a one day summit and we want you to join us. We’re looking for great speakers willing to share their analyses and actionable takeaways with the Gamesforum Seattle audience of mobile games leaders. SponsorshipN/ANone04/07/2022 09:28:4028/10/2022 08:47:23
26 – 28 OctGames Job Fair Autumn 2022 LogoGames Job Fair Autumn10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDHR / RecruitmentEuropeFinlandHelsinkiFind new opportunities, build your network, learn and evolve through workshops, challenges, portfolio reviews & tech talks. Join us ONLINE on October 26-28th, and ONSITE in Helsinki on October 28th. 10:16:2329/10/2022 09:25:35
26 – 28 OctGI Academy 2022 LogoGI Academy10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALHR / RecruitmentEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualDuring the event, students can watch keynote presentation, take part in live Q&A sessions, join intimate industry roundtables, and meet with games professionals one-to-one. There will also be surprise guests throughout the show. 07:33:4729/10/2022 09:25:38
27 – 29 OctMeet and Build Belgian industry 2022 LogoMeet & Build10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeBelgiumCharleroiThe Belgian Video Game Industry Event, every day different focus, roundtables, conferences, meetings with publishers.€ – 25€NoneN/ANone26/09/2022 08:51:5316/11/2022 08:15:25
29 – 30 OctIndie Dev Day Barcelona 2022 LogoIndie Dev Day10 – OCT2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CEuropeSpainBarcelonaA non-profit event held in the centre of Barcelona featuring studios and developers exhibiting their video games, talks and conferences by industry professionals, networking and more. Open to all audiences and free for everyone. 17:44:5731/10/2022 07:17:15
31 Oct – 6 NovPlay22 Logo 2022 HamburgPlay2211 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDFestivalEuropeGermanyHamburgPLAY is the first and only festival worldwide to unite media art, discourse and education with the culture of digital games. It focuses on the creative utilization of digital games: invent, build, tinker, modify, program, dance, discuss – anything goes! 08:49:0409/11/2022 09:14:58
TBAdevcom Pitch It Winter Edition 2022 Logodevcom Pitch it! Fall Edition DELAYED10 – OCT2022CANCELLEDCANCELEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeGermanyVirtualdevcom Pitch it! is devcom’s online matchmaking event that targets exclusively publishers and developers, offering an additional boost for their business throughout the whole year. The Winter, Spring and Fall editions of Pitch it! will take place exclusively online on our matchmaking platform PINE. 14:08:3206/12/2022 12:59:30
1 NovThis Game 2022 LogoTHIS GAME11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeDenmarkAarhusAt THIS GAME 2022, we focus on the dynamics of the games you play and the communities that form around them. We investigate how game developers get inspired from working with or even co-creating with their community?€TBAN/ANone15/06/2022 14:02:4803/11/2022 07:01:56
1 – 2 NovIvipro Italian Videogame Program 2022 LogoIVIPRO Days11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeItalyTriesteIVIPRO DAYS, the Italian annual event dedicated to exploring the role and potential of the video game as a resource for narrating the territory and heritage, are coming back on November 1-2, 2022. 09:53:5016/11/2022 08:15:36
2 – 3 NovGlobal Games Pitch Hyper Mobile 2022 LogoGlobal Games Pitch – Mobile & Hyper Casual11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeUkraineVirtualThe biggest international online pitching event 100+ publishers and investors!$0 – $89NoneProprietaryNone11/04/2022 22:07:2103/11/2022 07:00:41
2 – 6 NovParis Games Week 2022 LogoParis Games Week11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CEuropeFranceParisParis Games Week is back after three years. Ticket sale starts on 15th of June. 07:22:2607/11/2022 07:34:31
3 – 4 NovGame Connection 2022 Europe Paris LogoGame Connection Europe11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeFranceParisIt’s been two years since we last host Game Connection Europe and we cannot wait to see you again in Paris! Game Connection is the perfect event if you are looking to meet new partners and prospects within the video game industry.€Per requestLet’s MeetNone05/05/2022 11:35:0305/11/2022 08:13:06
