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17 – 18 JanPocket Gamer Connects London 2022 LogoPocket Gamer Connects London 2022 Partner of the Month01 – JAN2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeUnited KingdomLondonPG Connects return to London as in-person event. More details soon.https://www.pgconnects.com/london/N/AGMT+1£70 – £1,249£365 (Showcase table)TBANone11/10/2021 10:34:0701/12/2021 07:55:34
29 Nov – 3 DecGame Connection Online 2021 Winter Edition LogoGame Connection 2021 Online Winter Edition11 – NOV2021TODAYTODAYVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeFranceVirtual800 professionals from over 60 countries are already registered, looking to do business and expand their network. Thanks to our amazing early bird, all tickets are free until September 17th.https://www.game-connection.com/registration-game-connection-online/1000+GMT+239€ – 99€NoneLet’s MeetNone02/09/2021 15:19:1201/12/2021 07:53:57
30 Nov – 5 DecGames Gathering12 – DEC2021TODAYTODAYHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BCISUkraineKievGames Gathering is the biggest B2B conference in Eastern Europe dedicated to game development and the creation of high-quality gaming content. By visiting Games Gathering 2021, you will receive information on the latest trends in the gaming industry.https://ggconference.com/en/conference/games-gathering-2021/3500+GMT+2$9 – $159Per RequestPineN/A22/03/2021 17:48:4401/12/2021 07:53:46
1 – 2 DecESI Digital WinterESI Digital Winter12 – DEC2021TODAYTODAYVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualB2B eSports conference. Networking, education and debate.https://esportsinsider.com/esi-digital-winter-2021/400GMT+1£60N/ABrellaN/A05/02/2021 23:31:0101/12/2021 07:55:45
1 – 3 DecIndieGameBusiness Sessions: Air Edition LogoIndieGameBusiness Sessions: Air Edition12 – DEC2021TODAYTODAYVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualLearn more about video game business, marketing, and licensing from industry leaders.https://www.powellgroupconsulting.com/indiegamebusiness/N/AGMT-8$0 – $50NoneMeet 2 MatchNone19/10/2021 12:54:2501/12/2021 07:55:45
3 DecGame UX Summit Virtual 2021 LogoGame UX Summit 2021 NEW12 – DEC2021SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualLight version of the Game UX Summit: half day of relaxed panels, talks, mentorship, and sharing within the game UX community. Online (Zoom). Event starts, on Friday December 3rd at 7AM PST (GMT-8).http://gameuxsummit.com/N/AGMT-8$3NoneZoomNone29/11/2021 16:29:3101/12/2021 08:52:18
3 DecGames Industry Gathering Zoom Final Party 2021 LogoGames Industry Gathering (GIG) – Holiday Party NEW12 – DEC2021SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualWe have hopes and dreams next year of hosting big GIG parties around some of the physical gaming events as they come back, and we will continue to host the ZOOM calls on the first Friday of every month. Looking forward to seeing you this Friday for our FINAL GIG OF THE YEAR!https://games.industrygathering.com/N/AN/AFreeNoneZoomNone01/12/2021 08:51:4201/12/2021 08:52:19
3 DecGuilford Games Festival And Awards 2021 LogoGuildford Games Festival12 – DEC2021SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualFully charged with interviews and panels with some of Guildford’s world renowned local studios and developers, the festival will bring you behind-the-scenes insight from some of your favourite game makers, sprinkled with valuable ‘cheat codes’ for anyone looking to get into the industry!https://guildford.games/GGF2021N/AGMT+1FreeNoneDiscordNone05/10/2021 19:31:5318/10/2021 11:30:27
6 – 8 DecWhite Nights Conference China Online LogoWN Conference – China12 – DEC2021SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BAsiaChinaVirtualThe conference will bring together over 2,000+ attendees online. All online networking features and recorded lectures will be available on the WN Hub until December 30.https://wnconf.com/china-212000+N/A0€ – 199€Per requestWN HubNone27/09/2021 11:29:0826/10/2021 09:11:28
9 DecThe Game Awards LogoThe Game Awards12 – DEC2021SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesLos AngelesThe global celebration of video game culture hosted by Geoff Keighley.https://thegameawards.com/N/AGMT-7FreeNoneNoneNone30/09/2021 20:41:1226/10/2021 09:11:29
9 – 10 DecWinter Gathering at Twitch.tv LogoThe Winter Gathering NEW12 – DEC2021SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualThis two-day extravaganza is dedicated to everything new, now, and next in gaming — from The Game Awards to live publisher showcases. There will be reveals. There will be awards. There will be PogChamps. There will be co-streaming.https://blog.twitch.tv/en/2021/11/30/the-winter-gathering-celebrate-a-year-of-gaming-with-twitch/N/AGMT-8FreeNoneTwitchNone01/12/2021 08:52:4001/12/2021 08:53:18
10 DecCiGA Developers ConferenceCiGA Developers Conference DELAYED12 – DEC2021SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BAsiaChinaShanghaiCiGADC is a conference for game developers and game industry practitioners that covers design, vision, programming, narrative, platform, marketing and more. A number of industry leaders from China and abroad will participate.https://www.cigadc.com/N/AGMT+8N/AN/AN/ANone09/08/2021 13:12:1321/10/2021 09:51:44
10 – 12 DecCiGA ConnectsCiGA Connects DELAYED12 – DEC2021SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BAsiaChinaShanghaiCiGA Connects is a new event launched by China Indie Game Alliance(CiGA) in 2021, focusing on B2B exhibitions, international business connections, and industry conferences. Combine numerous resources from and outside China open to all developers.https://www.ciga.me/connectsN/AGMT+8N/APer requestMeet 2 MatchNone06/08/2021 11:26:0526/10/2021 09:11:29
10 – 12 DecPAX Unplugged PhiladelphiaPAX Unplugged12 – DEC2021SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesPhiladelphiaPAX (originally known as Penny Arcade Expo) is a series of gaming culture festivals involving tabletop, arcade, and video gaming. PAX is held annually in Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, and San Antonio in the United States; and Melbourne in Australia.https://unplugged.paxsite.com/N/AGMT-5$35 – $75Per RequestNoneN/A05/12/2020 10:50:3112/10/2021 11:37:25
11 – 12 DecWePlay Expo ShanghaiWePlay Expo DELAYED12 – DEC2021SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2B2CAsiaChinaShanghaiOne of the few gaming culture festival in 2021 scheduled to physically take place in China! This will be one of the largest game expo this year, involving video gaming, arcade, and tabletop .https://www.weplaymore.com/15.000+GMT+8N/AN/AN/AN/A01/04/2021 10:11:3326/10/2021 09:11:30
13 – 14 DecTalent in Games 2021 LogoTalent in Games NEW12 – DEC2021SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BCISRussiaMoscowTalents in Games Conference will gather game industry professionals for the fifth time to share their experience. The program features tracks dedicated to game design, art, Unreal Engine and Unity development, and UI/UX design.https://tigconf.wnhub.io/enN/AGMT+360 – 200€Per requestWN HubNone01/12/2021 12:41:5301/12/2021 12:42:17
14 – 15 DecArts and Animations Summit by Devcom LogoArts and Animations Summit NEW DATE12 – DEC2021SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeGermanyVirtualThe Arts and Animation Summit will offer 2 days of keynotes, presentations, panels and workshops for art directors, 2D & 3D artists, animators etc.https://www.devcom.global/art-animation-summit-2021/N/AGMT+20 – 299€N/APineNone11/01/2021 15:46:2326/10/2021 08:56:18
14 – 17 DecSIGGRAPH AsiaSIGGRAPH Asia12 – DEC2021SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDAcademiaAsiaJapanTokyoThe annual event attracts the most respected technical and creative people from all over the world who are excited by research, science, art, animation, gaming, interactivity, education and emerging technologies.https://sa2021.siggraph.org/en/N/AGMT+9$40 – $1.200TBAN/AN/A18/01/2021 21:00:1829/11/2021 10:38:43
17 – 19 DecGamergy Spain Logo 2022Gamergy12 – DEC2021SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2CEuropeSpainVirtualGamergy is one of the most important and spectacular gamer events in Spain.https://www.ifema.es/gamergyN/AGMT+1TBATBANoneNone03/11/2021 11:26:1516/11/2021 08:37:56
17 – 18 DecIndieWay Business Platform December LogoIndieway (December)12 – DEC2021SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeTurkeyVirtualFree webinars for community members Business opportunities and meetings with matchmaking platform.https://www.indieway.biz/events/indieway-decemberN/AGMT+30 – 242€242€Meet 2 MatchNone27/08/2021 16:05:0024/11/2021 11:21:40
18 – 19 DecMomoCon WinterFest 2021MomoCon WinterFest 202112 – DEC2021SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualCelebrate the Holidays with MomoCon! Join us for this new event: MomoCon Winterfest 2021. Winterfest will bring some of your favorite aspects of MomoCon: Exhibitors, Artists, Games, Guests, Panels, Cosplay and more over this special 2-day event.https://www.momocon.com/N/AGMT-5$25 – $40N/ANoneN/A05/03/2021 10:38:0026/10/2021 09:11:34
2021 BELOW29/11/2021 07:31:1129/11/2021 07:31:11
16 JanGameOn LogoGame On01 – JAN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualDelve into Vancouver’s ultimate gamer experience for aspiring developers, students, and gaming enthusiasts. Brought to you by UBC Game Development, a local community where all things gaming and game development thrive.https://ubcgameon.com/N/AGMT-8FREEN/ANoneN/A12/01/2021 15:24:4526/10/2021 09:10:17
16 JanBoston FIG LogoBostonFIG01 – JAN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualVirtual indie games fest. BostonFIG celebrates independent game developers in New England and beyond!https://www.bostonfig.com/N/AGMT-5Pay what you likePer RequestGather TownN/A17/01/2021 15:01:5426/10/2021 09:10:17
16 – 17 JanGTR Conference LogoGTR Conference01 – JAN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeMaltaVirtualAn annual gathering that serves as a networking event for the GTR community and as a celebration of GTR Accelerator studios.http://2020.globaltopround.com/N/AGMT+1Invite OnlyN/ANoneN/A23/09/2020 10:52:4126/10/2021 09:10:18
26 – 28 JanGamesBeat Into the Metaverse Summit LogoGamesBeat: Driving Game Growth & Into the Metaverse01 – JAN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualJoin today’s leaders in games for two days of content and networking surrounding the hottest topics, from how IDFA will affect the industry to the imminent arrival of the metaverse.https://events.venturebeat.com/gamesbeatandfacebooksummit/N/AN/AFREEN/ANoneN/A26/10/2020 09:36:3226/10/2021 09:10:19
27 – 31 JanGlobal Game Jam Online LogoGlobal Game Jam Online01 – JAN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALGame JamNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualGet together and create games in one weekend in hundreds of locations worldwide.https://globalgamejam.org/N/AN/AFREENONENoneN/A05/12/2020 09:29:0826/10/2021 08:57:40
28 – 31 JanTaipei Game Show LogoTaipei Game Show 202101 – JAN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2B2CAsiaTaiwanTaipeiTaipei Game Show 2021, held by Taipei Computer Association, will be taking place at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1. (TaiNEX 1). This time, we are bringing a hybrid show, a physical event with reinforced digital elements, to the game industry.https://tgs.tca.org.tw/N/AGMT+8N/APer requestProprietaryN/A29/09/2020 16:23:3026/10/2021 09:10:19
3 – 7 FebYorkshire Games Festival LogoYorkshire Games Festival02 – FEB2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualA five-day extravaganza celebrating games culture, design and production, with special guests, workshops, master classes, and a fun-packed weekend for gamers of all ages.https://www.scienceandmediamuseum.org.uk/whats-on/yorkshire-games-festivalN/AGMT+1£5 – £10N/AN/AN/A12/10/2020 11:29:4326/10/2021 09:10:24
3 – 9 FebSteam Game Festival February 2021 LogoSteam Game Festival: February 202102 – FEB2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualDeadline for subs: December 2, 2020 @ 11:59pm PST. A multi-day celebration where fans can try out demos, chat with developers, watch live streams, and learn about upcoming games on Steam.https://store.steampowered.com/N/AGMT-8FREENoneNoneN/A23/11/2020 11:38:3026/10/2021 09:10:27
4 – 5 FebHyper Games Conference (HGC) LogoHGC – Hyper Games Conference02 – FEB2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BCISUkraineVirtualHyper Games Conference (HGC) is the major online conference in its niche devoted to the development, promotion, and growth of the Hyper Casual Games industry.https://hgconf.com/1000+GMT+20 – 49€N/APineN/A17/12/2020 16:42:1126/10/2021 09:10:27
8 – 12 FebPocket Gamer Connects Digital 5 LogoPocket Gamer Connects Digital #502 – FEB2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualA Pocket Gamer Connects online conference is the perfect way to meet, learn from, and do business with over 1,300 games industry professionals, and over 200 speakers.https://www.pgconnects.com/digital/1500+GMT+1£60 – £360N/AProprietaryN/A17/11/2020 15:50:2126/10/2021 09:10:28
8 – 12 FebWhite Nights Winter Online LogoWhite Nights Winter Online02 – FEB2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeGlobalVirtualThe WN Conference is a leading B2B event for the game industry in Europe. It gathers key companies from around the globe – over 4,500 attendees per year offline and over 20,000 participants online.https://wnconf.com/en/”20.000+N/A0 – 99€N/AProprietaryN/A23/09/2020 10:57:2926/10/2021 08:57:50
10 – 11 FebMGS Global Virtual Conference 3.0 Logo MGS Global Virtual Conference 3.002 – FEB2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualCome together with peers and experts from around the globe to learn, connect, and grow at MGS GVC—an event held entirely online that includes all the features you’ve come to expect from an MGS event.https://www.mobilegrowthassociation.com/events/virtual31000+GMT-7N/AN/AProprietaryN/A29/10/2020 10:18:1626/10/2021 09:10:29
16 – 20 FebInteractive Futures Festival LogoInteractive Futures02 – FEB2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2B2CEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualThe Leamington Spa games hub will open its virtual doors in February 2021 to once again showcase the talent and creativity of the video games studios within the region.https://interactive-futures.com/N/AGMT+0N/AN/AN/AN/A15/01/2021 21:53:3326/10/2021 08:57:51
19 – 20 FebBlizzCon LogoBlizzCon02 – FEB2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualBlizzCon is where geeks, players, and employees from all walks of life can group up and feel at home.https://blizzcon.com/N/AN/AFREEN/ANoneN/A23/09/2020 09:21:4026/10/2021 09:10:29
22 – 27 FebGameMax GameWeek LogoGameMax GameWeek02 – FEB2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2B2CEuropeBelgiumVirtualConferences, workshops, demos, trivia night… A whole week dedicated to gaming as a career opportunity, with some of the sector’s high profiles.https://gamemax.be/en/gameweek/N/AGMT+1FREEN/AN/AN/A30/01/2021 14:55:2826/10/2021 08:57:51
22 Feb – 5 MarPlayaway Games FestivalPlayaway Games Festival02 – FEB2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualGAMES – ARTS – CREATIVE TECHNOLOGY – EDUCATION – WELLBEING. Looking to the games sector for inspiration in an online worldhttps://tinderboxcollective.org/playaway/N/AGMT-0FREENONENoneN/A08/03/2021 09:45:3526/10/2021 09:10:30
23 FebGames Crossing Borders (Bavarian-Polish Exchange) LogoGames Crossing Borders (Bavarian-Polish Exchange)02 – FEB2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeGermanyVirtualGames Crossing Borders seeks to connect the Polish and the Bavarian gaming industries. With introductory keynotes, talks and interactive discussions, the event covers different aspects of developing games and the gaming scenes in both countries.https://eventory.cc/event/games-3/100GMT+1FREENONEEventoryN/A10/02/2021 20:05:5326/10/2021 08:57:53
23 – 24 FebAI and Gaming Research Summit LogoAI and Gaming Research Summit02 – FEB2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALAcademiaNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualThis event aims to facilitate open discussion and critical dialogue by bringing together academia and industry to better understand each other’s perspectives at the intersection of AI and gaming research. Registration open till 19th of February.https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/event/aiandgaming2021/N/AN/AFREENONENoneN/A12/02/2021 22:54:5226/10/2021 09:10:30
24 FebGames Capital Summit LogoGames Capital Summit02 – FEB2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeSwedenVirtualEntrepreneurs seeking funding for their company based on an opportunity in the game sector (i.e. game, tech, service, platform, etc.) are welcome to apply.https://forms.gle/vaxv5qMamqwfRdTw9N/AGMT+1Invitation OnlyNONEProprietaryN/A01/02/2021 17:08:4226/10/2021 09:10:31
24 FebGames Market Bootcamp Australia LogoGames Market Bootcamp: Australia02 – FEB2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BAsiaSingaporeVirtualDeep dive into the latest gaming trends, and explore initiatives by Austrade and the various state-based screen agencies to help you set up in Australia or invest in local studios.https://gamescom.asia/digital-miniseries/sessionsN/AGMT-8FREENONENoneN/A14/01/2021 13:27:3226/10/2021 09:10:32
24 – 25 FebBreakpoint LogoBreakpoint02 – FEB2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualThe event will feature talks from the thought leaders in the following tools segment areas: Debugging, Performance, Quality Assurance & Testing.https://www.accelevents.com/e/BreakpointbyBacktrace?aff=websiteN/AGMT-5FREENONEAcceleventsN/A18/02/2021 10:45:5512/08/2021 14:28:09
25 – 26 FebCall for Change Summit LogoCall for Change Summit02 – FEB2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeGermanyVirtual2 conference days with a strong focus on training, education and sharing with workshops, training program, panels and round-tables. Topics will also include Neurodivergence, Allyship, Racism, Queerness, Unconscious Biases, Inclusive Communication.https://www.devcom.global/N/AGMT+1FREEN/APineN/A03/12/2020 17:02:3426/10/2021 09:10:32
25 – 26 FebPocket Gamer Launchpad 3 LogoPocket Gamer Launchpad #302 – FEB2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualPocket Gamer LaunchPad is a series of digital events designed to celebrate new, upcoming or updated iOS and Android games. Each one takes place across multiple sites, streams, social media and other channels.https://www.pocketgamer.com/launchpad/N/AGMT-0FREENONENoneN/A21/01/2021 08:51:3626/10/2021 09:10:35
25 – 26 FebIndieway February LogoIndieway (February)02 – FEB2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeVirtualIstanbulIndies, professionals, investors, publishers. Free showcase area for selected 30 indies. Free webinars. B2B matchmaking.https://www.indieway.biz/N/AGMT+3FREENONEBizz youN/A12/02/2021 08:43:0226/10/2021 09:10:36
26 Feb – 1 MarGoing Hyper Winter 2021 Online Hyper Casual Game Jam LogoGoing Hyper Winter 2021: Online Hyper Casual Game Jam02 – FEB2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALCompetitionCISUkraineVirtualDay 1: educational day (talks from HC experts), Day 2 & 3: devs create a HC game prototype with the help and advice from mentors, Day 4: publishers / experts select the best prototypes in several nominations that will get prizes and publishing offers.https://center42.tech/hyper-casual-jam/2021250GMT+2Starting at $10NONEProprietaryN/A17/12/2020 19:26:5726/10/2021 08:58:00
27 FebMEET & BUILD: Belgian Edition LogoMEET & BUILD: Belgian Edition02 – FEB2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeBelgiumVirtualMore than 30 speakers from Belgium (and two guest from the world) to learn from and to exchange experiences. 13 talks in total on the video game industry in Belgium.http://www.meet-build.be/N/AGMT+1FREENONENoneN/A26/01/2021 20:50:5426/10/2021 09:10:37
2 – 3 MarGame Global Digital Summit LogoGame Global Digital Summit03 – MAR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualA full two-days online event dedicated to video game localization and QA.https://gameglobal.events/events/game-global-digital-summit-march-2021/N/AGMT+2Starting at $350N/ARemoN/A30/10/2020 12:52:2626/10/2021 09:26:10
2 – 4 MarIndie Game Business Sessions: Spring 2021 LogoIndie Game Business Sessions: Spring 202103 – MAR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualLearn more about video game business, marketing, and licensing from industry leaders. And. Meet global deal makers and decision makers from the comfort of your own home or office.https://www.powellgroupconsulting.com/indiegamebusiness/N/AGMT-8$0 – $50NoneMeet 2 MatchN/A12/01/2021 15:25:3126/10/2021 09:26:11
4 MarMGS Games LogoMGS Games03 – MAR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BVirtualVirtualVirtualMGS GAMES is an intimate one-day, developer, publisher, and marketer-focused conference where you can connect with and learn from mobile app and online marketing professionals.https://www.mobilegrowthassociation.com/events/games/200+GMT-6$10 – $300N/AN/AN/A14/10/2020 15:57:0526/10/2021 09:26:13
4 – 6 MarValencia Indie Summit LogoValencia Indie Summit03 – MAR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalEuropeSpainVirtualTwo days devoted to professionals in the videogame sector and a third one devoted to the general public. Both sections with talks, round tables, project exhibitions, networking area and a financing and investment table.http://valenciaindiesummit.com/400+GMT+1FREENONEN/AN/A03/02/2021 10:58:3012/08/2021 14:29:26
6 – 7 MarGenCon Spring Showcase LogoGenCon Spring Showcase03 – MAR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualJoin Gen Con and some of your favorite tabletop publishers this March 6-7 for previews of brand-new games on Twitch.https://www.genconspringshowcase.com/N/AN/AFREENONENoneN/A16/02/2021 10:35:3926/10/2021 09:26:14
10 MarCareers and Recruitment Expo LogoCareers and Recruitment Expo03 – MAR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALHiringEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualWomen in Games is proud to present our first Global Careers Expo and Networking Event. As with every Women in Games event, our ambition is to achieve an inclusive, welcoming, safe environment for all.https://hopin.com/events/careers-and-recruitment-expo-2021-the-next-world-of-work?fbclid=IwAR1FF3nbDIiJq35rnP6XPvmEQz5OLDDKX-XijqSzljMmAImBsLSaQ2DVJpgN/AGMT-0FREEPer RequestHopinN/A26/02/2021 18:00:1312/08/2021 14:29:37
10 MarThe Big Score Sessions - Gaming Session LogoThe Big Score Sessions – Gaming Session03 – MAR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDPitchingEuropeBelgiumKortrijkDuring the Gaming Session, 8 – literally – game-changing Belgian startups and game studios will pitch & receive feedback from an expert panel. The audience consists of 8 pitching & more attending game studios, investors, corporates & publishers.https://www.thebigscore.eu/upcoming-sessions/2-the-gaming-session75 – 100GMT+10 – 149€NONEConversation StarterN/A11/02/2021 15:06:2226/10/2021 09:26:14
13 – 14 MarGame Dev Direct LogoGame Dev Direct03 – MAR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualGame Dev Direct is a multi-day digital event by MIX (Media Indie Exchange). New announcements, game footage, special guests, and more! Deadline for submissions ends on February 5th. Submission fee: 30$.https://www.mediaindieexchange.com/event/game-dev-direct/N/AGMT-8Submission fee for indies: 30$NONENoneN/A17/01/2021 16:05:3412/08/2021 14:29:54
15 – 19 MarGDC Showcase LogoGDC Showcase03 – MAR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualGDC Showcase is a free-to-attend, all-digital event. This one-of-a-kind event will provide attendees the chance to catch some of the biggest talks from past GDC events, along with a taste of what to expect from more expansive GDC events to come.https://gdconf.com/showcaseN/AGMT-8FREENONEProprietaryN/A19/01/2021 19:46:4826/10/2021 09:26:15
16 – 17 MarHamburg Games Conference LogoHamburg Games Conference03 – MAR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeGermanyVirtualThe B2B event will take place as a virtual, multiplayer conference with expert streams under the motto of “Discoverability”. Bookings for digital booths and avatars in the convention area are now being accepted.https://www.gamesconference.com/400+GMT+1Starting at 20€Starting at 200€Meet 2 MatchN/A12/01/2021 15:25:1012/08/2021 14:30:06
19 – 28 MarLondon Games Festival LogoLondon Games Festival03 – MAR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualThe 2021 London Games Festival will showcase a range of unreleased titles from around the world, explore how games have aided players’ lives under COVID-19, and connect creators with global investors.https://games.london/N/AGMT-0£60NONEN/AN/A16/02/2021 21:09:4126/10/2021 09:26:16
20 – 21 MarWomen Got Game LogoWomen Got Game03 – MAR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALSummitNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualWGG is the first ever property of its kind, where successful corporate executive and entrepreneur women of color educate, mentor & pay it forward to women college students of color interested in the gaming & esports industry.https://bcgausa.org/women-got-game/N/AGMT-4FREENONEHopinN/A19/03/2021 09:26:4012/08/2021 14:30:19
24 MarIndustry Insights 3 LogoIndustry Insights 303 – MAR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeNetherlandsVirtualJoin the third Industry Insights event hosted by Gameye and Tencent Cloud. During the event we will discuss interesting topics like Game Development, Game Server Scaling, the Asian Games market and other industry insights in a total of 6 sessions. https://hopin.com/events/gameye-tencent-cloud-industry-insights-3400GMT+1FreeNONENoneN/A22/02/2021 11:32:4026/10/2021 09:26:18
24 – 26 MarAnimation Exchange LogoAnimation Exchange03 – MAR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesSan FranciscoAnimation talks from developers all over the industry covering everything from the most recent tech advancements to traditional animation techniques to career path and growth. Instead of one long 10 hour stream, we will be holding shorter 3-4 hour streams over multiple days.http://www.animstate.com/animationexchange/N/AGMT-8FREENONEN/AN/A05/10/2020 20:12:1312/08/2021 14:30:29
24 – 26 MarGamethon Expo LogoGamethon Expo03 – MAR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CAsiaIndiaNew DelhiShowcase games, pitch for awards in 10+ categories, connect with panel of experts in speed dating format. http://www.gamethonexpo.com/4.637GMT+5:30N/AN/AN/AN/A17/09/2020 16:39:1026/10/2021 09:26:19
25 MarFuture Games Show - Spring Showcase LogoFuture Games Show – Spring Showcase03 – MAR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualA special spring showcase, featuring 40 games from more than 30 different publishers and developers, including SEGA, Team 17, Warner Bros. and EA. This is just the first Future Games Show for 2021, with future shows scheduled for June and August.https://www.gamesradar.com/uk/future-games-show-spring-showcase-2021/N/AGMT-8FREENONENoneN/A08/03/2021 08:22:4512/08/2021 14:30:43
25 MarGames Market Bootcamp: India LogoGames Market Bootcamp: India03 – MAR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BAsiaSingaporeVirtualThe Indian online gaming industry is expected to exceed US$1.1b by 2021, according to Google-KMPG. Find out why India is a game changer and how you can tap into its growth which is likely to at least double in the next 1-2 years.https://gamescom.asia/digital-miniseries/sessionsN/AGMT+8FREENONENoneN/A14/01/2021 13:26:5726/10/2021 09:26:20
25 – 26 MarIndieway (March) LogoIndieway (March)03 – MAR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeVirtualIstanbulIndies, professionals, investors, publishers. Free showcase opportunity for selected indies. Free webinars. B2B Matchmaking.https://www.indieway.biz/N/AGMT+3FREENONEBizz youN/A12/02/2021 08:44:0112/08/2021 14:30:54
26 Mar/twitchgaming Showcase: ID@Xbox Logo/twitchgaming Showcase: ID@Xbox03 – MAR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualDuring the showcase, we’ll debut new trailers and gameplay for more than 25 games. We’ll also be making announcements about independent titles coming to Xbox and Xbox Game Pass. Set your reminders for Friday, March 26 at 9:00am PDT.https://www.twitch.tv/xboxN/AGMT-8FREENONENoneN/A24/03/2021 20:03:3926/10/2021 09:26:21
26 Mar – 2 AprGames Careers Week LogoGames Careers Week03 – MAR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualA free online festival to inspire people from every background to discover careers in one of the UK’s fastest growing creative sectors – video games.https://gamescareersweek.org/N/AGMT+0FREEN/AN/AN/A15/01/2021 15:14:3612/08/2021 14:31:07
26 Mar – 2 AprIWOCon 2021 Digital Indie Game Convention LogoIWOCon 2021 Digital Indie Game Convention03 – MAR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualIWOCon 2021 is a convention from Indie World Order showcasing upcoming & current indie games. Sail away with us into the heart of indies.https://www.indieworldorder.com/iwocon2000+GMT-4FREEFREEN/AN/A20/03/2021 08:26:3726/10/2021 09:26:21
28 MarDStars Connects LogoDStars Connects03 – MAR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeItalyPaduaBorn as a digital Award for Italian Developers, it is turning into a B2B Conf in 2021.http://www.dstars.it/300+GMT+2FREEPer requestWN HubN/A21/10/2020 15:24:2812/08/2021 14:31:18
29 MarVRGDC LogoVRGDC03 – MAR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALNetworkingNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualOur second Annual virtual networking party will take place inside of VR Chat. Come hang out, socialize, network and take private meetings all within this shared space.https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScxuZILn0rCJFavgI_ofUWap_v-wIyoQYSOJzv0Hq4Zmbi6nQ/viewformN/AGMT-8FREENoneVR ChatN/A20/03/2021 09:29:3226/10/2021 09:26:23
29 Mar – 2 AprUnreal Indies Week LogoUnreal Indies Week03 – MAR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualEach day, we will have a variety of content; from blog posts to video interviews, and livestreams, so make sure you visit our website throughout the week and follow Unreal Engine on social media for all the latest.https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog/join-us-for-unreal-indies-week-2021N/AN/AFREEN/ANoneN/A30/03/2021 11:11:0912/08/2021 14:31:33
30 – 31 MarESI Digital Spring LogoESI Digital Spring03 – MAR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualThere’ll be over 60 speakers across the two days, and the themes focused on will be brands and sponsorship, investment, tournament delivery, fan engagement and more.https://www.esportsinsider.com/esi-digital-spring/400+GMT-072€NoneBrellaN/A03/02/2021 10:20:0326/10/2021 09:26:24
31 Mar – 1 AprGames Education Virtual Summit (GamesED) LogoGames Education Virtual Summit (GamesED)03 – MAR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALAcademiaEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualThe Games Education Summit brings together influential studios, recruiters and educators to discuss how we nurture the UK’s future games talent.http://thebgi.uk/2021/01/27/ready-player-learn-the-games-education-summit-returns-for-2021/N/AGMT-0£14.99 – £191.02NoneN/AN/A28/01/2021 12:11:4212/08/2021 14:31:45
5 – 6 Apr#GAconf Europe Logo#GAconf Europe04 – APR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualA day of talks and networking exploring recent and future advancements in the field of game accessibility.https://www.gaconf.com/N/AGMT-0FREENoneDiscordN/A21/02/2021 22:33:3126/10/2021 09:26:27
6 – 7 AprGlobal Games Pitch - PC & Console Games LogoGlobal Games Pitch – PC & Console Games04 – APR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALPitchingEuropeUkraineVirtualPitch your PC / console game online to 50+ publishers and investors!https://gdbay.com/global-games-pitch/N/AGMT+2$9 – $79NoneProprietaryN/A01/02/2021 17:08:0026/10/2021 09:26:28
8 AprXP Game Developer Summit LogoXP Game Developer Summit04 – APR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaCanadaVirtualThe XP Game Developer Summit is a conference in Toronto, Canada about sharing knowledge and supporting growth in the video game industry. Series of talks viewable on Twitch as well as a free playable game showcase.https://xpsummit.ca/N/AGMT-5$0 – $60N/AMeet 2 MatchN/A10/03/2021 10:21:5926/10/2021 09:26:31
12 – 16 AprNVIDIA GTC LogoNVIDIA GTC04 – APR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALAcademiaNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualJoin us for breakthroughs in AI, data center, accelerated computing, healthcare, intelligent networking, game development, and more. Discover the advanced technologies that are transforming today’s industries.https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/gtc/N/AGMT-7FREENoneNoneN/A08/03/2021 12:29:4712/08/2021 14:32:11
14 – 16 AprGamesIndustry Live LogoGamesIndustry Live04 – APR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualDiscover new games, studios and partners at this brand new industry event from the teams behind GamesIndustry.biz and EGX Rezzed.https://live.gamesindustry.biz/N/AGMT-0$50 – $150$100 (Showcase)Meet 2 MatchN/A03/02/2021 15:49:2126/10/2021 09:26:31
19 – 23 AprPocket Gamer Connects Digital #6 LogoPocket Gamer Connects Digital #604 – APR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualA Pocket Gamer Connects online conference is the perfect way to meet, learn from, and do business with over 1,300 games industry professionals, and over 200 speakers.https://www.pgconnects.com/digital/1500GMT-0£79 – £479N/AMeet 2 MatchN/A03/12/2020 17:01:3912/08/2021 14:32:22
19 – 25 AprNZ Games Festival LogoNZ Games Festival04 – APR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CAustraliaNew ZealandWellingtonThe week-long festival is centred around all things games – whether digital, tabletop or otherwise! It’s our goal to ensure everybody has the opportunity to be included in the magic of games, so we aim to provide events for all demographics.https://nzgamesfest.com/N/AGMT+12FREEN/AN/AN/A12/10/2020 11:27:2726/10/2021 09:26:32
20 AprSteamworks Virtual Conference LogoSteamworks Virtual Conference04 – APR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualYou’ll hear from people with a variety of backgrounds behind games big and small, as well as from Valve’s own game teams, as they share their experiences and best practices for communicating with players.https://steamworksevents.com/N/AGMT-7FREENoneNoneN/A01/04/2021 22:05:1012/08/2021 14:32:34
20 – 21 AprGame Stack Live LogoGame Stack Live04 – APR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualBasically, everything you love about IRL events from the comfort of your battle station: talks, networking, and a splash of education on the Microsoft platforms, tools and services empowering game developershttps://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/games/events/game-stack-liveN/AGMT-8FREENoneNoneN/A23/02/2021 20:56:3026/10/2021 09:26:33
21 – 22 AprFinland Games Job Fair LogoFinland Games Job Fair04 – APR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeFinlandVirtualThe event where we bring together some of the leading gaming studios in Finland and some of the brightest talent in the gaming industry.https://gamesjobfair.com/N/AGMT+1FREENonePineN/A04/03/2021 18:34:3912/08/2021 14:32:45
21 – 22 AprThe Game Assembly - Meet and Greet LogoThe Game Assembly – Meet and Greet04 – APR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALAcademiaEuropeSwedenVirtualMeet and Greet is The Game Assembly’s annual event, where our students get a chance to show off their portfolios and to give companies an opportunity to find the best intern match for their game company.https://www.thegameassembly.com/meet-and-greet/N/AGMT+11500 SEKNoneMeet 2 MatchN/A01/02/2021 23:30:1326/10/2021 09:26:37
21 – 23 AprEast Coast Game Conference LogoEast Coast Game Conference04 – APR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualThe East Coast Game Conference (ECGC), the largest gathering of video game professionals on the East Coast, returns for its twelfth year. The focus of the conference is to provide video game developers an engaging program and opportunities for networking and collaboration.https://ecgconf.com/N/AGMT-5$25 – $50N/AMeet 2 MatchN/A12/10/2020 11:27:4912/08/2021 14:32:57
22 AprGames Market Bootcamp: Thailand LogoGames Market Bootcamp: Thailand04 – APR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BAsiaSingaporeVirtualAccording to Niko Partners, Thailand is predicted to be the first US$1b gaming market in SEA. The exponential growth makes Thailand an extremely important market for game developers and publishers looking to release games in the region.https://gamescom.asia/digital-miniseries/sessionsN/AGMT+8FREENoneNoneN/A14/01/2021 13:26:1426/10/2021 09:26:37
23 – 24 AprPlay by Play LogoPlay by Play04 – APR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BAustraliaNew ZealandWellingtonWellington’s favourite offbeat game development conference is back for our fifth year! Play by Play aims to provide attendees with a curated smorgasbord of eclectic content, bespoke knowledge and oft unexplored realms of our craft.https://playbyplay.co.nz/N/AGMT+13$70 – $130N/AN/AN/A03/11/2020 12:01:2512/08/2021 14:33:10
23 – 26 AprLudoNarraCon LogoLudoNarraCon04 – APR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2B2CAustraliaAustraliaVirtualLudoNarraCon is a digital convention celebrating narrative video games, hosted on Steam. An initiative of indie label Fellow Traveller.https://www.ludonarracon.com/N/AN/AFREEN/ANoneN/A23/11/2020 10:20:3126/10/2021 09:26:37
24 – 25 AprIndieway (April) LogoIndieway (April)04 – APR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeTurkeyVirtualIndies, professionals, investors, publishers. Free showcase opportunity for selected indies. Free webinars. B2B Matchmaking.https://www.indieway.biz/GMT+3GMT+30 – 22€430Bizz youN/A12/02/2021 08:44:5112/08/2021 14:33:23
26 Apr – 14 MayWN Conference China LogoWN Conference China04 – APR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BCISRussiaVirtualThe show will be focused on the Chinese market. The online part will be hosted on the new version of the WN Hub platform. For those who are ready to travel, as well as for the locals, we will host the two-days expo & networking in Shanghai.https://wnconf.com/wn-china-online-21/20.000+N/A0 – 199€N/AWN HubN/A15/02/2021 15:39:2326/10/2021 09:26:38