3 – 5 NovGame Days 2022 LogoGame Days11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeSlovakiaKošiceAnnual games festival bringing together the local community for 9th time, now with bigger focus on business, networking and cross border knowledge exchange. – 29€TBAN/ANone21/07/2022 11:17:5406/11/2022 06:51:36
3 – 5 NovIndia Game Developers Conference 2022 LogoIndiaGDC11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BAsiaIndiaHyderabadThe India Game Developer Conference (IGDC) is India’s premier game developer’s conference. Now in its 14th year, IGDC is the biggest and the most significant developer conference in South Asia.₹500 – ₹1800TBAN/ANone28/07/2022 18:31:0106/11/2022 06:51:38
4 – 5 NovArabic games 2022 LogoArabic Games11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BAsiaLebanonVirtualThe Arabic Games Conference is a celebration of games and interactive experiences designed by Arab creators in the Arab world. Get access to resources in Arabic, as well as professional advice, and learn how to advance your game. 08:38:3209/11/2022 09:15:29
5 NovDay of the Devs 2022 LogoDay of the Devs11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesSan FranciscoOn November 5th, Double Fine and I am 8 Bit are teaming up to bring back the best day in indie gaming for a LIVE event in San Francisco. Plus: An online showcase on 3rd of November! WOAH!!! submissionNoneNone31/08/2022 08:34:2406/11/2022 06:51:40
5 NovPlay NYC 2022 LogoPlay NYC11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesNew YorkPlay NYC — New York’s premier gaming convention — returns in its 6th year to a fresh venue with an in-person autumn expo uniting creators and fans from the New York area and beyond in an intimate one-day celebration of games. Over 30 studios and companies bringing 60+ playable games and experiences.$40 – $75Per requestN/ANone02/11/2022 17:05:5516/11/2022 08:15:43
3 – 9 NovIndie X Online Festival Portugal 2022 logoIndie X11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseEuropePortugalVirtualThese are Indie X Online 2022‘s 50 Finalists who were handpicked for our livestream showcase with gameplay and developer interviews. The biggest indie game showcase in Portugal is back once again with a digital online format. 10:36:0610/11/2022 07:27:04
7 – 13 NovWe Play Expo 2022 LogoWePlay Expo 202211 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2CAsiaChinaShanghaiWePlay is the biggest indie game exhibition in China. This is a fantastic game festival with high-quality indie games, 3A games, cultural content and experiences from around the world! WePlay is a grand event for new generations to enjoy high quality and unique cultural content experiences. requestNoneNone12/10/2022 14:03:5514/11/2022 07:25:09
9 – 10 NovGTR Conference Sweden 2022 LogoGTR Conference11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeSwedenLuleåThe GTR Conference is an annual gathering that serves as a networking event for the GTR community and as a celebratory occasion for our GTR Accelerator studios. The conference is a private event attended by investors, publishers, partners and annual Top 20 finalists among global applicants. OnlyNoneN/ANone01/08/2022 19:59:5111/11/2022 07:52:49
10 – 11 NovGamesweek Zurich Conference 2022 LogoGamesweek Zurich – Conference11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2B2CEuropeSwitzerlandZurichIt is the only conference in Switzerland that brings together game developers, clients, industry, administration and politics. The Conference takes place as part of the festival Gamesweek Zurich in the centre of Zurich. – CHF360N/AN/ANone19/10/2022 09:08:3312/11/2022 07:45:09
11 NovPitch Ya Game Twitter 2022 LogoPitchYaGame on Twitter11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALPitchingVirtualUnited KingdomOnlinePitchYaGame is an event freely open to pitch to the industry through Twitter. Simply use the hashtag #PitchYaGame on Twitter November 11th between 12PM-12AM GMT to participate.https://pitchyagame.comN/AGMT+1FreeNoneNoneNone10/11/2022 07:53:2116/11/2022 08:15:50