27 AprSweden Game Pitch LogoSweden Game Pitch04 – APR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALPitchingEuropeSwedenVirtualSweden Game Arena invites Swedish startups to this spring’s digital game pitch event, Sweden Game Pitch. Meet a huge amount of investors and publishers within the games industry on April 27 through MeetToMatch. Take this chance to pitch your game!https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/sweden-game-pitch-2021-tickets-14251831511790+GMT (+1)€149,95NoneMeet 2 MatchN/A12/03/2021 10:55:4212/08/2021 14:33:34
28 AprCopenhagen MatchUp LogoCopenhagen MatchUp04 – APR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeDenmarkVirtualThe event consists of one full day of online 1:1 meetings, where both investors/publishers and developers can book meetings with each other through the Meet2Match booking system.https://copenhagenmatchup.dk/N/AGMT+1N/AN/AMeet 2 MatchN/A23/09/2020 10:53:5326/10/2021 09:26:39
28 – 29 AprGamesBeat Summit LogoGamesBeat Summit04 – APR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualGamesBeat Summit is the most intimate gaming event in the industry. Senior-level attendees return again and again knowing they’ll engage in genuine conversations, networking, and deal-making that come out of the Summit every year.https://events.venturebeat.com/gamesbeat-summit-2021/N/AGMT-7$0 – $399N/AN/AN/A26/01/2021 18:21:2612/08/2021 14:33:44
29 AprDigital Developer Day: Indie Edition LogoDigital Developer Day: Indie Edition04 – APR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualGain key insights into the indie game publishing process and connect with industry professionals through a series of learning sessions, networking opportunities, roundtables and panels at Unity’s Digital Developer Day.https://dddindieed.splashthat.com/N/AGMT-7FREEN/AN/AN/A21/04/2021 14:26:5626/10/2021 09:26:40
30 AprEverything Procedural Conference (EPC2021) LogoEverything Procedural Conference (EPC2021)04 – APR2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALAcademiaEuropeNetherlandsVirtualA variety lectures, talks and demonstrations in the field of procedural content generation for games which offers many opportunities to meet and share knowledge with fellow developers.http://everythingprocedural.com/N/AGMT+18.50 – 27.50€NoneN/AN/A23/04/2021 14:28:3212/08/2021 14:33:56
3 – 9 MayBIG Festival LogoBIG Festival05 – MAY2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2B2CSouth AmericaBrazilVirtualThe largest festival and market for ​independent games in Latin Americahttps://www.bigfestival.com.br/N/AGMT-3$0 – $72N/AProprietaryN/A12/10/2020 11:28:0726/10/2021 09:26:44
8 – 9 MayMobidictum Business Network LogoMobidictum Business Network05 – MAY2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeEstoniaVirtualMobidictum Business Network brings global companies and Turkish studios together. The main goal of the event is finding out new products to boost your game and network to find good deals.https://events.mobidictum.biz/500+GMT +30 – 99€Per requestPineN/A21/04/2021 11:05:2226/10/2021 09:26:45
10 – 12 MayLA Games Conference LogoLA Games Conference05 – MAY2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualThis spring, join the most influential decision-makers in the digital media industry at Digital Media Wire’s Annual LA Games Conference to network, do deals, and share ideas about the future of games and connected entertainment! Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/la-games-conference-2021-tickets-94012980355https://lagamesconference.com/N/AGMT-8$199 – $299N/AN/AN/A12/10/2020 11:29:2926/10/2021 09:26:48
10 – 14 MayBossaNova:MTL LogoBossaNova:MTL05 – MAY2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaCanadaVirtualBossaNova:MTL is a new event dedicated to studio, project and team leaders, as well as game developers interested in leadership. BossaNova:MTL will provide a focused environment for knowledge sharing and connecting with your peers.https://www.bossanovamtl.com/N/AGMT-4$50NoneN/AN/A22/04/2021 09:48:3312/08/2021 14:34:50
10 – 14 MayBeyond Games LogoBeyond Games05 – MAY2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualA new two-day conference focused on the future of games, transmedia, digital entertainment and the creative industries. Exploring the frontiers where games meet music, film, sports, social media, culture, fashion, technology, lifestyle and more.https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/beyond-games-tickets-140693121915500GMT-0£60 – £180NONEN/AN/A06/03/2021 09:37:0426/10/2021 09:26:49
11 – 12 MayGame Carnival LogoGame Carnival05 – MAY2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualGame Carnival is back. The pioneering virtual event that hosted thousands of industry attendees, 220+ exhibitors, and 5000+ meetings in 2020 has been reimagined with new and improved networking features, 2 speaking stages, and 1-on-1 meeting spaces.https://gamecarnivalevent.com/N/AGMT-8FREEPer RequestMeet 2 MatchN/A16/03/2021 13:52:3912/08/2021 14:35:01
12 – 14 MayDevGAMM Spring LogoDevGAMM Spring05 – MAY2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BCISRussiaVirtualDevGAMM conference is aimed at developers, publishers, game designers, programmers, artists, business development managers, recruiters, journalists and everyone involved in the game industry in any way.https://devgamm.com/spring2021/2000+GMT+3$0 – $69$500PineN/A09/02/2021 21:44:1226/10/2021 09:26:53
13 – 14 MayBusiness Meet Up by Digital Dragons LogoBusiness Meet Up by Digital Dragons05 – MAY2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropePolandVirtualThe event is addressed to game developers, VC funds, and publishers. The aim of the Business Meet Up is to support developers and provide optimal business opportunities to present their productions to Polish and foreign investors.https://dd.demo.uico.pl/digital-dragons-business-meet-up/N/AGMT+1FreeNonePineN/A24/03/2021 14:08:0812/08/2021 14:35:12
13 – 14 MayWN Shanghai LogoWN Shanghai05 – MAY2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BAsiaChinaShanghaiWN Shanghai gathers 1,000+ industry professionals. All the lectures from the stage in Shanghai will be streamed to the WN Hub online platform. All the meeting tools will sync and work together for both offline expo in Shanghai and online audience.https://wnconf.com/wn-shanghai-211000+GMT+8199 – 299€N/AWN HubN/A22/03/2021 18:16:1126/10/2021 09:26:53
15 – 16 MayEdmonton Direct LogoEdmonton Direct05 – MAY2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2B2CNorth AmericaCanadaVirtualEdmonton Direct is a celebration of game development and games culture in Edmonton. YouTube Premiere is May 5 at 6 PM MDT showcasing developer work from students up to AAA studios. May 15/16 is over 20 esports tournaments and panels from developers.https://direct.edmontonscreen.com3.000GMT-6FREEN/ATwitchN/A20/04/2021 08:25:5312/08/2021 14:35:22
20 – 21 MayPocket Gamer Launchpad #4 LogoPocket Gamer Launchpad #405 – MAY2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualPocket Gamer LaunchPad is a series of digital events designed to celebrate new, upcoming or updated iOS and Android games. Each one takes place across multiple sites, streams, social media and other channels.https://www.pocketgamer.biz/events/1644/pocket-gamer-launchpad-4-online/50.000GMT-0FREENONENoneN/A08/03/2021 11:24:3526/10/2021 09:26:54
21 – 23 MayPDXCON Remixed LogoPDXCON Remixed05 – MAY2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalEuropeSwedenVirtualPDXCON Remixed is all about the amazing worlds in the Paradox universe, and the stories they can help you tell! Join us for an unforgettable weekend of games, people, and unique experiences driven by all things Paradox.https://pdxcon.paradoxplaza.com/N/AGMT+1FREENONEDiscordN/A14/03/2021 21:18:4912/08/2021 14:35:33
25 – 27 MayADDON LogoADDON05 – MAY2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeFranceVirtualIn 2021, we are developing a hybrid edition. A dual format with a limit of 100 participants on site in Rennes, but also the possibility of accessing an online conference stream via stream.https://addon.events/100+GMT+135€N/AN/AN/A16/01/2021 15:53:1626/10/2021 09:26:54
26 MayeSPORTconf Ukraine LogoeSPORTconf Ukraine05 – MAY2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BCISUkraineKyivESPORTconf Ukraine is an event about the opportunities and prospects of the eSports market, as well as effective ways to make money in this area. Regional focused.https://esportconf.com.ua/N/AGMT+31000 – 3000 UAHNoneN/AN/A15/01/2021 15:14:1006/10/2021 11:26:55
26 – 30 MayINDIE CRAFT LogoINDIE CRAFT05 – MAY2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalAsiaSouth KoreaVirtualThe online virtual game show, 2021 INDIE CRAFT will be held from May 26th (Wed) to May 30th (Sun) 2021. You can see about 100 indie games from all over the world in the metaverse space. You can communicate and participate as your own avatar.https://www.snip.or.kr/indiecraft_eng/main/index.doN/AGMT+9N/AN/AVoice chat and text chat on the online boothN/A14/05/2021 09:57:3026/10/2021 09:26:55
26 – 28 MayHyper Games Conference LogoHyper Games Conference05 – MAY2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BCISUkraineVirtualThe 2nd conference dedicated to hyper-casual games will be held in an online format! The purpose of the event is to unite game developers companies with publishers and advertising platforms.https://hgconf.com/2000+GMT+30 – 49€FREEN/AN/A19/04/2021 15:52:3712/08/2021 14:35:58
26 – 28 MayNordic Game Spring LogoNordic Game Spring05 – MAY2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeSwedenVirtualThe Nordic Game conference is held annually in Malmö, Sweden. https://conf.nordicgame.com/N/AGMT+199 – 249€N/AMeet 2 MatchN/A21/12/2020 15:25:4726/10/2021 09:26:56
27 MayGames Market Bootcamp: Malaysia LogoGames Market Bootcamp: Malaysia05 – MAY2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BAsiaSingaporeVirtualFind out about the consumer insights and burgeoning potential of the Malaysian gaming market and industry, fueled by local talents, the government’s continuous support, and market openness to investors.https://gamescom.asia/digital-miniseries/malaysia-bootcampN/AGMT+8NoneFreeNoneN/A17/05/2021 14:24:2112/08/2021 14:36:08
27 – 31 MaySave & Sound LogoSave & Sound05 – MAY2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalEuropeDenmarkVirtualSave & Sound is an online music festival with sales on Steam, taking place from May 27 – May 31 2021. Celebrate spine-tingling soundtracks as well as unique implementations of music and audio in games.https://www.saveandsound.io/N/AGMT+1NoneFreeNone27/05/2021 17:59:0126/10/2021 09:26:57
29 – 30 MayBostonFIG Talks/Learns LogoBostonFIG Talks/Learns05 – MAY2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualFirst day is suited for the independent professional or aspiring student/hobbyist, the second for students and professionals interested in the learning games space, academics, and teachers.https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bostonfig-talks-learns-virtual-tickets-149191131691N/AGMT-5FreeNoneGatherN/A07/04/2021 18:13:4412/08/2021 14:36:29
29 – 30 MayIndieway (May) LogoIndieway (May)05 – MAY2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeTurkeyVirtualIndies, professionals, investors, publishers. Free showcase area for selected 30 indies. Free webinars. B2B matchmaking. https://www.indieway.biz/N/AGMT+30 – 22€430Bizz youN/A01/03/2021 19:11:1926/10/2021 09:26:57
27 – 30 MayMomocon LogoMomocon05 – MAY2021CANCELEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesAtlantaMomoCon brings together fans of Japanese Anime, American Animation, Comics, Video Games, and Tabletop Games to celebrate their passion by costuming / cosplay, browsing the huge exhibitors hall, meeting celebrity voice talent, designers, and writers.https://www.momocon.com/N/AGMT-5$35 – $80N/AN/AN/A01/02/2021 17:09:0912/08/2021 14:36:47
3 JunASO Conference LogoASO Conference06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeGermanyVirtualInspired by the knowledge sharing of the 3.5K+ and growing ASO Stack Slack community, Advanced App Store Optimization Conference is an exclusive event focusing on expert-level ASO discussions.https://asoconference.com/2000+GMT+1FREENONEN/AN/A04/03/2021 18:34:1126/10/2021 09:27:01
12 JunDevolver Digital LogoDevolver Digital06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualThe future begins again on June 12 @ 1:30 PM PT / 8:30 PM GMT.https://www.twitch.tv/devolverdigitalN/AGMT-7NoneFreeNoneNone04/06/2021 20:50:5326/10/2021 09:27:04
12 JunWholesome Direct LogoWholesome Direct06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualExclusive footage, developer interviews, and announcements from 75+ indie games. Showcase starts 10AM PT / 5PM GMT. #E3summerhttps://www.wholesomegames.com/N/AGMT-7FreeNoneNoneN/A13/05/2021 14:37:5926/10/2021 09:27:15
12 – 13 JunHorizons (by IndieCade) LogoHorizons (by IndieCade)06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALAcademiaNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualHorizons is a new, online, international event to showcase game students and schools, and connect them with tool creators, recruiters, one another, and the broader public. Presented by IndieCade in collaboration with HEVGA.https://www.indiecade.com/horizons/N/AN/ANoneN/AN/AN/A17/05/2021 21:14:2812/08/2021 14:37:12
12 – 15 JunE3 LogoE306 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2B2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualBiggest games industry circus on planet. E3 2021 is embracing the future and showcasing the video game industry with an all-virtual event that will engage everyone, everywhere. #E3summerhttps://e3expo.com//65.000+GMT-7FREEPer RequestNoneN/A14/10/2020 15:56:4326/10/2021 09:27:15
12 JunUbisoft Forward LogoUbisoft Forward06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualGet ready for Ubisoft Forward! Our digital conference goes live on Saturday June 12 at 12PM PT / 7PM GMT as part of E3 2021. Stay tuned for all the latest information about the lineup and announcements from our teams around the world. #E3summerhttps://www.ubisoft.com/en-gb/forwardN/AGMT-7FreeNoneNoneNone27/05/2021 08:30:3012/08/2021 14:37:20
13 JunFuture Game Show LogoFuture Game Show06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualThe Future Games Show will feature over 40 multi-format games with a mix of developer interviews, fresh gameplay and world premieres; from partners including SEGA, Private Division, Team17, XSEED Games and more. Show starts at 4PM PT / 11PM GMT. #E3summerhttps://www.gamesradar.com/future-games-show/N/AGMT-7NoneFreeNoneNone08/06/2021 15:24:1426/10/2021 09:27:15
13 JunPC Gaming Show LogoPC Gaming Show06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualPC Gamer and GamesRadar join forces to deliver 150+ minutes of new announcements, trailers, and never-before-seen games this summer. Show starts at 2:30PM / 9:30PM GMT. #E3summerhttps://www.pcgamingshow.com/5.9M+GMT-8FREENoneNoneN/A08/04/2021 16:44:4312/08/2021 14:37:29
13 JunXbox & Bethesda Games Showcase LogoXbox & Bethesda Games Showcase06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualA 90-minute show packed with everything you want to know about the epic gaming lineup coming out of this partnership, the incredible games coming to Xbox this holiday, upcoming releases on Xbox Game Pass, and more. Show starts at 10AM PT / 5PM GMT. #E3summerhttps://www.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-bethesda-games-showcaseN/AGMT-7NoneFreeNoneNone27/05/2021 08:24:2026/10/2021 09:27:16
3 – 6 JunPAX East LogoPAX East06 – JUN2021CANCELEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesBostonThe Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) is an annual gamer festival held in Boston.https://east.paxsite.com/N/AGMT-5N/APer RequestNoneN/A05/12/2020 10:51:1212/08/2021 14:37:40
5 JunINDIE Live Expo 2021 LogoINDIE Live Expo 202106 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseAsiaJapanVirtualThis is an information filled program for the hottest indie game news. It is broadcasted in 3 languages Japanese/Chinese/English, and has been viewed by over 18 million people with more than 350 games introduced.https://indie.live-expo.games/en/N/AGMT+8FREESubmission for ShowcaseNoneN/A05/02/2021 13:55:5126/10/2021 09:27:18
5 & 12 JunGuerrilla Collective 2 LogoGuerrilla Collective 206 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualWe’ll present the second Guerrilla Collective the first two Saturdays in June, building from last year’s amazing digital event! Showcase starts at 8AM PT / 3PM GMT #E3summerhttps://www.guerrillacollective.com/N/AGMT-7NoneFreeNoneN/A13/05/2021 14:39:5712/08/2021 14:37:50
7 – 8 JunInvest in the Games & Esports Industry Summit LogoInvest in the Games & Esports Industry Summit06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BAsiaUnited Arab EmiratesDubaiAs part of Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Innovation month series of summits XTZ will host the CEL, Invest in the Games & Esports Industry Summit.https://cel.xtzesports.com/summitN/AGMT+4NoneFreeN/AN/A01/06/2021 10:21:0326/10/2021 09:27:19
8 JunGame Dev Day Canada LogoGame Dev Day Canada06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualThe event will gather developers from Canada who make their games for PC and console. Attendees will be able to showcase their projects and meet distributors, publishers, and investors.https://dev-day-canada.wnhub.io/N/AGMT-6NoneFreeWN HubN/A21/05/2021 10:44:3212/08/2021 14:37:59
8 – 13 JunFreeplay LogoFreeplay06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalAustraliaAustraliaVirtualFreeplay has been exploring the vital margins of independent, alternative, and experimental games culture. The festival continues to champion artistic exploration and experimentation in games and play, and positions game making as arts practice.https://www.freeplay.net.au/N/AN/AFREEN/AN/AN/A01/04/2021 10:32:0926/10/2021 09:27:20
9 – 10 JunThe Tech and Tools Summit LogoThe Tech and Tools Summit06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeGermanyVirtualMore than 25 global games industry experts will be sharing insights into their work and their approach to engines, ray tracing, production, management tools, and much more.https://www.devcom.global/tech-tools-summit/500+GMT+199 – 199€N/AN/AN/A11/01/2021 15:45:5512/08/2021 14:38:13
10 JunDay of the Devs LogoDay of the Devs06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualTune in for fantastic indie games that will melt your brain in the best possible way! Show starts at 10:30 AM PST / 5:30PM GMT. #E3summerhttps://www.summergamefest.com/N/AGMT-7NoneFreeNoneNone08/06/2021 19:45:0826/10/2021 09:27:20
10 JunKICKOFF LIVE! by Summer Game Fest LogoKICKOFF LIVE! by Summer Game Fest06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualThis june, the video game industry unites to preview what’s next, starting with a spectacular KICKOFF LIVE! show hosted by Geoff Keighley on Thursday, June 10 @ 11AM PT / 6PM GMT. #E3summerhttps://www.summergamefest.com/N/AGMT-7NoneFreeNoneN/A19/05/2021 21:42:4812/08/2021 14:38:24
11 JunKoch Primetime LogoKoch Primetime06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualKoch Primetime is scheduled for June 11 and will air at 12:00 PM PT / 7PM GMT, the day before E3 2021 begins. #E3summerhttps://weknowsomethingyoudontknow.com/N/AGMT-7NoneFreeNoneN/A31/05/2021 07:50:3126/10/2021 09:27:21