11-12 & 18-19 & 25-26 NovPathfindings 2022 LogoPathfindinGS11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualThis conference firmly places a spotlight on the video game industry of the Global South. The theme for the event this year is Folklore & Storytelling. This online conference will have 6 conference days over the month of November: Latin America – 11 & 12 November, Africa & Middle East – 18 & 19 November, South Asia, South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and pacific islands – 25 & 26 November. 09:58:1605/12/2022 07:33:19
12 – 13 NovPocket Gamer Connects Jordan 2022 logoPG Connects Jordan11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BAsiaJordanAmmanPocket Gamer Connects is more than your average games industry conference. We focus on connecting you with the right people so you can have productive conversations that push your business forward; high-value networking is a key part of any Connects experience.£29 – £829£300 (showcase table)Meet 2 MatchNone26/07/2022 09:53:2417/11/2022 10:13:33
14 – 15 NovHyper Games Summit 2022 LogoHyper Games Summit11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeTurkeyIstanbulHyper Games SUMMIT is a new, “invite-only” format of the event targeted in the hyper casual niche and mobile, web3 gaming sector. The Summit will be held in a 2-days format on 2 Stages. – 149€NoneN/ANone03/10/2022 17:02:4516/11/2022 08:14:54
15 NovEsports Revolution 2022 LogoEsports Revolution11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeBelgiumBrusselsThe Esports Revolution conference – in close cooperation with Esports Insider. Meet industry leaders, brands and technology partners and help carve out the future of esports together, at Esports Revolution. – 200€NoneN/ANone17/10/2022 10:42:4216/11/2022 08:14:55
15 – 16 NovNordic Game Helsinki 2022 LogoNordic Game Helsinki11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeFinlandHelsinkiOver two days this November, Nordic Game Helsinki will host an Executive Summit, Publisher Market and a full day of networking and meetings with partners MeetToMatch, as well as several private industry gatherings at Hotel Kämp and nearby venues in Helsinki. – 299€NoneMeet 2 MatchNone24/09/2022 12:05:1417/11/2022 07:58:18
17 NovPC Gaming Show 2023 Preview LogoPC Gaming Show: 2023 Preview11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualTune in on November 17th at 10 AM Pacific (1 PM Eastern, 6 PM GMT) for an overview of next year’s most interesting games, featuring a few unveilings of never-before-seen games, along with new footage and commentary on what could be big in ’23.Watch the RecordingN/AGMT-7FreeNoneNoneNone08/11/2022 10:37:4305/12/2022 07:33:24
17 – 20 NovG-Star Busan South Korea 2022 LogoG-Star11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2B2CAsiaSouth KoreaBusanG-Star is an annual trade show for the video game industry presented by Korea Association of Game Industry and Busan IT Promotion Agency in November at $1.500Meet 2 MatchNone18/05/2022 14:37:5821/11/2022 08:19:42
17 – 20 NovLisboa Games Week Portugal 2022 LogoLisboa Games Week 202211 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CEuropePortugalLisabonLisboa Games Week or simply LGW, is a trade fair for video games held annually at the FIL Exhibition Centre in Lisbon, Portugal. 11:49:4421/11/2022 08:19:50
18 – 19 NovBilbao International Games Conference 2022 LogoBilbao International Games Conference11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeSpainBilbaoThe BIG Conference continues the path opened by the Fun&Serious Game Festival, held in Bilbao for the first time in 2011. The BIG Conf rebrands to become an exclusive event aimed at industry professionals. 18:44:5720/11/2022 07:59:00
18 – 19 NovLatinX Games Festival 2022 LogoLatinX Games Festival11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualJoin us online and in-person at The Museum of Latin American Art from September 23rd – September 25th, 2022. Connect with other Latinx game developers and gamers for 3 Days of Panels, Games, Roundtable Discussions, Career Fair, and the Latinx Game Awards at The 4th annual Latinx Games Festival!$19.99 – $129.99Via submissionN/ANone02/05/2022 18:36:3505/12/2022 07:33:32
19 NovTechnically Games 2022 LogoTechnically Games11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2CAustraliaAustraliaVirtualWe aim to provide a platform for all things technical in games: programming, art, security, and more. Our focus is in the craft of making games, from engines that make things run, the animation that breathes life into characters, and everything in between. AUDNoneNoneNone01/10/2022 09:36:5220/11/2022 07:58:54
19 – 20 NovHyper Games Conference Turkey and Africa EditionHyper Games Conference Global Edition11 – NOV2022CANCELLEDCANCELEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BCISUkraineVirtualHyper Games Conference (HGC) is the major international online conference in its niche devoted to the development, promotion, and growth of the Hyper/Hybrid Casual Games industry.,500GMT+2TBATBAN/ANone14/04/2022 20:23:5603/10/2022 17:05:43
21 – 23 NovHero Games Brasil 2022 LogoHero Games Brasil11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BSouth AmericaBrasilFortalezaIn its seventh edition, HERO GAMES BRASIL brings developers even closer to their customers, creating an unprecedented business environment in the Brazilian Northeast. Your company and game studio will have contact with publishers, buyers and investors. 16:17:1825/11/2022 08:49:48
21 – 23 NovKonsol 2022 logoKonsoll Connect + Konsoll11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeNorwayBergenWe look forward to bringing you a fantastic #gamedev event with world-class speakers and workshops again this year! Norway’s biggest game developers conference. 350 – NOK 850TBAMeet 2 MatchNone01/04/2022 19:44:2724/11/2022 07:42:10
22 – 27 NovGames Gathering 2022 LogoGames Gathering 2022 Kyiv11 – NOV2022CANCELLEDCANCELEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BCISUkraineKyivGames Gathering 2022 Kyiv is the international gamedev conference in Kyiv. This is an opportunity to raise your professional level and meet new business partners — publishers, investors and service providers. First 2 days are virtual, last two are live on-site.,500GMT+2$9 – $159Per requestN/ANone20/01/2022 13:24:4421/10/2022 08:43:42
23 – 24 NovWN Conference Tel Aviv 2022 logoWN Conference – Tel Aviv11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BAsiaIsraelTel AvivThe WN Conference is a developer-focused deal making event for the video game industry. The core topics that will be covered this November in Tel Aviv include investments, game publishing, talent management, game analytics, and web3 gaming.,000+GMT+3180 – 700€Per requestWN HubNone25/07/2022 17:34:0325/11/2022 08:51:28
23 – 25 NovDevGAMM Game Fest 2022 LogoDevGAMM Game Fest11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalEuropeVirtualVirtualThree-day online event, featuring DevGAMM Awards competition, live streams from game bloggers, and interviews with devs. 200+ GAMES, 90+ EXPERTS, 100K+ VIEWERS submissionN/ANone01/06/2022 16:01:3029/11/2022 07:49:03
25 – 27 NovFROG Vienna LogoFROG – Future and Reality of Gaming11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALAcademiaEuropeAustriaViennaThe annual international conference brings together scholars, players, students, game designers, game developers, educators and experts from various disciplines to discuss the Future and Reality of Gaming. 10:35:2428/11/2022 07:34:14
25 – 27 NovMilan Games Week 2022 logoMilan Games Week11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CEuropeItalyMilanMilan Games Week is the most important gaming and esports festival in Italy. Since 2011 it hosts every year over thousands of visitors ready to discover the latest news of gaming industry, the biggest esports tournaments and amazing entertainment moments. – 99€NoneN/ANone25/10/2022 10:37:1628/11/2022 07:34:17