11 JunTribeca Games Spotlight LogoTribeca Games Spotlight06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualA digital showcase featuring exclusive gameplay and creator interviews from Tribeca’s official selections. Show starts at 2PM EST / 6PM GMT. #E3summerhttps://tribecafilm.com/games#eventsN/AGMT-4NoneFreeNoneNone08/06/2021 19:39:1812/08/2021 14:38:31
15 JunNintendo E3 Direct + Treehouse Live LogoNintendo E3 Direct + Treehouse Live06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaNorth AmericaVirtualTune in for a Nintendo Direct with roughly 40 minutes of info focused exclusively on Nintendo Switch software, mostly releasing in 2021, followed by around 3 hours of gameplay in Nintendo Treehouse Live. Show starts at 9AM PT / 4PM GMT. #E3summerhttps://www.nintendo.com/e3/N/AGMT-7NoneFreeNoneNone02/06/2021 18:02:4526/10/2021 09:27:23
15 JunJW Games Industry Gathering LogoJW Games Industry Gathering06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALNetworkingNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualThe all-digital E3 and Summer Games Fest fills the void of announcements and consumer hype, but what about the chance for the games industry to mingle with old friends and randomly meet new ones? Not to worry, we’re bringing the JW lobby to you… digitally speaking. The event starts at 11AM PT / 6PM GMT. #E3summerhttps://games.industrygathering.com/thejw/N/AGMT-7NoneFreeZoomNone09/06/2021 13:00:1612/08/2021 14:38:38
15 – 18 JunIndie Game Business Sessions: Air Edition LogoIndie Game Business Sessions: Air Edition06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualReady for 3 days of online meetings with game professionals from all over the world and free lectures as well?https://www.eventbrite.com/e/indie-game-business-sessions-air-edition-2021-tickets-152418390509?aff=ebdssbeac&keep_tld=1N/AGMT-7None$0 – $50Meet 2 MatchN/A31/05/2021 18:30:2926/10/2021 09:27:23
16 – 17 Jun​Hamburg Mobile Summit Logo​Hamburg Mobile Summit06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeGermanyVirtualThe Summit features quality content about the mobile/games/adtech space, and multiple networking opportunities including pre-scheduled 1×1 video meetings, instant chat, virtual booths and more!https://www.hmsummit.com/1.200+GMT+10 – 99€Per RequestN/AN/A27/05/2021 17:58:1412/08/2021 14:38:47
16 – 22 JunSteam Next Fest Showcase LogoSteam Next Fest06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualA multi-day celebration of upcoming games. Explore and play hundreds of game demos, watch developer livestreams, and chat with the teams about their games in progress. #E3summerhttps://store.steampowered.com/N/AGMT-7FreeNoneNoneN/A23/02/2021 15:54:3626/10/2021 09:27:24
17 – 20 JunGCX (Gaming Community Expo) LogoGCX (Gaming Community Expo)06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualFlorida’s Premier Community Gaming Event. We invite you to join us in Orlando for Florida’s Premier Gaming event! Meet developers, content creators, artists and so much more as the gaming community comes together to raise a ton of money for charity.https://www.gcxevent.com/N/AGMT-5$55 – $100N/ANoneN/A18/01/2021 21:00:5612/08/2021 14:39:03
18 JunGame Dev Days Graz LogoGame Dev Days Graz06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeAustriaVirtualUnique game developers conference in Graz, Austria. This year it will be 100% digital.https://gamedevdays.com/N/AGMT+1N/AN/ADiscordN/A07/04/2021 21:59:4026/10/2021 09:27:25
22 – 24 JunMEA Dubai Game Conference LogoDGC MEA06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BAsiaUnited Arab EmiratesVirtualOver the last five years, DGC MEA has been the leading games industry B2B conference. The event celebrates latest trends in gaming and esports not just regionally, but also globally.https://www.dgcmea.com/N/AGMT+4AED 0 – 375N/AN/AN/A01/06/2021 10:20:3912/08/2021 14:39:23
23 – 25 JunSerious Play Conference LogoSerious Play Conference06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALAcademiaNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualThe Serious Play Conference is a leadership conference for professionals who are exploring the use of game-based learning, sharing their experience and working together to shape the future of training and education.https://seriousplayconf.com/N/AN/A$80 – $400N/AN/AN/A18/11/2020 13:35:0226/10/2021 09:27:25
25 JunINDIGO 2021 LogoINDIGO 202106 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeNetherlandsUtrechtINDIGO is the largest game business and showcase event in the Netherlands. Organized annually by Dutch Game Garden, INDIGO brings together the game industry from the Netherlands and abroad. Next year, INDIGO celebrates its 12th edition.https://www.eventbrite.com/e/indigo-2021-tickets-102771171340N/AGMT+10 – 113€39€ (Showcase)Meet 2 MatchN/A11/01/2021 15:20:4012/08/2021 14:39:33
25 – 27 JunCONEXION - A Virtual Career Fair LogoCONEXION – A Virtual Career Fair06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualLatinx in Gaming presents CONEXION, a Virtual Career Fair connecting the Latinx community with professionals in gaming.https://www.conexion.latinxingaming.com/N/AGMT-8Sold outN/AN/AN/A24/06/2021 18:22:0026/10/2021 09:27:27
26 – 27 JunIndieway (June) LogoIndieway (June)06 – JUN2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeTurkeyVirtualIndies, professionals, investors, publishers. Free showcase area for selected 30 indies. Free webinars. B2B matchmaking.http://www.indieway.bizN/AGMT+30 – 22€430Bizz youN/A01/03/2021 19:13:0712/08/2021 14:39:42
28 – 30 JunGame Quality Forum Global LogoGame Quality Forum Global06 – JUN2021CANCELEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomLondonThe Game Quality Forum brings together industry leaders from around the world to discuss all aspects of the quality lifecycle, from development, to release, to live support.https://www.iqpc.com/events-gamequalityglobal/N/AGMT+11.099 – 3.299€N/AN/AN/A16/09/2020 14:15:5126/10/2021 09:27:29
30 Jun – 4 JulGames Gathering LogoGames Gathering07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BCISUkraineOdessaGames Gathering Odessa 2021 is an international gaming conference in Odessa. This is an opportunity to raise your professional level and meet new business partners — publishers, investors and service providers.https://ggconference.com/en/conference/games-gathering-2021-odessa/1200+GMT+2$0 – $119Per RequestPineN/A22/03/2021 17:48:0826/10/2021 09:27:32
1 – 31 JulWN Conference - Eastern Europe LogoWN Conference – Eastern Europe07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BCISRussiaVirtualWN Eastern Europe is a hybrid event that starts as the online show and ends with the offline expo in St. Petersburg that is virtually connected to the WN Hub. The online-only part of lectures will be held on July 1-3.https://wnconf.com/eastern-europe-213.500+GMT+3Per Request0 – 199€WN HubN/A27/05/2021 13:39:4426/10/2021 09:27:34
1 – 2 JulFirst Playable LogoFirst Playable07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeItalyPisaAre you an Italian games developer ready for two days of coaching, talking, and pitching? Or a publisher/investor wanting to get to know the Italian games industry? Then First Playable is the event for you. Get feedback, learn the business or pitch.http://firstplayable.it/N/AGMT+1N/AN/AMeet 2 MatchN/A23/02/2021 13:53:2026/10/2021 09:27:36
5 – 9 JulDisco:MTL - The Game Discoverability Summit LogoDisco:MTL – The Game Discoverability Summit07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaCanadaVirtual‍After two highly successful editions and one year in lockdown, Disco:MTL is back! GamePlay Space is proud to present you with this 3rd edition of the only summit dedicated exclusively to discoverability and marketing for video games!https://www.discomtl.com/N/AGMT-5CA$49.96 – CA$62.16NoneNoneN/A25/06/2021 10:18:1012/08/2021 14:40:19
7 – 9 JulClash of Realities Conference LogoClash of Realities07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeGermanyVirtualExperts from the academy, science and research, economics, politics, and the game industry will discuss pressing questions concerning the artistic design, technological development, and social perception of digital games, as well as the spreading of games literacy.https://clashofrealities.com/2021/N/AGMT+2FreeNoneN/ANone19/10/2021 14:57:3001/11/2021 08:55:11
9 – 10 JulWN Conference - St. Petersburg LogoWN Conference – St. Petersburg07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BCISRussiaSt. PetersburgThe conference will gather 1,500+ industry professionals from all over the world. This time the event will be focused on the Eastern Europe games market.https://wnconf.com/1.500+GMT+3Per Request150 – 600€WN HubN/A27/05/2021 13:28:0512/08/2021 14:40:23
12 – 13 JulGoogle for Games Developer Summit LogoGoogle for Games Developer Summit07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualJoin us for the online event and hear about new gaming tools and solutions to take your game to the next level. Registration is free and open to all developers.https://developersonair.withgoogle.com/events/game-dev-summit-2021N/AN/ANoneFreeN/AN/A25/05/2021 20:16:0926/10/2021 09:27:38
12 – 14 JulGames for Change Festival LogoGames for Change Festival07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesNew YorkJoin our global community of developers, educators, students, researchers, and others to explore the past year in social impact games and immersive media.https://festival.gamesforchange.org/7000+GMT-5FREEN/AN/AN/A16/01/2021 10:44:3412/08/2021 14:40:32
12 – 16 JulPocket Gamer Connects Digital #7 LogoPocket Gamer Connects Digital #7 UPDATE07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualYou can expect all of the elements you have come to know and love from our digital conferences, including 250+ expert speakers sharing their insight across 20 themed tracks, as well as a host of exciting fringe events with a few new and exciting additions too!https://www.pgconnects.com/digital/1500+GMT-0£50 – £399Per RequestMeet 2 MatchN/A03/12/2020 17:01:5826/10/2021 09:27:41
15 – 18 JulEGX Rezzed LogoEGX Rezzed UPDATE07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2B2CEuropeUnited KingdomLondonAlthough it’s a smaller event than its older sibling (EGX), it still features many of the attractions you love about our events; playable pre-release games on both PC and console (with a strong focus on indie titles), sessions and the networking.https://www.egx.net/rezzed/N/AGMT-0FreeN/AN/ANone19/02/2021 16:17:0212/08/2021 14:40:52
15 – 18 JulPAX Online LogoPAX Online07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualWe hope to build on the success of last year’s record-breaking event and also engage with our community in new ways, such as the Indie Showcase that will take place between now and PAX Online.https://online.paxsite.com/N/AN/A$0 – $15Per RequestDiscordNone29/03/2021 19:08:2726/10/2021 09:27:41
17 – 18 JulResonate LogoResonate07 – JUL2021CANCELEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CEuropeScotlandGlasgowScotland’s largest gaming festival!https://www.resonatetotalgaming.com/N/AGMT+1N/AN/AN/AN/A12/10/2020 11:28:3812/08/2021 14:41:11
17 JulTennoCon LogoTennoCon07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaCanadaVirtualUnite with fellow Tenno from across the Origin System for TennoCon 2021! Join the festivities from home during this fully-digital, all-day event as we look back on Warframe’s past — and take a sneak peek at spectacular things to come.https://www.warframe.com/tennoconN/AGMT-4None$0 – $64.99NoneN/A13/05/2021 14:40:3626/10/2021 09:27:42
19 – 23 JulGDC - Game Developers Conference LogoGDC07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesSan FranciscoIn response to the ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic, GDC 2021 will be held as a hybrid event on July 19-23, 2021, taking place physically in the Moscone Center in San Francisco along with a robust virtual offering online.https://www.gdconf.com/N/AGMT-8$249- $1.199N/AProprietaryN/A23/09/2020 10:55:4112/08/2021 14:41:30
19 – 23 JulMeetToMatch – The San Francisco Edition LogoMeetToMatch – The San Francisco Edition07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualAre you ready for 5 days of back-to-back meetings during the famous American dealmaking event in gaming? MeetToMatch is uniting all games industry professionals in San Francisco in an easy, relevant, and cost-effective way.https://www.meettomatch.com/event/meettomatch-the-san-francisco-edition-2021-2/N/AGMT-8Starting at 39,99€NONEMeet 2 MatchN/A23/02/2021 13:54:1626/10/2021 09:27:43
19 Jul – 1 AugGame Connection LogoGame Connection07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeFranceVirtualWe are more than happy to invite you to Game Connection Online 2021 that will last 2 weeks. It will give you plenty of time to connect and do business meetings with thousands of video game professionals accross the world.https://www.game-connection.com/1.800+GMT+249 – 199€NoneLet’s MeetN/A29/04/2021 12:01:4712/08/2021 14:41:44
21 – 24 JulA Maze Festival logoA Maze07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDFestivalEuropeGermanyBerlinA MAZE. / Berlin is an international festival focusing on the art and culture of games and playful media. 10th International Games and Playful Media Festival. The jubilee festival edition will take place – Online – Virtual – Digital – Human and Onsite.https://2021.amaze-berlin.de/N/AGMT+20 – €307.10N/ADiscordN/A12/10/2020 11:28:5526/10/2021 09:27:43
22 JulEA Play Live LogoEA Play Live07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualEA’s showcase and presentation of upcoming games, including next Battlefield. #E3summerhttps://www.ea.com/ea-play-liveN/AN/ANoneFreeNoneN/A14/05/2021 10:59:2312/08/2021 14:41:54
23 JulJust Another GDC Party LogoJust Another GDC Party07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALNetworkingNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualWith GDC being digital again this year, we again miss out on the chance to be social and network in those gloriously random ways. Not to worry though, we figured out how to do it digitally, and in a surprisingly fun way!https://games.industrygathering.com/gdseeyouattheparty/N/AGMT-7FreeNoneZoomNone20/07/2021 15:59:2726/10/2021 09:27:44
23 – 24 JulSGGA Industry Day LogoSGGA Industry Day07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BAsiaSingaporeVirtualIt’s that time of the year, Industry Day is here! We would like to invite you to join us – If you’re a student, a fresh graduate or simply someone who’d like to join the games industry, you’re strongly encouraged to attend!https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScnKUUUwYyztkoBhuwxaq3QSs1H14eHaP-EL-nDNX4734_8wA/viewform?fbclid=IwAR3abpHlQT0zrRwi2-OXSq67REjiMkA6JjL45jKiuMXubxjCBO5HNGMJuqkN/AGMT+8FreeVia showcaseN/ANone05/07/2021 10:31:2112/08/2021 14:42:12
24 JulVirtual Game Expo 2021 Online LogoVirtual Game Expo 2021 Online07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualEnjoy gaming? Don’t miss the Games Expo events in 2021 celebrating 10-years. The Virtual Indie Games Expo happens July 24th 2021 with gamers, game developers, tabletop, VR developers, artists, and others from around the world.https://www.indiegamesexpo.com/vige100+GMT-6$10Startin at $15Pitch & MatchNone19/07/2021 09:54:5826/10/2021 09:27:46
24 – 31 JulDreamHack Beyond LogoDreamHack Beyond07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalEuropeVirtualVirtualIt’s both a free hybrid gaming festival & online game. DreamHack Beyond was created to complement and showcase the best of DreamHack in a new way. This is the evolution of shifting DreamHack into a year-round gaming lifestyle brand for the community.https://dreamhack.com/beyond/N/AN/APer RequestFreeProprietaryN/A14/05/2021 12:36:3412/08/2021 14:42:18
27 JulPC/Console Dev Day LATAM LogoPC/Console Dev Day LATAM07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BSouth AmericaVirtualVirtualThe online event for PC/Console developers from LATAM features live lectures and Q&A with speakers, the games showcase, meetings and chats, and the XDC Contest with a $150,000 prize pool.https://dev-day-latam.wnhub.io/en1000+GMT-5FreeNoneWN HubN/A22/03/2021 12:52:2226/10/2021 09:27:47
28 – 31 JulMeetToMatch – the Shanghai Edition LogoMeetToMatch – the Shanghai Edition07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BAsiaChinaVirtualAre you ready for 4 days of back-to-back meetings during the famous Chinese dealmaking event in gaming? MeetToMatch is uniting all games industry professionals in Shanghai in an easy, relevant, and cost-effective way.https://www.meettomatch.com/event/meettomatch-the-shanghai-edition-2021/N/AGMT+8Starting at 19,99€N/AMeet 2 MatchN/A23/02/2021 13:54:4212/08/2021 14:42:28
29 JulInto Games Career Fair LogoInto Games Career Fair07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALCareerEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualA free one-day online careers fair featuring some of the top UK game studios showcasing their latest roles and offering advice and feedback.https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/into-games-career-fair-2021-tickets-159674746465N/AGMT+1FreeNoneDiscordNone23/07/2021 09:03:1326/10/2021 09:27:47
29 JulAnnapurna Interactive Showcase LogoAnnapurna Interactive Showcase07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualJoin us at 12pm Pacific on July 29th for the Annapurna Interactive Showcase! We’ve got gameplay reveals, new game announcements, and a few more surprises. #E3summerhttps://annapurnainteractive.com/N/AGMT-7NoneFreeNoneNone11/06/2021 09:22:4012/08/2021 14:42:42
30 – 31 JulChina Game Developers Conference LogoChina Game Developers Conference07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BAsiaChinaShanghaiCGDC stands as a platform for game developers from all over the world to share their valuable experience and unique idea in the latest games development technology and to discuss new trends of game development technology.https://www.chinajoy.net/cgdcen/N/AGMT+8N/APer RequestN/AN/A08/03/2021 12:30:5626/10/2021 09:27:48
26 Jul – 6 AugGGJ NEXT07 – JUL2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALGame JamNorth AmericaVirtualVirtualGGJ NEXT® is an annual event operated by the Global Game Jam® to serve younger people (12-17 years old) who are interested in learning the creation of video games.http://www.ggjnext.org2,000+N/AFreeNoneNoneNone08/05/2021 13:59:3707/08/2021 08:21:47
30 Jul – 2 AugChina Joy 2021ChinaJoy08 – AUG2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CAsiaChinaShanghaiAs one of the most well-known and influential annual events in the global digital entertainment field, ChinaJoy’s every session has become a weathervane to indicate development directions of the industry in the country and the world.https://www.chinajoy.net/cjdhen/N/AGMT+8N/APer RequestProprietaryNone28/06/2021 11:07:3226/10/2021 09:27:52
3 – 6 AugFoundations of Digital GamesFoundations of Digital Games (FDG)08 – AUG2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDAcademiaNorth AmericaCanadaMontrealThe 16th International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games 2021 is proud to invite research contributions in the form of papers, games and demos, doctoral consortium applications, as well as panel, competition, and workshop proposals.http://fdg2021.org/N/AGMT-5$25NoneNoneN/A18/01/2021 20:59:1526/10/2021 09:27:53