25 – 27 NovNext Level Festival for Games11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalEuropeGermanyEssenOn more than 3,500 square meters in several halls and outdoors, the event with its unique program of games and performances, discussions and lectures, workshops and workshops makes the fascination and connecting power of computer games a live experience. – 30€N/ANoneNone17/10/2022 10:42:0228/11/2022 07:34:20
25 – 28 NovGamelab Tenerife 2022 LogoGamelab11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeSpainTenerifeGamelab is back! On this occasion, it will take place in a heavenly setting: Tenerife! Follow the website for more details. 10:07:1901/12/2022 07:49:38
28 Nov – 2 DecVRDays Rotterdam 2022 LogoVRDays Europe11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeNetherlandsRotterdamVRDays 2022 will mark our return to a more classic exhibiting format but also be the conclusion of the 2021 journey with the physical restitution of the four Virtual Breakout Floors, which will become dedicated exhibition spaces. – 600€Per RequestN/ANone05/01/2022 09:07:1006/12/2022 08:26:22
29 NovTech and Tools Summit 2022 Logo DevcomTech & Tools Summit11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeGermanyVirtualDive deep with us into the technical side of game development and studio management. 2 MatchNone25/01/2022 15:36:3901/12/2022 07:49:56
29 Nov – 4 DecAfrica Games Week 2022 LogoAfrica Games Week12 – DEC2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2B2CAfricaSouth AfricaCape TownAFRICA GAMES WEEK, now in its 5th edition, has turned a corner to established itself as the premium business event in Africa for the video game industry. Developers, Content Creators and Industry leaders came from across Africa and the Globe to connect, engage and grow the African Game Industry. 12:40:4106/12/2022 08:26:31
30 NovArt and Animation Summit 2022 devcom LogoArt and Animation Summit11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeGermanyVirtualRenowned artists from all around the globe will present their works to the devcom audience, share insights into their artistic work processes, and dissect the individual steps from first concepts to final products. 2 MatchNone25/01/2022 15:37:4206/12/2022 08:26:27
30 Nov – 1 DecPGC Leaders Summit RiyadhPGC Leaders Summit Riyadh11 – NOV2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BAsiaSaudi ArabiaRiyadhThe PGC Leaders Summit is a brand new event designed exclusively for senior executives with the remit of allowing deeper conversation of the big challenges, opportunities and issues that will shape our businesses and the games industry and helping forge more meaningful connections.$1.500 – $2.000NoneN/ANone22/09/2022 13:16:0102/12/2022 09:07:57
1 – 2 DecGuerrilla Games Festival 2022 LogoGuerrilla Games Festival12 – DEC2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalEuropeSpainMadridWe celebrate the Guerrilla Game Festival in person again! Meet professionals and companies in the sector, enjoy and share your passion for video games. via submissionMeet 2 MatchNone25/10/2022 09:46:5503/12/2022 08:07:34
2 DecGames Industry Gathering 2022 logo Holiday PartyGames Industry Gathering (GIG) – Holiday Party12 – DEC2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALNetworkingNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualThe Games Industry Gathering is the largest and most exclusive gaming industry networking event in the world. Join us on Friday, 2nd December anytime between 11am PT to 11pm PT for a laid back way to mingle and meet up with your global gaming industry friends and colleagues. 11:23:5305/12/2022 07:32:43
2 – 4 DecPax Unplugged Philadelphia 2022 LogoPAX Unplugged12 – DEC2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesPhiladelphiaPAX Unplugged is a tabletop gaming-focused event specifically tailored to lovers of board games, RPGs, miniatures, cards, and more. Featuring thought-provoking panels, a massive expo hall filled with the best publishers and studios, new game demos, tournaments and more.$12 – $78TBAN/ANone12/07/2022 08:49:0905/12/2022 07:16:38
3 – 4 DecIndie Live Expo Winter 2022 LogoINDIE Live Expo Winter12 – DEC2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseAsiaJapanVirtualThe sixth entry in the biannual live digital showcase connecting indie game fans all over the world. Selected titles will be featured in the two-day event on Saturday, Dec. 3 and Sunday, Dec. 4, broadcast in English, Chinese, and Japanese.Watch the BroadcastN/AGMT+9FreeSubmissions closedNoneNone26/10/2022 09:50:4706/12/2022 14:30:39
6 DecWN Dev Day Canada 2022 LogoWN Dev Day Canada12 – DEC2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaCanadaVirtualThe event will gather video game developers from Canada and publishers, investors and distributors from around the world! It can be a starting point for those developers who are just discovering the video game industry and a great way to find new business opportunities for experienced companies. HubNone20/10/2022 15:50:1807/12/2022 07:54:18
6 – 7 DecIndie Game Business Sessions 2022 LogoIndieGameBusiness Sessions: December Edition12 – DEC2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualJoin us for our 10th event featuring a wide variety of business, marketing, and licensing sessions for the first time. Tickets to participate in all sessions are completely free. In addition to the lectures, meet with hundreds of industry leaders.Register nowN/AGMT-8$0 – $50NoneMeet 2 MatchNone09/04/2022 09:04:5008/12/2022 08:17:23
6 – 9 DecSiggraph Asia South Korea 2022 logoSIGGRAPH Asia12 – DEC2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BAsiaSouth KoreaDaeguSIGGRAPH Asia 2022 will take place this 6 – 9 December. With South Korea and everywhere around the globe opening up, we are gearing up for a larger scale in-person event. The event is expected to attract over 8,000 technical professionals in the Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques space.$25 – $900N/AN/ANone18/08/2022 10:11:3709/12/2022 17:12:39
8 DecThe Game Awards 2023 LogoThe Game Awards12 – DEC2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesLos AngelesThe Game Awards recognizes and upholds creative and technical excellence in the global video game industry. The Hype! Streaming live around the world from Microsoft Theater in LA, show starts at 4:30PM PT / 7:30PM ET / 9th of December at 0:30AM UK and will last 3 hours.Watch the BroadcastN/AGMT-7$76 – $181NoneNoneNone24/08/2022 00:59:2809/12/2022 17:12:30
12 – 14 DecReboot Develop Red 2022 Logo BanffReboot Develop Red12 – DEC2022CANCELLEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaCanadaBanffBoutique games industry conference set in the heart of national park Banff is back.,200+GMT-7TBAPer requestNoneNone10/03/2022 14:28:3901/10/2022 07:52:48
15 – 16 DecAlberta Games Series 2022 LogoAlberta Games Series12 – DEC2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaCanadaCalgaryThe Alberta Games Series is a cross-province event from regional ecosystem. This unified, in-person event is designed to bring together all levels of our industry for two days of programming and networking. Featuring international and Canadian speakers, breakout sessions, and of course, a party.$11.62 – CA$75.28TBAN/ANone11/11/2022 12:02:0424/12/2022 08:09:25
15 – 16 DecHyper Games Conference 2022 logoHGC Online12 – DEC2022FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeEuropeVirtualHyper Games Conference is the main international online conference devoted to the development, marketing, and growth of the hyper/hybrid-casual, all mobile & Web3 games industries – 49€N/AN/ANone25/11/2022 11:01:1217/12/2022 08:24:53
16 – 18 DecGamergy 2022 Madrid LogoGamergy12 – DEC2022FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CEuropeSpainMadridGAMERGY is one of the largest video game and esports festivals in the country, it is held every year in Madrid and has a significant projection and impact on the gamer community. From 2021 it expands its space to the online, virtual and face-to-face part to grow the experience offered to users. – 180€N/AN/ANone25/10/2022 10:37:5519/12/2022 08:52:41
24 – 25 DecIndieway December Turkey 2022 LogoIndieway (December)12 – DEC2022FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeTurkeyIstanbulIndieway is an online business ecosystem for game developers. Digital Expo accept up to 30 indie games per event to showcase for free. – 250€Via submissionMeet 2 MatchNone02/11/2022 12:00:5830/12/2022 14:01:53