4 – 6 AugNew Zealand Game Developers Conference (NZGDC)The New Zealand Game Developers Conference08 – AUG2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BAustraliaNew ZealandWellingtonOur intention is to rotate NZGDC between the major cities in NZ, to make it more accessible in the long run for more Kiwis. Tickets will go sale in June. Previous years have been sold out with over 600 delegates.https://nzgdc.com/600+GMT+13$180 – $320N/AEventeeN/A19/03/2021 15:14:1626/10/2021 09:27:59
9 – 13 AugReplaying Japan ConferenceReplaying Japan08 – AUG2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALAcademiaAsiaJapanVirtualThis year’s theme will be “Artificial Intelligence in Japanese Game Culture”. Particular attention will therefore be paid to how AI is represented in Japanese games, the evolution of game AIs, and how big data analytics have changed the industry.https://replaying.jp/N/AGMT+9FreeN/ANoneN/A19/03/2021 16:35:0114/08/2021 07:15:05
9 – 13 AugSIGGRAPH 2021SIGGRAPH 202108 – AUG2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualSIGGRAPH 2021 is the premier conference for computer graphics and interactive techniques worldwide. This year, we celebrate the industry and its innovators — where we’ve come from, where we are, and where we are going.https://s2021.siggraph.org/N/AN/A$50 – $625Per RequestN/AN/A19/02/2021 09:00:2526/10/2021 09:28:00
10 AugShowcase of new Indie Games from ID@Xbox/twitchgaming Showcase: ID@Xbox #208 – AUG2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualID@Xbox and Twitch are partnering for our second /twitchgaming Showcase: ID@Xbox on Tuesday, August 10 at 9:00 AM PT / 6:00 PM CET where fans will get to see some of the great work coming to Xbox from independent developers.https://www.twitch.tv/xboxN/AGMT-8FreeNoneNoneNone06/08/2021 10:25:3219/08/2021 08:27:10
12 – 13 AugShowcase of mobile games by Pocket GamerPocket Gamer LaunchPad #508 – AUG2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualPocket Gamer LaunchPad is a series of digital events designed to celebrate new, upcoming or updated iOS and Android games. Each one takes place across multiple sites, streams, social media and other channels.https://www.pocketgamer.biz/events/39601/pocket-gamer-launchpad-5-online/50.000+GMT-0FreeNoneNoneN/A08/03/2021 11:24:5226/10/2021 09:28:01
19 – 21 AugQuakeCon Home 2021QuakeCon at Home08 – AUG2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualWe can’t wait to get back to Dallas with our QuakeCon family, but for the continued safety of our staff, the volunteers, and the community, this year’s QuakeCon will once again be a digital-only event.https://quakecon.bethesda.net/en/N/AGMT-6FreeNoneDiscordNone11/05/2021 18:35:1022/08/2021 06:33:20
21 AugIndie Games Conference JapanIndie Developers Conference08 – AUG2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BAsiaJapanVirtualThe Indie Developers Conference is an online conference for indie game developers with aim to deepen ties between developers, create opportunities for community development, and improve the indie game scene.https://eventregist.com/e/IndiedevconN/AGMT+9¥1.100NoneDiscordNone09/08/2021 10:23:3326/10/2021 09:28:01
23 – 27 Augdevcom Colognedevcom08 – AUG2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeGermanyColognedevcom is the official game developer event of gamescom and Europe’s biggest game developer community-driven industry conference. Offering additional content and events throughout the year, devcom constantly emphasizes its core values of diversity, inclusion and sustainability.https://www.devcom.global/N/AGMT+116 – 799€Starting at 1.199€PineN/A17/09/2020 16:39:0428/08/2021 08:01:08
24 AugXbox Showcase during gamescomgamescom 2021 Xbox Stream08 – AUG2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseEuropeGermanyVirtualYou’ll get in-depth updates from some of our previously announced Xbox Game Studios titles alongside some of our third-party partners, including some of the incredible titles coming to Xbox this holiday. Show starts at 10AM PT / 1PM ET / 7PM CEST #gamescomhttps://news.xbox.com/en-us/2021/08/09/join-us-for-the-gamescom-2021-xbox-stream-and-more/N/AGMT+1FreeNoneNoneNone09/08/2021 13:22:0226/10/2021 09:28:02
24 – 26 AugComputer Entertainment Developers Conference (CEDEC)Computer Entertainment Developers Conference (CEDEC)08 – AUG2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BAsiaJapanVirtualCEDEC is a conference for computer entertainment – including video games – industry, and for developers and others engaged in related work in this industry.https://cedec.cesa.or.jp/2021/N/AGMT+927,500 – 38,500 JPYNONEProprietaryN/A16/03/2021 21:31:5527/08/2021 07:18:28
25 AugOpening Night before gamescom produced by Geoff Keighleygamescom: Opening Night Live 202108 – AUG2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseEuropeGermanyVirtualThe spectacular live show produced by Geoff Keighley. Two hour show starts on Wednesday, August 25 at 11:00 PM PT / 2:00 PM ET / 8:00 PM CET #gamescomhttps://www.gamescom.global/N/AGMT+1FreeNoneNoneNone04/08/2021 13:51:2926/10/2021 09:28:03
25 – 27 AugMeet To Match Cologne EditionMeetToMatch – The Online Cologne Edition08 – AUG2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeGermanyVirtualAre you ready for 3 days of back-to-back meetings during the famous German dealmaking event in gaming? MeetToMatch is uniting all games industry professionals in Cologne in an easy, relevant, and cost-effective way. #gamescomhttps://www.meettomatch.com/event/meettomatch-the-online-cologne-edition-2021/N/AGMT+1Starting at 39,99€NoneMeet 2 MatchN/A23/02/2021 13:55:1028/08/2021 08:01:12
25 – 27 Auggamescom Cologne Germanygamescom08 – AUG2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2B2CEuropeGermanyVirtualThe show everybody talks about. #gamescomhttps://www.gamescom.global/N/AGMT+1FreeN/AN/AN/A11/09/2020 11:17:4026/10/2021 09:28:03
26 AugEuroPlay Video Games ContestEuroPlay Video Games Contest08 – AUG2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseEuropeGermanyVirtual15 studios from 15 countries will battle it out to be crowned this years EuroPlay Video Game Contest champion! This event will take place on Thursday 26th August during #gamescom. EuroPlay will show the best unreleased games from across Europe.http://ukgotseuroplay.zohosites.com/europlay-video-games-contestN/AGMT+1FreeNoneNoneNone04/08/2021 13:59:0427/08/2021 07:18:18
26 AugShowcase during gamescom by Games RadarFuture Games Show at Gamescom08 – AUG2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseEuropeGermanyVirtualThis special Gamescom edition of the Future Games Show will feature more than 40 games from a variety of publishers including Frontier Developments, Team17, Koch Media, and Tripwire Interactive. The show starts at 1:00 PM PT / 4:00 PM ET / 10:00 PM CEThttps://www.gamesradar.com/future-games-show/N/AGMT+1FreeNoneNoneNone10/08/2021 11:30:2026/10/2021 09:28:05
26 – 27 AugAnnual gamescom Congressgamescom congress08 – AUG2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeGermanyVirtualThis year’s gamescom congress is following a completely new setup, catered to a live-viewing experience with short talks and in depth panel discussions. Overarching congress themes will be bundled in two hour focus sessions on various topics. #gamescomhttps://www.gamescom.de/die-gamescom/gamescom-congress/N/AGMT+1N/AN/AProprietaryN/A02/08/2021 15:18:0428/08/2021 08:01:22
28 – 29 AugWe Game consumer showWe Game 608 – AUG2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalCISUkraineKyivThe annual festival of game and geek culture with the enchanting cosplay show, esports tournaments, WEGAME Awards ceremony for developers, contests, quests, presentations in the exhibition area, board games, and lots of fun!https://wegame.com.ua/enN/AGMT+1250 – 300 UAHN/AN/AN/A14/01/2021 13:13:5926/10/2021 09:28:06
31 Aug – 2 SepGame Development Global SummitGame Development Global Summit08 – AUG2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualGame developers community needs the platform to share the latest updates and use cases to improve coding skills and get insights. We aim to provide an online event for Game developers geeks from all over the world to share what’s new in domain.https://my.geekle.us/gamedev10.000+GMT+1$0 – $119N/ASlackNone16/01/2021 15:53:4103/09/2021 08:25:25
31 Aug – 7 SepShowcase of new games by multiple publishers known as Indie HousesThe Indie Houses09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalVirtualEuropeVirtualSeven international indie game publishers have come together to create a collaborative initiative known as The Indie Houses. This partnership will kick-off with a publisher showcase, The Indie Houses Direct, on August 31, on Steam, Twitch and YouTube, followed by a weeklong Steam Festival, from August 31-September 7.https://theindiehouses.org/N/AN/AFreeNoneNoneNone06/08/2021 11:21:2926/10/2021 09:28:09
1 SepAsobu Indie Showcase 2021 Logoasobu Indie Showcase09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseAsiaJapanVirtualasobu INDIE SHOWCASE 2021 premieres on Youtube and Twitch. Bilingual JPN/ENG. +60 indie games (20 from upcoming BitSummit) from Japan/overseas and some surprises. Showcase starts at 9PM JPN, 2PM CEST, 8AM ET, 3AM PT.https://www.twitch.tv/asobudevN/AGMT+9FreeNoneNoneNone31/08/2021 10:12:2126/10/2021 09:28:10
1 – 3 SepConference for mobile developers Mobidictum Business NetworkMobidictum Business Network #209 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeTurkeyVirtualThe Turkish gaming scene has been rapidly expanding, and Mobidictum is providing a common ground where the world can meet the Turkish studios in their journey of global expansion.https://events.mobidictum.biz/1.000+GMT+30 – 49€N/APineNone08/06/2021 11:21:1326/10/2021 09:28:12
1 – 4 SepArgentine Video Games Expo (EVA) 2021Argentine Video Games Expo (EVA) 202109 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BSouth AmericaArgentinaVirtualThe Argentine Video Games Expo (EVA) 2021 goes virtual, again! The event will take place through September 1- 4 in GMT-3 time zone and it will have all those ingredients that make EVA one of the most popular gaming events in LATAMhttps://www.expoeva.com/en3.000GMT-3$25Per RequestPineNone26/04/2021 18:08:1605/09/2021 09:48:13
2 – 3 SepPrime Japanese festival for indie developersBitSummit THE 8th BIT09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDFestivalAsiaJapanKyotoBitSummit is an annual festival based in Kyoto, celebrating independent game developers and development in Japan. BitSummit will be providing remote booths for officially selected developers with live support from staff on the event floor.https://bitsummit.org/enN/AGMT+9N/A30.000 JPYN/ANone20/04/2021 11:44:1526/10/2021 09:28:13
3 SepGames Industry Gathering IRL Seattle LogoGames Industry Gathering IRL09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALNetworkingNorth AmericaUnited StatesSeattleIt’s our very first #IRLGIG, taking place in Seattle, it will be an afternoon/evening outdoor catch-up BBQ in the park! The event will only be open to invited guests, members of the GIG (who register), and everyone must show proof of vaccination.https://games.industrygathering.com/irlseattle/N/AGMT-8FreeNoneNoneNone20/08/2021 08:54:5604/09/2021 08:37:06
3 – 6 SepPAX West SeattlePAX West09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesSeattlePAX (originally known as Penny Arcade Expo) is a series of gaming culture festivals involving tabletop, arcade, and video gaming. PAX is held annually in Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, and San Antonio in the United States; and Melbourne in Australia.https://west.paxsite.com/N/AGMT-8$60 – $230Per RequestNoneNone05/12/2020 10:50:4726/10/2021 09:28:13
6 – 7 SepDevGAMM Moscow Russia DevGAMM Moscow09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BCISRussiaMoscowFormerly DevGAMM Summer. We are insanely glad to meet offline and hope that in early September the situation in Moscow will allow us to get together. Of course, the conference will observe the necessary safety measures, as well as QR codes system.https://devgamm.com/moscow2021/N/AGMT+3$99 – $199Per RequestPineDG&GameConfGuide1502/07/2021 08:56:4408/09/2021 08:04:46
7 – 8 SepDigital Dragons KrakowDigital Dragons09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropePolandVirtualTwo-day event will offer: Lectures and panel discussions, business meetings, a virtual exhibition area, and the awards gala. The exhibition area will host presentations of companies and their products, as well as recruitment activities. On 9th of September, Networking Day Offline at KTP, Kraków is scheduled.https://digitaldragons.pl/N/AGMT+1zł 0 – zł 300Per RequestPineNone24/03/2021 14:08:3126/10/2021 09:28:17
8 – 9 SeptESI Digital SummerESI Digital Summer09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualESI Digital Summer was a truly global affair, featuring 5 regionally focused days of content. Though we won’t be returning to that scope in 2021, it is our hope that the turnout will be similarly international.https://esportsinsider.com/esi-digital-summer-2021/400+GMT+1£60N/ABrellaNone30/03/2021 11:24:0310/09/2021 08:53:00
9 SepPlayStation 5 Showcase September LogoPlayStation Showcase09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualA look into the future of PS5. The Showcase will weigh in at around 40 minutes and include updates from PlayStation Studios and some of the industry’s most imaginative developers, for games releasing this holiday and beyond. Show starts at 1PM PT / 10PM CEST.https://www.twitch.tv/playstationN/AGMT-7FreeNoneNoneNone02/09/2021 14:54:1726/10/2021 09:28:17
9 SepGameye AWS Tech Webinar LogoLet’s Talk Matchmaking09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeNetherlandsVirtualIn this webinar, listen to Gameye and GameLift as we discuss the challenges, the technology and the techniques to get started. You’ll learn how matchmaking tools and orchestrators work together, get practical advice on how to set them up, and find the answers to your most important questions.Watch it on DemandN/AGMT+1FreeNoneNoneNone01/09/2021 08:49:4301/12/2021 07:55:27
9 – 11 SepBusan Indie Connect Festival (BICFest)Busan Indie Connect Festival (BICFest)09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDFestivalAsiaSouth KoreaBusanThe Busan Indie Connect Festival (BICFest) is a locally curated, inclusively-attended conference held annually in Busan, South Korea. BICFest was created by and for developers to foster a friendly environment for creativity, sharing, and play.https://bicfest.org/N/AGMT+9N/AShowcase areaN/ANone22/04/2021 10:14:5226/10/2021 09:28:18
6 – 18 SepWomen in Games FestivalWomen in Games Festival09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualThe focal point of the festival is the Women in Games conference, a two-day event showcasing talks, panels and fireside chats. The conference takes place on September 15th and 16th, and tickets are $25.https://www.womeningames.org/N/AGMT-0$25Per RequestN/ANone19/07/2021 09:47:4519/09/2021 09:22:55
14 – 15 SepIndie Campus CologneIndie Campus – Cologne09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeGermanyVirtualThe Indie Campus – Cologne will provide assistance and suggestions on how to keep the focus on the game, while still creating the right environment as well as mindset to prepare and release a fully functional game for an eagerly waiting audience.https://indiecampus.de/100GMT+1Pay What You WantPer requestNoneNone10/08/2021 08:17:4026/10/2021 09:28:18
14 – 17 SepExternal Development Summit XDS VancovuerXDS 21 Adapt09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaCanadaVirtualThe only annual, international games industry event advancing external development. Tickets go on sale on April 20th.https://xdsummit.com/N/AGMT-7$489Per requestN/ANone16/03/2021 18:04:3019/09/2021 09:22:54
15 – 17 SepGames Industry Law Summit VilniusGames Industry Law Summit09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALSummitEuropeLithuaniaVilniusThe 6th international Games Industry Law Summit with the semifinals and finals of the Legal Challenge and the Reception Dinnerhttps://gameslawsummit.org/200GMT+3N/AN/AN/ANone16/09/2020 14:15:4926/10/2021 09:28:19
16 SepGames Forum LondonGamesforum London09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomLondonThe focus of Gamesforum London 2021 will be In-App Advertising and Monetisation. The Laser series events are single track, single topic focussed events bringing together 100 attendees to learn, share and take part in the networking.https://www.globalgamesforum.com/london-home/~100GMT+1$269 / $979NoneN/AWEREBACK2021 (50% off)30/07/2021 08:47:4617/09/2021 08:16:21
16 SepIRL Networking Evening LondonMCV/DEVELOP IRL09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomLondonMCV IRL will be a more casual, more inclusive event, designed so that anyone and everyone in the industry can attend, meet colleagues, network, and applaud the efforts that have been made by so many over the last year and more.https://www.irl-event.com/500+GMT+0£10 – £60NoneNoneNone25/05/2021 14:08:4526/10/2021 09:28:20
16 – 19 SepGen Con IndianapolisGen Con09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesIndianapolisGen Con is the largest and longest-running tabletop gaming convention in North America, held annually in Indianapolis, IN.https://www.gencon.com/N/AGMT-5$0 – $150N/AN/ANone16/01/2021 10:45:0320/09/2021 12:39:22
17 SepTHQ Digital Showcase LogoTHQ Digital Showcase Event09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseEuropeAustriaVirtualTo celebrate our 10th anniversary, we are throwing a digital party! Join us for the first, official THQ Nordic digital showcase event on September 17th at 9 pm CEST / 12 PM PST / 8 PM BST / 10 PM MSK on YouTube, Twitch, and Steam.https://www.twitch.tv/thqnordicN/AGMT+2FreeNoneNoneNone02/09/2021 16:14:5126/10/2021 09:28:22
21 – 22 SepLevel UP KL Malaysia LogoLevel Up KL09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BAsiaMalaysiaVirtualIn the 7 years since its conception, LEVEL UP KL has become Southeast Asia’s premier industry event for game developers.https://mdec.my/levelupkl/N/AGMT+80 – 400rmN/AN/ANone20/10/2021 09:30:5301/12/2021 08:00:49
21 – 23 SepGame Slice London OntarioGame Slice09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaCanadaVirtualBack for its 6th year, Game Slice is an event by indie developers for indie developers. Where we gather industry peers to playtest each other’s games. Submit your own unfinished, unreleased, or early access game and come playtest your peers’. With prizes, hosted chats, and speed networking; all completely free.https://gameslice.joydrop.co/N/AGMT-4FreeFreeDiscordNone10/06/2021 10:02:2826/10/2021 09:28:22
21 – 23 SepLevel Up Conference Rome LogoLEVEL UP09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeItalyVirtualThe only international conference in Italy entirely dedicated to the design and development of video games, simulations and interactive works.https://levelup.aiv01.it/EN/N/AGMT+1FreeNoneN/ANone13/08/2021 12:33:2306/10/2021 11:27:14
23 – 24 SepAfrican Creative MeetingAfrican Creative Meeting09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BAfricaAfricaVirtualDedicated to the creative industries, and in particular video games, the event promotes, accompanies and favours relations between creators and different audiences (training, professionals, international, public).https://www.africancreativemeeting.com/N/AN/AFreeNoneProprietaryNone28/06/2021 11:05:5926/10/2021 09:28:23
23 – 27 SepGame Devs of Color ExpoGame Devs of Color Expo09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualThe Game Devs of Color Expo is a space meant to enlighten and unite, and is open to people of all genders, races, abilities, sexual orientations, and religions.https://gamedevsofcolorexpo.com/1.500+GMT-4$20 – $100N/ASwapcardNone18/03/2021 16:44:3428/09/2021 14:46:33
24 – 26 SepHyper Casual Jam ComHyper Casual Jam Com09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalVirtualUkraineVirtualInternational event for hyper casual game developers — Hyper Casual Jam Com. Join September 24-26, create your prototype, get mentorship and win cool prizes. Claim your ticket right now at https://gdbay.com/hyper-casual-jam-com/https://gdbay.com/hyper-casual-jam-com/N/AGMT +2FreeNoneProprietaryNone26/07/2021 18:00:3426/10/2021 09:28:24
24 – 26 SepGame Wave FestivalGame Wave Festival09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalEuropeLatviaJurmalaGAME WAVE FESTIVAL 2021 is a conference, expo, game jam, B2B matching, job market and more all in one package, fully on-site. Held in a seaside resort hotel, it is the perfect balance of games industry fun, relaxation, business and education.https://www.gamewave.eu/200+GMT+3FreeFreeb2matchNone14/06/2021 12:19:2327/09/2021 07:42:52
25 SepGame Dev Camp Portugal Logo 2021GameDev Camp09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropePortugalVirtualThe biggest event in Portugal for Game Developers. One of the top meeting points for both the local communities and professionals from all over the world.https://www.facebook.com/gamedevcampN/AGMT+15,49€NoneFacebookNone10/09/2021 15:16:0726/10/2021 09:28:24
27 SepLeadership IGDA LogoLeadership Day by IGDA Finland09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeFinlandVirtualLeadership Day by IGDA Finland is an international event about how we build companies, teams and working cultures to build better games. We held the inaugural conference in 2019 and with the support of the community, aim to make it an annual forum for leadership in games.https://www.igda.fi/leadership-day-2021N/AGMT+3FreeNoneN/ANone19/09/2021 14:17:5304/10/2021 07:52:33
27 – 28 SepGame Camp France Lille LogoGame Camp France09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeFranceLilleThe great annual gathering of the French video game industry is back for its fourth edition! The event will be held entirely face-to-face in strict compliance with the sanitary measures in place.https://gamecamp.fr/~800GMT+2Sold OutNoneBrellaNone26/09/2021 08:11:3326/10/2021 09:28:26
27 Sep – 1 OctPocket Gamer Connects Helsinki DigitalPocket Gamer Connects Helsinki09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeFinlandHelsinkiEvery two-day event features multiple conference tracks covering the critical issues for any games professional, from the latest industry trends and technical insights to new ways to monetise and future growth opportunities.https://www.pgconnects.com/helsinki/1500+GMT+1£60 – £1,199Per RequestMeet 2 MatchNone03/12/2020 17:02:1702/10/2021 07:45:06
30 SepMobile Growth Summit (MGA): GamesMobile Growth Summit (MGS): Games09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesSan FranciscoReady for the return to live events, MGA is pleased to announce a new, innovative hybrid strategy for their next edition of MGS GAMES, taking place at San Francisco Jazz Center on September 30th, 2021, and across an online portal.https://events.bizzabo.com/mgsgamesN/AGMT-8Starting at $199N/AMeet 2 MatchNone29/07/2021 07:44:0826/10/2021 09:28:27
30 Sep – 1 OctMeet To Match Tokyo EditionMeetToMatch – The Tokyo Edition09 – SEP2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BAsiaJapanVirtualMeet Japanese and international publishers, investors, and developers online, during the largest trade show in Tokyo. Join the online games industry matchmaking service during the largest trade show in Japan!https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/meettomatch-the-tokyo-edition-2021-registration-157596668879?discount=MTMsummer21N/AGMT+1None23 – 87€Meet 2 MatchNone02/06/2021 15:56:1802/10/2021 07:45:18
30 Sep – 1 OctGame Conf France LogoGame Conf10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeFranceAngoulêmeOne and a half day conference organized by Pôle Image Magelis with the goal to bring together hi-profile speakers to discuss the current state of games industry.https://www.gameconf.fr/N/AGMT+2Sold outNoneN/ANone27/09/2021 11:23:5526/10/2021 09:28:30
30 Sep – 3 OctTokyo Game Show (TGS)Tokyo Game Show10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2B2CAsiaJapanVirtualTGS will celebrate 25th anniversary. A physical venue will actually exist for press and influencers that will be able to try the games and interview developers. There will be booths for developers and a press conference will be hosted at the venue.https://expo.nikkeibp.co.jp/tgs/2021/N/AGMT+9B2B starting at JPY 11,000Per RequestProprietaryNone30/03/2021 11:38:3626/10/2021 09:28:32
1 – 4 OctLudum Dare 49 Game JamLudum Dare 4910 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALGame JamNorth AmericaVirtualVirtualLudum Dare is an event where you create a game from scratch in a weekend based on a theme. Themes are suggested and chosen by the community.https://ldjam.com/N/AN/AFreeFreeNoneNone10/05/2021 11:58:4526/10/2021 09:28:34
1 – 7 OctSteam Next Fest October LogoSteam Next Fest10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualSteam Next Fest is a multi-day celebration where fans can try out demos, chat with developers, watch livestreams, and learn about upcoming games on Steam. For developers, Steam Next Fest is an opportunity to get early feedback.http://steampowered.com/N/AGMT-7FreeNoneNoneNone06/09/2021 10:46:5808/10/2021 07:56:49
4 – 6 OctGames Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP) DigitalGames Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP)10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BAustraliaMelbourneB2BGCAP 2021 will features talks, panels, and workshops from skilled game developers and industry adjacent professionals, both locally and abroad. Now as an digital experience.https://gcap.com.au/N/AGMT+10$69N/APineNone28/04/2021 13:33:5326/10/2021 09:28:37
4 – 6 OctGame Global Digital SummitGame Global Digital Summit10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualGame Global will be back with presentations, round tables, and workshops on the hottest topics relating to video game localization and QA.https://gameglobal.events/N/AN/A$250 – $350N/ARemoNone16/04/2021 08:37:4207/10/2021 07:50:52
6 – 7 OctThe International Gaming Summit on Mental Health (TIGS)The International Gaming Summit on Mental Health (TIGS)10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALSummitNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualIn games, gaming, and content creation, there are unique environmental challenges and opportunities, and TIGS brings experts and leaders from the gaming industry and the mental health industry together to address these issues.https://tigs.ca/N/AGMT-7$100NoneNoneNone03/05/2021 17:35:0426/10/2021 09:28:37
2 – 10 OctMelbourne International Games WeekMelbourne International Games Week10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2B2CAustraliaMelbourneB2CJoin Australian and international influencers, businesses and industry for Melbourne International Games Week – Asia Pacific’s largest digital games celebration – featuring online conferences, events and activities for professionals and public.https://gamesweek.melbourne/N/AGMT+10Fees might applyN/AN/ANone28/04/2021 13:48:2311/10/2021 07:57:27
6 – 8 OctGames Industry Live London LogoGI Live: London10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeUnited KingdomLondonGI Live: London can be found at the Platinum Suite at London Excel, and will feature meetings and networking, plus talks and roundtables. The event is focused on investment, marketing, brand development and the future of games.https://live.gamesindustry.biz/N/AGMT+1£45.00 – £200.00NoneMeet 2 MatchNone08/09/2021 14:27:5926/10/2021 09:28:38
7 OctDutch Game Awards Show LogoDutch Game Awards 202110 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeNetherlandsHilversumOrganised by the Dutch Games Association and a group of volunteers, we present the first official Awards for Dutch game developers since 2017. This will be a hybrid event with online networking as well as a small physical event.https://www.dutchgameawards.nl250+GMT+1Starting from €7,50NoneGather.townNone02/09/2021 15:24:0108/10/2021 07:56:57
7 – 10 OctEGX10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CEuropeUnited KingdomLondonEGX is the UK’s premier video games show. It’s a celebration of all things gaming, so if you like games, you’ll love EGX.https://www.egx.net/egx/N/AGMT-0£15.00 – £75.00Per RequestN/ANone19/02/2021 16:17:2126/10/2021 09:28:39
8 – 10 OctPAX AustraliaPAX Aus10 – OCT2021CANCELEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalAustraliaAustraliaMelbournePAX (originally known as Penny Arcade Expo) is a series of gaming culture festivals involving tabletop, arcade, and video gaming.https://aus.paxsite.com/N/AGMT+10N/APer RequestN/ANone10/08/2021 08:57:4911/08/2021 11:20:16
8 – 9 OctIndieWay Business Platform October LogoIndieway (October)10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeTurkeyVirtualIndieway & Match to Meet are partnering to deliver the best Indieway experience for our speakers, professional attendants & indie community.https://www.indieway.biz/events/indieway-octoberN/AGMT+30 – 242€242€Meet 2 MatchNone27/08/2021 16:03:5726/10/2021 09:28:40
8 – 10 OctPixel Heaven PolandPixel Heaven10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalEuropePolandWarsawPixel Heaven Games Festival & More 2021 is the 9th edition of the largest event in Europe for fans of electronic entertainment who still remember the early days of 8/16-bit computers.https://www.pixelheavenfest.com/N/AGMT+10 – 170złPer RequestNoneN/A28/06/2021 09:41:5511/10/2021 07:57:31
11 – 12 OctAccessibility conference hosted by IGDA#GAconf10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualTwo days of talks and networking exploring accessibility for gamers with disabilities, hosted by the IGDA’S accessibility SIG. Registrations comming soon.https://www.gaconf.com/N/AGMT-7FreeNoneN/ANone21/07/2021 09:17:0726/10/2021 09:28:41
11 – 17 OctSingapore Games Week 2021 LogoSingapore Games Week10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BAsiaSingaporeSingaporeHeld in conjunction with gamescom asia, SGW is a showcase & celebration of the Singapore Games Industry and its communities, with the goal of showcasing Singapore’s vibrant games industry to the general public, as well as the international gaming community.https://www.sgga.org.sg/N/AGMT+8TBAPer RequestN/ANone13/09/2021 11:14:3718/10/2021 07:59:01
13 – 14 OctVulkanised Fall 2021 LogoVulkanised10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualA unique technical event where graphics developers meet up and learn from leading Vulkan experts. We have an exciting line-up to share including Vulkan case studies, two deep-dive SDK tutorials, updates on the Vulkan API, MoltenVK, ASTC, KTX 2, the Android GPU Inspector, and an open Q&A session.https://www.khronos.org/events/vulkanised-2021N/AGMT-4FreeNoneZoomNone30/09/2021 13:17:2726/10/2021 09:28:43
13 – 14 OctWN Conference MoscowWN Conference – Moscow10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BCISRussiaMoscowThe conference will bring together over 1000 industry professionals offline and 1,500+ more attendees online. All lectures from the Moscow site will be broadcast to the WN Hub online events platform.https://wnconf.com/2,500+GMT+350 – 600€Per RequestWN HubNone09/08/2021 16:35:2015/10/2021 07:37:52
13 – 15 OctEsports BAREsports BAR10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeFranceCannesJoin the international esports community to learn, meet and network with very top esports leaders and companies to develop your business!https://www.the-esports-bar.com/N/AGMT+1690 – 3.990€N/AN/ANone18/05/2021 15:18:2326/10/2021 09:28:43
14 – 15 OctSweden Game Conference SkovdeSweden Game Conference10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeSwedenSkovdeSweden Game Conference, is Europe’s leading conference for students and startups.https://swedengameconference.se1500GMT+10 – 50€50€iFairsNone11/11/2020 16:56:4116/10/2021 08:58:10
14 – 15 OctW ❤ GamesW ❤ Games10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeFinlandHelsinkiW ❤ Games is one-day-conference in Helsinki that focuses on women in games and tech development. “W” stands for women but also for “we” as we people, we who play and make games, we of all backgrounds and interests that games bring together!https://wlovegames.com/N/AGMT+3Free attendenceN/AN/ANone16/12/2020 13:00:5826/10/2021 09:28:44
14 – 17 OctGamescom Asia 2021Gamescom Asia 202110 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2B2CAsiaSingaporeSingaporegamescom asia aims to serve as the premier platform for Southeast Asian game developers to explore partnerships globally, and act as a hub for international publishers who are looking for the next big thing in games.https://www.gamescom.asia/30.000GMT+8Starting at $58$3.000HubiloNone16/09/2020 14:15:5118/10/2021 07:58:59
16 – 17 OctGlobal Top Round 2021 Conference LogoGTR 2021 Conference10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BAsiaSingaporeSingaporeGlobal Top Roung conference is a private event attended by investors, publishers, partners and annual Top 20 finalists among global applicants.https://2021.globaltopround.com/#N/AGMT+8Invite OnlyNoneN/ANone16/08/2021 13:36:3226/10/2021 09:28:45
19 – 24 OctGames Industry Conference (GiC) PoznanGames Industry Conference (GiC)10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropePolandPoznanThe Game Industry Conference takes place alongside the Poznan Game Arena, one of the most important and largest game expos in Europe.https://gic.gd/N/AGMT+10€ – 400€Per RequestMeet 2 MatchNone19/12/2020 15:48:1119/10/2021 08:18:51
20 – 21 OctGreen Games Summit UIKE LogoGreen Games Summit10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualFor the first time the event will bring the international games sector together to share knowledge and discuss and shape the industry’s response to the climate challenge and sustainability.https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-green-games-summit-tickets-163019901915N/AGMT+1FreeNoneHopinNone13/08/2021 12:52:3626/10/2021 09:28:46
21 – 22 OctHyper Games Conference LogoHyper Games Conference10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BCISUkraineVirtualThe purpose of the event is to unite game developers companies with publishers and advertising platforms. The main theme of the conference will be developers and their games, success stories, mistakes, and interesting cases.https://hgconf.com/3.500+GMT+30€ – 49€Per requestPitch & MatchNone28/09/2021 08:00:1628/10/2021 15:08:14
22 – 24 OctIndieCadeIndieCade10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalVirtualUnited StatesVirtualIndieCade Anywhere and Everywhere is IndieCade’s online festival for 2021. This three day online event is built from the ground up specifically to highlight and feature games of all types, along with their creators, from around the world.https://www.indiecade.com/N/AN/AFreeSubmission Fee (Showcase)NoneNone07/02/2021 19:27:5726/10/2021 09:28:46
23 – 24 OctGame Access Connect BrnoGame Access Connect10 – OCT2021CANCELEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CEuropeCzechiaBrnoOpen-air epic adventure including everything you love about our conference.https://game-access.com/conference/N/AGMT+1N/AN/AN/ANone17/09/2020 16:39:1301/11/2021 09:13:41
25 – 26 OctDev Play Conference Bucharest LogoDev.Play 202110 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeRomaniaVirtualDev.Play is a game development conference focused on Romania and Eastern Europe that offers lectures from top industry speakers, workshops, a meeting system, indie competitions, an awards show and more. Dev.Play 2021 takes place 100% online.https://dev-play.ro600 – 800GMT+2€0 – €60Per request: contact@rgda.roPineNone19/08/2021 16:13:4027/10/2021 07:53:27
26 – 28 OctDevelop: BrightonDevelop: Brighton10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomBrightonCome and learn from your peers and share your experiences, hear from the industry’s leading lights, get up-to-date with the latest tools, techniques and industry trends, plus network with 3,000 game dev professionals.https://www.developconference.com/N/AGMT+0£100 – £940Per requestN/ANone18/01/2021 20:58:2429/10/2021 07:58:51
27 OctThis Game Conference Denmark 2021 LogoThis Game NEW10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeDenmarkAarhausThe gaming industry is full of pioneers, and at THIS GAME you can meet an impressive array of the leading minds within this rapidly growing and highly influential industry. Get inspired and learn everything about the latest trends in game development, stories, and transmedia universes.https://thisaarhus.com/track/thisgame/N/AGMT+1N/AN/AN/ANone15/11/2021 14:32:2815/11/2021 14:33:31
27 – 29 OctGamiLearnGamiLearn10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALAcademiaEuropeSpainBarcelonaGamiLearn’21 aims to cover all aspects of gameful and playful approaches for learning. Our main goal is to bring together stakeholders for exchanging ideas, experiences and encouraging networking between academia and industry.https://gamilearn.webs.ull.es/N/AGMT+1N/AN/AN/ANone03/05/2021 17:34:4630/10/2021 09:20:56
27 – 29 OctGames Industry GI Live Academy Student Conference LogoGI Live: Academy10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALAcademiaEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualIndustry professionals, plus a few famous faces, will be dropping into the Discord to take part in roundtables, to advise students on pathways into video games, to review portfolios, and to share insight into what they do, and what it is like working in this business.https://gamesindustry.us15.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=b9e2ea3c5bf495a0ea0f662c6&id=09eda90f1fN/AGMT+1Free (for students)NoneDiscordNone19/10/2021 10:53:5330/10/2021 09:20:57
27 – 29 OctNordic Game Talents LogoNordic Game Talents10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALRecruitmentEuropeFinlandVirtualThe 3-day virtual event is dedicated to recruitment and career building in the creative & games industry within the Nordic region. The event empowers participants to be part of a bigger community and motivates them to explore new paths.https://www.gamesjobfair.com/N/AGMT+2FreePer requestPineNone06/09/2021 10:48:3930/10/2021 09:20:59
28 OctFacebook Connect Infinite Horizons Showcase 2021 LogoFacebook Connect10 – OCT2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2B2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualOn October 28, Connect will spotlight developers, creators, enthusiasts, gamers, and more to build the future of AR/VR together.https://facebookconnect.com/en-gb/N/AGMT-7FreeNoneNoneNone18/09/2021 08:12:0029/10/2021 07:58:57
28 – 29 OctArctic Game ConferenceArctic Game Conference10 – OCT2021CANCELEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeSwedenSkellefteåArctic Game Conference is northern Sweden’s annual meeting place for game developers, students, academia, investors and decision-makers.https://www.arcticgameconference.com/N/AGMT+12249,00 SEKN/AN/ANone12/10/2020 11:28:2426/10/2021 09:10:54
2- 5 NovNordic Game Fall MalmoNordic Game Fall11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeSwedenMalmöThe Nordic Game conference is held annually in Malmö, Sweden.https://conf.nordicgame.com/N/AGMT+199€ – 249€Per requestMeet 2 MatchNone21/12/2020 15:26:5306/11/2021 07:55:31
3 – 4 NovGlobal Games Pitch - Mobile & Hyper Casual GamesGlobal Games Pitch – Mobile & Hyper Casual Games11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALPitchingEuropeVirtualVirtualPitch your Mobile / Hyper-casual game online to 50+ publishers and investors!https://gdbay.com/global-games-pitch/N/AGMT+2$9 – $79NONEProprietaryNone01/02/2021 17:07:0905/11/2021 08:42:17
4 – 6 NovMusic and Games Festival West LogoMAGWest11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualMAGWest (Music and Games) is a three day event that runs 24 hours a day with nonstop console gaming, arcades, tabletop, LAN, live video game cover bands, chiptunes, guests, and more, now with 100% more west coast style!https://www.magwest.org/N/AGMT-5TBATBAN/ANone18/08/2021 12:57:1507/11/2021 08:54:36
5 – 13 NovPLAY21 GermanyPLAY2111 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeGermanyHamburgThe PLAY – CREATIVE GAMING FESTIVAL invites you to celebrate the culture of digital games online, hybrid, and on-site. Nine days of programming.http://playfestival.de/index_en.htmlN/AGMT+1FreeNoneDiscordNone25/06/2021 14:32:4815/11/2021 07:53:42
6 NovIndie Live Expo Winter 2021 LogoIndie Live Expo Winter11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseAsiaJapanVirtualThis is an information filled program for the hottest indie game news. It is broadcasted in 3 languages Japanese/Chinese/English, and has been viewed by over 18 million people with more than 350 games introduced. A live stream where every indie gamer will be satisfied.https://indie.live-expo.games/en/18M viewers+GMT+9FreeVia ShowcaseNoneNone08/09/2021 09:49:2613/11/2021 08:24:52
8 – 9 NovESI London 2021 LogoESI London11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomLondonAt ESI London 2021, we’re giving conferences a refresh. In addition to our usual blend of the best agendas, speakers and sessions, it’s time for esports networking to level up too.https://esportsinsider.com/esi-london-2021/400+GMT+1£90 – £500N/ABrellaNone29/09/2021 10:45:5210/11/2021 08:45:30
8 – 10 NovGameSoundCon Los AngelesGameSoundCon11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualGame Music, Sound Design And Virtual Reality Audio Conferencehttps://www.gamesoundcon.com/N/AGMT+7$75N/AWhovaNone01/06/2021 10:19:5911/11/2021 08:15:57
9 – 14 NovMEGAMIGS MontrealMEGAMIGS11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2B2CNorth AmericaCanadaVirtualThe unmissable event for video game fans and experts will be back from November 9 to 14 for a virtual edition. Access to the general public will be free. New this year: we offer companies free live showcases!https://megamigs.com/en/N/AGMT-5$0 – $175Per RequestPineNone30/03/2021 22:33:2815/11/2021 07:52:07
10 – 11 NovGame X Pakistan Conference LogoGame X11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BAsiaPakistanVirtualGame X 2021, a two-day virtual conference hosted by Epiphany for the first time in Pakistan, brings well-known gaming studios, publishers, investors, media, and entertainment tech experts.https://gamex2021.vfairs.com/N/AGMT+5FreeN/AVfairsNone18/11/2021 16:34:2501/12/2021 07:56:49
10 – 12 NovPathfindings IGDA LogoPathfindin.gs 202111 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualPathfindin.gs is a celebration of and collaboration with game developers in the Global South. This conference aims to elevate and give a platform to otherwise marginalized voices, breaking down the barriers that currently exist, and making opportunities accessible for everyone.https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pathfindings-tickets-169317219361N/AN/A$0 – $150NoneMeet 2 MatchNone19/09/2021 14:32:1113/11/2021 08:23:54
12 NovSteamworks Virtual Conference Steam Deck LogoSteamworks Virtual Conference: Steam Deck11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualJoin us November 12th for this free, one-day online event with the team who built Steam Deck! We’re looking forward to sharing in-depth information and best practices to help you make your games a seamless experience on Steam Deck. Following each talk, we’ll be hosting live Q&A sessions.https://steamcommunity.com/steamworksvirtualconference/steamdeckN/AGMT-7FreeNoneN/ANone02/11/2021 08:49:5415/11/2021 07:52:01
12 – 14 NovMilan Games Week LogoMilan Games Week11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CEuropeItalyMilanMilan Games Week, the most important consumer show in Italy dedicated to the world of videogames, and Cartoomics, dedicated to the world of comics, genre fiction, role-playing and board games, cinema, entertainment and cosplayers, united in one great event!https://www.milangamesweek.it/en/N/AGMT+112 – 44€Per RequestN/ANone19/10/2021 15:04:3015/11/2021 07:52:09
12 – 14 NovZurich Game ShowZurich Game Show11 – NOV2021CANCELEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CEuropeSwitzerlandZurichZURICH GAME SHOW is the largest gaming event in Switzerland – and your year-round platform for news about gaming, pop culture, movies, and digital trends.https://www.zurichgameshow.ch/en/N/AGMT+1N/AN/ANoneN/A08/03/2021 12:28:5126/10/2021 09:11:03
13 – 17 NovVRDays Europe 7 Immersive Tech Week VRDays Europe 7 – Immersive Tech Week NEW11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CEuropeNetherlandsAmsterdamImmersive Tech Week is five days of inspiration, discussions, co-creation, experiences and networking. For the general public and for professionals.https://vrdays.co/N/AGMT+1199€N/AImaginaNone17/06/2021 11:49:2318/11/2021 08:25:30
15 NovKonsoll Connect Bergen 2021Konsoll Connect 202111 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeNorwayBergenA full day consisting of talks, panels, games pitching and networking. As well as talks on all things Biz Dev, Norwegian devs will showcase & share the exciting games developed here in Norway with both local and international professionals.https://konsoll.org/connectN/AGMT+2350krVia ShowcaseMeet 2 MatchNone11/08/2021 10:05:1016/11/2021 08:38:19
15 – 17 NovPocket Gamer Connects Digital Next LogoPocket Gamer Connects Digital NEXT11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualPocket Gamer Connects – the leading virtual conference for the mobile games industry. You can connect with 1200+ attendees in our upgraded matchmaking and meeting platform. And take part in digital versions of fringe events like the Big Indie Pitch and Careers Week!https://www.pgconnects.com/digital/1200+GMT+1£60 – £250Per RequestMeet 2 MatchNone08/10/2021 11:40:1718/11/2021 08:25:33
15 – 19 NovWN Conference North America 2021 LogoWN Conference – North America11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualThe conference takes place on November 15-19: three days of purely online lectures and networking mixed with two days of talks broadcast from the on-site venue in Seattle (November 16-17).https://wnconf.com/NAonline-212000+GMT-7$0 – $199Per RequestWN HubNone14/09/2021 08:27:3820/11/2021 08:00:46
15 – 27 NovAfricacomicade Gamathon LogoAfricacomicade Gamathon11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2B2CAfricaNigeriaLagosAfricacomicade Gamathon is Africa’s largest convention of digital creatives in the games, animation, comics, and XR industry, creating a platform for them to showcase their work, network, and find opportunities for collaboration and funding.https://www.eventbrite.com/e/africacomicade-gamathon-2021-tickets-195968134967500+GMT+1$35 – $50Per requestMeet 2 MatchNone25/10/2021 13:34:3029/11/2021 07:20:15
16 – 17 NovGame Services ForumGame Services Forum11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualGame Services Forum brings studios and publishers together with service providers/ vendors for a series of pre-determined ‘speed’ business meetings. Supported by Ukie and MCV/Develop. Registration is now open.https://gameservicesforum.comN/AGMT+0Per requestN/APrioprietaryN/A06/05/2021 17:04:2518/11/2021 08:27:08
16 – 17 NovKonsoll BergenKonsoll11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeNorwayBergenKonsoll is a conference designed to offer both Norwegian and International Game Developers inspiration and wisdom, and to create a forum for communicating and networking.https://konsoll.org/N/AGMT+2750 – 850krN/AN/AN/A15/04/2021 15:41:4518/11/2021 08:25:36
16 – 17 NovWN Conference Seattle 2021 LogoWN Conference – Seattle11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesSeattleThe conference will bring together over 1,000 industry professionals on-site and 2,000+ more attendees online. The event focuses on the games market in the USA.https://wnconf.com/seattle-211000+GMT-7$150 – $600Per RequestWN HubNone14/09/2021 08:28:4918/11/2021 08:25:40
16 – 18 NovIndia Game Developer Conference LogoIndia Game Developer Conference (IGDC)11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BAsiaIndiaVirtualThe India Game Developer Conference (IGDC) is India’s premier game developers conference. The conference is organized by industry volunteers, with support from corporates and the Telangana government.https://indiagdc.com/2021/N/AGMT+5:30FreeRs. 5,000N/ANone09/10/2021 08:38:0020/11/2021 08:01:44
17 – 19 NovDevGAMM FallDevGAMM Fall11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BCISRussiaVirtualDevGAMM conference is aimed at developers, publishers, game designers, programmers, artists, business development managers, recruiters, journalists and everyone involved in the game industry in any way.https://devgamm.com/N/AN/A$69 – $149N/APineN/A15/03/2021 21:40:1720/11/2021 08:00:48
17 – 21 NovG-Star 2021 BusanG-Star 202111 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2B2CAsiaSouth KoreaBusanGlobal Game Exhibition G-STAR 2021(Game Show & Trade, All-Round)https://www.gstar.or.kr/engN/AGMT+9N/A$1,100Meet 2 MatchNone04/08/2021 13:50:2923/11/2021 07:47:54
18 – 19 NovBeyond Games LogoBeyond Games11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomVirtualJoin over 1200 attendees and 50+ speakers for an all-new conference at the frontier of the interactive entertainment space. Meet professionals from across the creative industries for a week of knowledge-sharing and networking.https://www.beyondgames.live/1200+GMT+1£30 – £150N/AProprietaryNone19/09/2021 14:17:0620/11/2021 08:02:12
18 – 21 NovIndonesian Game Developer Exchange LogoIndonesia Game Developer Exchange (IGDX) NEW11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BAsiaIndonesiaVirtualIndonesia Game Developer Exchange (IGDX) is an annual event to improve the capabilities and quality of Indonesian game developers. Organized by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics in collaboration with the Indonesian Game Association (AGI).https://igdx.id/N/AGMT+8N/AN/AMeet 2 MatchNone14/10/2021 09:40:0222/11/2021 07:54:44
18 – 22 NovIndie X Online Showcase LogoIndie X Online NEW11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseEuropePortugalVirtualThe biggest indie game showcase in Portugal is back once again with a fully digital online format. Indie X is partnering with Valve in order to launch a full digital event that’s both a streaming showcase and an indie game sale with this year’s finalists and all the past finalist!https://indiex.online/N/AGMT+1FreeNoneMeet 2 MatchNone22/10/2021 08:52:1524/11/2021 09:02:29
19 – 20 NovGame Developers Session PragueGame Developers Session11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeCzech RepublicPragueOne of the oldest running games industry conferences in Central and Eastern Europe, focusing on Czechia and Slovakia. Established in 2003.https://www.gdsession.com/1000+GMT+2Pay What you WantN/AMeet 2 MatchNone24/07/2021 11:22:4222/11/2021 13:31:13
20 NovTechnically Games Australia LogoTechnically Games NEW11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BAustraliaAustraliaVirtualTechnically Games is an online, community-run event designed to sit alongside and augment the time honoured game development conferences already happening in Australia. We aim to provide a platform for all things technical in games: programming, art, security, and more.https://technicallygames.com.au/250GMT+11FreeNoneDiscordNone03/11/2021 11:55:5721/11/2021 08:40:59
20 – 21 NovLatinX Games FestivalLatinX Games Festival11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualLatinx Games Festival is the definitive video game industry event for Latinx game development, providing a platform for global opportunities to the Latinx game development community.https://www.latinxgamesfestival.com/N/AGMT-8N/AN/AN/ANone04/08/2021 13:49:4022/11/2021 07:54:50
23 – 25 Novgamesweekberlin PRO Xgamesweekberlin PRO X Partner of the Month11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeGermanyVirtualLook forward to B2B networking powered by MeetToMatch, live shows, debates and gaming on Twitch, Opening Breakfast with high level politics and influencers as well as workshops and PRO X sessions by Womenize!, the PRO X Career Day and much more.Get Your TicketN/AGMT+129 – 99€N/AMeet 2 MatchN/A28/04/2021 14:15:2026/11/2021 08:34:08
22 – 24 NovGTR Free Workship Koeln LogoKöln X GTR Workshop11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeGermanyVirtualThe first 2 days will have talks & sessions by GTR and its’ partners and Day 3 (optional) will be an Open Pitch session for you to talk about your Game Idea, showcase your demo or pitch your company to GTR and its’ partners and receive individual feedback for those interested.https://www.eventbrite.de/e/gtr-workshop-ground-voucher-program-tickets-193145953747N/AGMT+1FreeNoneN/ANone10/11/2021 09:21:1525/11/2021 07:56:08
25 – 27 NovGame Days Kosice Slovakia LogoGame Days Slovakia11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeSlovakiaKosiceAnnual games festival bringing together the local community for 8th time, now with bigger focus on business, networking and cross border knowledge exchange.https://gamedays.sk/N/AGMT+10€ – 49€49€PineNone07/10/2021 09:10:2928/11/2021 08:07:07
25 – 28 NovFEJA 5 LogoFEJA 511 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2B2CAfricaIvory CoastAbidjanThe fifth edition of FEJA will be held from November 25 to 28, 2021 at Cosmos Yopougon and will be broadcast online. The event is open to professionals and the general public. Amateurs, enthusiasts, supporters or curious, you are all invited!https://feja.ci/en/N/AGMT+0N/AN/AN/ANone19/10/2021 13:18:0329/11/2021 07:19:35
25 – 28 NovLisboa Games WeekLisboa Games Week11 – NOV2021CANCELEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CEuropePortugalLisabonLisboa Games Week or simply LGW, is a trade fair for video games held annually at the FIL Exhibition Centre in Lisbon, Portugal.https://www.lisboagamesweek.pt/N/AGMT-0N/AN/AN/AN/A08/03/2021 12:30:3303/11/2021 11:41:43
26 – 28 NovIndie Game Fest CologneIndie Game Fest11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CEuropeGermanyCologneThe Indie Game Fest is a curated, annual event in Cologne.Our goal is to connect indie studios in Germany and Europe, to create more visibility and attention for their creative and innovative products.https://indiegamefest.de/500+GMT+25€ – 125€150€ for Indie DeveloperN/AN/A10/10/2020 10:39:1029/11/2021 07:19:36
27 NovArabic Games Conference 2021 LogoArabic Games Conference NEW11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BMiddle EastVirtualVirtualThe Arabic Games Conference is a celebration of games and interactive experiences designed by Arab creators in the Arab world. Get access to resources in Arabic, as well as professional advice, and learn how to advance your game.http://arabic.games/N/AGMT+2FreeN/AN/ANone14/10/2021 09:40:5728/11/2021 08:07:09
27 NovFROG Future and Reality of Gaming LogoFROG Future and Reality of Gaming11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALAcademiaEuropeAustriaVirtualThe international conference brings together scholars, players, students, game designers, game developers, educators and experts from various disciplines to discuss the Future and Reality of Gaming. This year the conference addresses “The Magic of Games” in its many forms.https://frogvienna.atN/AGMT+2FreeNoneNoneNone04/10/2021 08:26:2628/11/2021 08:07:10
27 – 28 NovPlayCon Winter Serbia 2021 LogoPlaycon Winter11 – NOV2021FINISHEDFINISHEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2B2CEuropeSerbiaVirtualTwo days online conference for all the members of the video game development community – game dev studios, industry professionals, indie teams, fans, gamers – everybody is welcome!https://playcon.rs/N/AGMT+1FreeNoneN/ANone08/11/2021 10:04:4629/11/2021 07:19:37
6 – 9 JanMusic And Gaming Festival LogoSuper MAGFest 202201 – JAN2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesWashingtonShort for “Music And Gaming Festival,” MAGFest is a 4 day-long event dedicated to the appreciation of video game music, gaming of all types, and the gaming community. The event runs 24 hours a day.https://super.magfest.org/N/AGMT-5$110Per RequestN/ANone18/08/2021 12:49:5526/10/2021 09:28:51
15 JanIndie Showcase Amsterdam LogoIndie Showcase NEW01 – JAN2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalEuropeNetherlandsAmsterdamAlmost 2 years have passed since we could visit game events, hang out with players and devs, and play games together! Noio and Second Maze are now teaming up to host Indie Showcase – the very first indie games festival.https://www.indieshowcase.nl/N/AGMT+24,99€Curated ShowcaseN/ANone01/12/2021 11:17:3901/12/2021 11:18:09
17 – 18 JanPocket Gamer Connects London 2022 LogoPocket Gamer Connects London 202201 – JAN2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeUnited KingdomLondonPG Connects return to London as in-person event. More details soon.https://www.pgconnects.com/london/N/AGMT+1£70 – £1,249£365 (Showcase table)TBANone11/10/2021 10:34:0726/10/2021 09:28:52
20 – 25 JanTaipei Game Show 2022 LogoTaipei Game Show 202201 – JAN2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CAsiaTaiwanTaipei CityTaipei Game Show, held by Taipei Computer Association (TCA), is the only game exhibition, which combines B2B and B2C zone. From 2003, it attracts tons of gamers from all over the world because of the special and amazing content.https://tgs.tca.org.tw/N/AGMT+8TBANT$16,800 – NT$21,000Game Linker Match Up!None01/09/2021 15:05:4226/10/2021 09:28:53
28 – 30 JanGlobal Game Jam LogoGlobal Game Jam 202201 – JAN2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDVIRTUALVIRTUALGame JamNorth AmericaVirtualVirtualThe Global Game Jam® (GGJ) is the world’s largest game creation event taking place around the globe, typically at physical locations but with some virtual participation as well.http://www.globalgamejam.org40,000+N/AN/AN/ANoneNone08/05/2021 14:01:1126/10/2021 09:28:53
3 – 4 FebHyper Games Conference LogoHGC India & Asia Edition 2022 NEW02 – FEB2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BCISUkraineVirtualHyper Games Conference (HGC) is the major international online conference in its niche devoted to the development, promotion, and growth of the Hyper/Hybrid Casual Games industry. Our participants are from all over the world, about 90 countries take part in HGChttps://hgconf.com/2.500+GMT+3TBATBAPitch & MatchNone28/10/2021 15:07:2723/11/2021 09:04:43
7 – 8 FebWN Conference Berlin 2022 LogoWN Conference – Berlin 2022 NEW02 – FEB2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeGermanyBerlinThe conference will bring together about 1,000 video game industry decision makers that will be joined by another 1,000 online attendees from around the globe on the WN Hub communication platform.https://wnconf.com/2.000+GMT+260 – 720€Per requestWN HubNone01/12/2021 12:40:5301/12/2021 12:43:59
11 – 13 FebG4L Gaming Expo Festival Logo Germany#G4L Gaming Expo – Festival 202202 – FEB2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CEuropeGermanyDüsseldorf# G4L stands for AAA Games, Indies and Retro Gaming. Plus cosplay, merch, entertainment and much more. Entry from 18 years and above.https://g4l.gg/N/AGMT+214.99€ – 24.99€Starting at 99€N/ANone08/10/2021 13:25:0726/10/2021 09:28:56
12 – 18 FebYorkshire Games Festival Bradford 2022 LogoYorkshire Games Festival 202202 – FEB2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalEuropeUnited KingdomBradfordWith the Let’s Play weekend of family fun, Young Developers Conference for KS3 students, and our Game Talks programme of talks, networking and special industry guests, there’ll be lots for everyone to enjoy!https://www.scienceandmediamuseum.org.uk/whats-on/yorkshire-games-festivalN/AGMT+1TBATBAN/ANone13/10/2021 09:24:5626/10/2021 09:28:57
21 – 28 FebSteam Next Fest 2022 LogoSteam Next Fest 202202 – FEB2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualSteam Next Fest is a multi-day celebration where fans can try out demos, chat with developers, watch livestreams, and learn about upcoming games on Steam. Deadline for submissions 9th of December. https://store.steampowered.com/N/AGMT-7FreeVia submissionSteamNone06/11/2021 08:25:4019/11/2021 09:03:53
22 – 24 FebD.I.C.E. Summit LogoD.I.C.E. Summit 202202 – FEB2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesLas VegasThe 2022 D.I.C.E. Summit & D.I.C.E. Awards will be returning in-person as we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the awards and bring together industry leaders to share about the interactive entertainment industry once againhttps://www.dicesummit.org/N/AGMT-8TBATBAProprietaryNone24/06/2021 19:14:3127/10/2021 12:58:01
23 – 25 FebAfrica Games Week Cape TownAFRICA GAMES WEEK 2022 DELAYED02 – FEB2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BAfricaSouth AfricaCape TownOff the back of the last 3 year’s events Africa Games Week continues to drive exposure, opportunities, knowledge and investment to African Game Developers connecting them to the world.http://gamesweek.africa/N/AGMT+2r0 – r4,500Per RequestMeet 2 MatchN/A22/02/2021 10:19:1230/11/2021 11:47:28
26 FebThe Thing Stockholm Conference Logothe thing NEW02 – FEB2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeSwedenStockholmthe thing is friendly, cozy, relaxed and welcoming to any and every kindred soul who wants to make or already makes games in Stockholm! We will be hosting a day full of lectures, roundtables, discussions, panels, mingles, and celebrations of games and their creators.https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-thing-tickets-157024066209N/AGMT+1kr250 – kr30,000N/AN/ANone24/11/2021 10:29:0124/11/2021 10:29:26
2 – 3 MarHamburg Games Conference LogoHamburg Games Conference 202203 – MAR2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeGermanyHamburgThe Hamburg Games Conference features B2B networking, talks and opportunities for companies, professionals and students. The 2021 edition was fully online and offered a digital interactive multiplayer experience which drew more than 650 visitors.https://www.gamesconference.com/650+GMT+225 – 199€Per RequestMeet 2 MatchNone26/07/2021 18:01:5326/10/2021 09:29:00
4 – 6 MarEGX Birmingham 2022 LogoEGX Birmingham 2022 NEW DATE03 – MAR2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CEuropeUnited KingdomBirminghamFormerly Rezzed. Following fan feedback from Birmingham’s large, passionate gaming community, EGX has made the decision to return to the region in 2022 under a new name – EGX Birmingham.https://www.egx.net/N/AGMT+1TBAPer RequestNoneNone11/10/2021 12:38:4016/11/2021 09:28:14
21 – 25 MarGDC 2022 LogoGDC 202203 – MAR2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesSan FranciscoLove it or hate it. You will go there at least once. GDC returns in 2022 as in-person event / a physical conference.https://gdconf.com/N/AGMT-8$149 – $1,699N/AProprietaryNone19/07/2021 17:17:4319/11/2021 09:04:38
23 – 25 MarDigital Gaming India Expo LogoDigital Gaming India Expo 202203 – MAR2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CAsiaIndiaNew DelhiDigital gaming is not a new phenomenon. It has been around since the time of indoor games; only changing its form. Digital gaming has evolved over the years and has become an independent industry with great creative and professional potential.https://www.digitalgamingindiaexpo.com/N/AGMT+5N/AN/AN/ANone19/07/2021 09:46:5126/10/2021 09:29:02
25 – 26 MarIndieWay Business Platform March 2022 LogoIndieway (March) 202203 – MAR2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeTurkeyVirtualFree webinars for community members Business opportunities and meetings with matchmaking platform.https://www.indieway.biz/events/indieway-march-1N/AGMT+30 – 242€242€N/ANone27/08/2021 16:06:0826/10/2021 09:29:03
TBADIGRA International Conference LogoDIGRA International Conference 2022 NEW DATE04 – APR2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALAcademiaSouth AmericaMexicoGuadalajaraThe local organising committee in Guadalajara is excited to host the 2021 DiGRA International Conference, the first to be held in Latin America. This is a rescheduling of the 2020 event.http://www.digra.org/N/AGMT-6N/AN/AN/AN/A19/01/2021 15:19:4202/11/2021 13:35:04
1 – 10 AprLondon Games Festival Logo 2022London Games Festival 202204 – APR2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CEuropeUnited KingdomLondonLondon Games Festival is a major global celebration of video games and interactive entertainment. #LGF22 runs for 10 days from Friday 1 April to Sunday 10 April 2022 with events planned both in person and online.https://games.london/N/AGMT+1VariousPer eventN/ANone19/10/2021 13:21:1301/11/2021 08:55:18
6 – 7 AprGlobal Games Pitch for PC and Console Games LogoGlobal Games Pitch – PC & Console Games 202204 – APR2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BCISUkraineVirtualPitch your PC / console game online to 50+ publishers and investors!https://gdbay.com/global-games-pitch-pc-console/N/AGMT+1TBANoneProprietaryNone09/11/2021 10:10:2522/11/2021 07:54:29
7 – 9 AprWASD Tobacco Dock London Event LogoWASD04 – APR2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CEuropeUnited KingdomLondonA new video game event made for you. Play games? Make games? Study games? W.A.S.D is for you. Come to Tobacco Dock and play.https://www.wasdlive.com/N/AGMT+127 – 80€Per RequestNoneNone19/10/2021 12:55:0401/11/2021 08:55:20
13 – 16 AprCopenhagen Games LogoCopenhagen Games 202204 – APR2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalEuropeDenmarkCopenhagenEsport and gaming festival.https://copenhagengames.com/N/AGMT+2N/AN/ANoneNone28/06/2021 11:04:5718/10/2021 11:31:45
21 – 24 AprPAX East Boston 2022 LogoPAX East 202204 – APR2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesBostonPAX East is a celebration of gaming and gaming culture featuring thought-provoking panels, a massive expo hall filled with the best publishers and studios, new game demos, musical performances, tournaments, and a community experience unlike any other.https://east.paxsite.com/N/AGMT-5TBAPer requestN/ANone16/11/2021 08:35:4429/11/2021 08:00:37
25 – 26 AprCopenhagen Matchup Logo 2022Copenhagen MatchUp 202204 – APR2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeDenmarkCopenhagenMatchmaking event for investors, publishers, and Danish game developers to facilitate new partnerships and business. With the exclusion of service providers and specialized matchmaking suggestions, Copenhagen MatchUp aims to be razor sharp and to the point for its participants. https://copenhagenmatchup.dk/150 companies / 250 personsGMT +1Free (Participants will be vetted before accepted)FreeMeet 2 MatchNone11/11/2021 13:30:0724/11/2021 09:00:47
25 Apr – 1 MayNew Zealand Games Festival Wellington 2022 LogoNZ Games Festival 2022 NEW04 – APR2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalAustraliaNew ZealandWellingtonNZGF is a week-long festival centred around all things games – whether digital, tabletop or otherwise! It’s our goal to ensure everybody has the opportunity to be included in the magic of games, so we aim to provide events for all demographics.https://nzgamesfest.com/N/AGMT+13TBATBATBANone29/11/2021 08:00:5429/11/2021 08:01:30
29 – 30 AprPlay by Play Conference 2022 LogoPlay by Play 202204 – APR2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BAustraliaNew ZealandWellingtonWellington’s favourite offbeat game development conference is back for our sixth year! Play by Play aims to provide attendees with a curated smorgasbord of eclectic content, bespoke knowledge and oft unexplored realms of our craft.https://playbyplay.co.nz/play-by-play-2022/N/AGMT+13TBATBAN/ANone18/11/2021 16:33:1801/12/2021 07:54:12
16 – 17 MayPocket Gamer Connects Seattle 2022 LogoPocket Gamer Connects Seattle 202205 – MAY2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesSeattlePocket Gamer Connects return to Seattle as in-person event. More details soon.https://www.pgconnects.com/seattle/N/AGMT-7TBATBATBANone25/10/2021 13:57:2508/11/2021 08:04:46
17 – 20 MayNordic Game 2022 LogoNordic Game 202205 – MAY2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeSwedenMalmöNordic Game and partners in the region plan to expand Europe’s leading games industry conference into a hybrid event in 2022, both online and on-stage in Malmö, as well as launch a new consumer-oriented expo in the same venue, to share the excitement of making games with a wider audience.https://nordicgame.com/N/AGMT+2TBAPer RequestMeet 2 MatchNone27/09/2021 11:39:4626/10/2021 09:29:17
18 – 19 MayAddon 2022 Rennes LogoADDON 202205 – MAY2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeFranceRennesDedicated to professionals in the video game industry, the event will offer 2 days of technical conferences related to production, but also plenty of networking time, all in a friendly atmosphere, in the heart of Rennes.https://addon.events/N/AGMT+2TBATBAN/ANone22/10/2021 10:34:4404/11/2021 09:05:40
25 – 28 MayArctic Game Week 2022 LogoArctic Game Week 202205 – MAY2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CEuropeSwedenSkellefteåArctic Game Week features everything from industry conferences, investor meetups and networking to Nordsken Convention. Take part of networking and masterclasses, investor workshops, game student recruitment day, B2B parties and game conferences.https://www.arcticgameconference.com/N/AGMT+1TBATBAMeet 2 MatchNone14/10/2021 09:39:0028/10/2021 15:07:22
26 – 29 MayMomoCon 2022 LogoMomoCon 202205 – MAY2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesAtlantaMomoCon brings together fans of Japanese Anime, American Animation, Comics, Video Games, and Tabletop Games to celebrate their passion over 4 days.https://www.momocon.com/N/AGMT-5$35 – $65Per requestN/AN/A05/03/2021 08:46:1514/10/2021 09:39:03
27 – 28 MayGame Access Conference LogoGame Access Conference 202205 – MAY2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CEuropeCzech RepublicBrnoFamed for its relaxed atmosphere, inspiring speakers, outstanding design and rich accompanying program, Game Access is fast becoming one of the most sought-after and beloved game dev events in the region.https://game-access.com/conference/1.500+GMT+1Per RequestN/AN/AN/A21/05/2021 10:46:2826/10/2021 09:29:18
10 – 12 JunPixel Heaven 2022 Festival LogoPixel Heaven 2022 NEW06 – JUN2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalEuropePolandWarsaw10th edition of Pixel Heaven Games Festival & More is one of Europe’s key events dedicated to the fans of electronic entertainment. It’s also one of the biggest European events for indie game developers.https://www.pixelheavenfest.com/en/N/AGMT+1TBAPer requestN/ANone24/11/2021 13:24:2024/11/2021 13:33:29
11 – 12 JunGaming Community Expo GCX 2022 LogoGCX (Gaming Community Expo) 202206 – JUN2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesOrlandoMeet developers, content creators, artists and so much more as the gaming community comes together to raise a ton of money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. With loads of fun on the show floor come celebrate how #GamingDoesGood with us.https://www.gcxevent.com/N/AGMT-4$65 – $145Per requestN/ANone27/08/2021 12:25:4224/11/2021 13:33:32
13 – 17 JunSerious Play Conference UCF 2022 LogoSerious Play 202206 – JUN2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDAcademiaNorth AmericaUnited StatesLos AngelesThe Serious Play Conference is a leadership conference for professionals who are exploring the use of game-based learning, sharing their experience and working together to shape the future of training and education.https://www.seriousplayconf.com/N/AGMT-6TBATBAN/ANone15/11/2021 14:15:2129/11/2021 08:00:40
22 – 23 JunSumo Digital Developers Conference Sheffield 2022 LogoSumo Developers Conference 202206 – JUN2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomSheffieldThis exciting event in Sheffield will connect our talented developers from all Sumo Digital studios to share knowledge and learn from experts.https://www.sumo-digital.com/N/AGMT+1TBATBATBANone22/10/2021 08:21:5504/11/2021 09:05:43
24 – 25 JunIndieWay Business Platform June 2022 LogoIndieway June 202206 – JUN2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeTurkeyVirtualFree webinars for community members Business opportunities and meetings with matchmaking platformhttps://www.indieway.biz/events/indieway-june-3N/AGMT+30-230 €230€N/ANone15/10/2021 13:14:4528/10/2021 15:16:30
5 – 10 JulBIG Festival 2022 LogoBIG Festival 202207 – JUL2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalSouth AmericaBrazilSão PauloBIG Festival (Brazil’s Independent Games Festival) happens since 2012 and is the most important independent games festival and business forum in Latin America.https://www.bigfestival.com.br/homeen.htmlN/AGMT-3N/AN/AN/AN/A19/07/2021 10:16:0126/10/2021 09:29:25
12 – 14 JulDevelop: Brighton 202207 – JUL2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomBrightonDevelop:Brighton has been bringing together the European Game Dev community from global superstars to micro indies – since 2006. Come and learn from your peers and share your experiences, hear from the industry’s leading lights, get up-to-date with tools, and network.https://www.developconference.com/N/AGMT+1TBATBAN/ANone26/10/2021 18:52:1808/11/2021 08:04:49
4 – 7 AugGen Con 2022 LogoGen Con 202208 – AUG2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesIndianapolisGen Con is the largest and longest-running tabletop gaming convention in North America, held annually in Indianapolis, INhttps://www.gencon.com/N/AGMT-4TBATBAN/ANone30/09/2021 09:10:2826/10/2021 09:29:29
7 – 11 AugSiggraph Vancouver 2022 LogoSiggraph 202208 – AUG2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BNorth AmericaCanadaVancouverSIGGRAPH 2022 is the premier conference for computer graphics and interactive techniques worldwide. This year, we gather in person in Vancouver and virtually to celebrate our diverse, global community and the stories, innovations, and industry advancements that make us SIGGRAPH.https://s2022.siggraph.org/N/AGMT-7TBATBAN/ANone20/10/2021 09:33:5502/11/2021 08:00:55
24 – 28 Auggamescom Cologne 2022 Logogamescom 202208 – AUG2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2CEuropeGermanyCologneThe event will be a hybrid, bringing back the physical show gamescom is known for but also building on the online elements from 2021 iteration.https://www.gamescom.de/N/AGMT+2TBAPer RequestN/ANone31/08/2021 16:34:1626/10/2021 09:29:30
7 – 9 SepGames Industry Law Summit Vilnius 2022 LogoGames Industry Law Summit 202209 – SEP2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALSummitEuropeLithuaniaVilniusRegistrations for Summit VII are currently OPEN for the qualified attendees (you must be actively involved in the games industry matters and have a recommendation from one of the event’s board members). The event has a strict limit of 200 people.https://gameslawsummit.org/200GMT+3Invite OnlyNoneNoneNone13/10/2021 09:24:0726/10/2021 09:29:34
15 – 18 SepTGS Tokyo Game Show 2022 LogoTokyo Game Show 202209 – SEP2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CAsiaJapanTokyoTokyo Game Show, commonly known as TGS, is a video game expo / convention held annually in September in the Makuhari Messe, in Chiba, Japan. It is presented by the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association and Nikkei Business Publications.https://tgs.nikkeibp.co.jp/tgs/2021/en/N/AGMT+9TBAPer RequestProprietaryNone05/10/2021 19:30:0126/10/2021 09:29:35
22 – 25 SepEGX London 2022 LogoEGX London 202209 – SEP2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CEuropeUnited KingdomLondonEGX aims to keep players and their experience at the centre of events, allowing fans and developers to continue coming together, celebrating the games community and creating unforgettable memories.https://www.egx.net/N/AGMT+1TBAPer RequestN/ANone11/10/2021 12:39:2326/10/2021 09:29:36
27 – 28 SepPocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2022 LogoPocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 202209 – SEP2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeFinlandHelsinkiPG Connects is returning back to Helsinki as in-person event. More details soon.https://www.pgconnects.com/helsinki/N/AGMT+2TBATBATBANone11/10/2021 10:35:1026/10/2021 09:29:37
TBABaltic Dev Days 2022 LogoBaltic Dev Days 202209 – SEP2022DELAYEDDELAYEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeGermanyKielThe Baltic Dev Days is a non-profit oriented event and is part of the Digital Week Kiel. Every year we bring together the brightest minds of several verticals to discuss innovative solutions.https://www.balticdevdays.com/550+GTM+1N/AN/AN/AN/A02/02/2021 10:55:0411/10/2021 10:35:38
6 – 12 OctBrazil Game Show LogoBrazil Game Show 202210 – OCT2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CSouth AmericaBrazilSão PauloThe Largest Gaming Show in Latin America.https://www.brasilgameshow.com.br/N/AGMT-3R$99.5 – R$1.950N/AN/ANone07/08/2021 11:09:3126/10/2021 09:29:40
13 – 16 OctGamescom Asia 2022 Singapore Logogamescom Asia 2022 NEW10 – OCT2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2B2CAsiaSingaporeSingaporeGamescom Asia has both B2B and B2C offerings and we hope to see more of you at Trade Zone but also your upcoming games at the Entertainment Zone in 2022. With this being the prelude to a fuller scale event in 2022, there’s more of gamescom asia to come in the future.https://gamescom.asia/N/AGMT+8TBATBATBANone25/10/2021 13:31:5326/10/2021 09:29:41
17 – 20 NovLisboa Games Week Portugal 2022 LogoLisboa Games Week 2022 NEW11 – NOV2022SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CEuropePortugalLisabonLisboa Games Week or simply LGW, is a trade fair for video games held annually at the FIL Exhibition Centre in Lisbon, Portugal.https://www.lisboagamesweek.pt/N/AGMT-0TBATBAN/ANone03/11/2021 11:49:4403/11/2021 12:02:36