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23 – 24 JanPocket Gamer Connect London 2023 LogoPocket Gamer Connects London PARTNER OF THE MONTH01 – JAN2023FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomLondonPG Connects return to London as in-person event in 2023. More details soon.https://www.pgconnects.com/london/1,900+GMT+1£129 – £1,299£299 (Indie Table)Meet 2 MatchNone01/08/2022 19:57:4125/01/2023 08:01:49
5 – 8 JanSuper Magfest 2022 LogoSuper MAGFest01 – JAN2023FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesWashingtonShort for “Music And Gaming Festival,” MAGFest is a four day-long event dedicated to the appreciation of video game music, gaming of all types, and the gaming community. The event runs 24 hours a day.https://super.magfest.org/N/AGMT-5$125TBAN/ANone04/08/2022 09:39:3909/01/2023 07:41:23
13 – 14 JanMobidictum Network Istanbul 2023 LogoMobidictum Network – Istanbul01 – JAN2023FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeTurkeyIstanbulMobidictum Business Meetup has been rebranded as Mobidictum Network! The game industry meets in Istanbul. Career in Games, the career event for the game industry will take places a day later after Mobidictum Network, and is free!https://events.mobidictum.biz/mobidictum-network-istanbul-2023/250+GMT+329 – 179€N/AN/ANone23/11/2022 08:12:0316/01/2023 07:37:29
30 Jan – 5 FebGlobal Game Jam 2023Global Game Jam02 – FEB2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDGame JamNorth AmericaNorth AmericaVirtual2023 will be the 15th edition of GGJ and seeing as how it is such a big occasion we decided to make things even bigger this year. GGJ Prep week will happen the week prior to GGJ and feature an entire week’s worth of content hosted on our Twitch and YouTube channels.https://globalgamejam.org/N/AN/AFreeFreeN/ANone10/09/2022 08:14:1012/12/2022 09:14:05
2 – 3 FebHGC Hyper Games Conference #8 VirtualHyper Games Conference #802 – FEB2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeEuropeVirtualHyper Games Conference is the main international online conference devoted to the development, marketing, and growth of the hyper/hybrid-casual, all mobile & Web3 games industries.https://hgconf.com/1500+GMT+20 – 49€TBAN/ANone02/01/2023 11:34:5724/01/2023 08:36:51
2 – 5 FebTaipei Game Show 2023 LogoTaipei Game Show02 – FEB2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CAsiaTaiwanTaipeiTGS will be held on February 2-5, 2023 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1. The Asia Pacific Game Summit, B2B ZONE, and B2C ZONE will be hosted during this period. The theme of the show in 2023: “Come in Gameverse”, inviting gamers to explore a next-gen gaming experience.https://tgs.tca.org.tw/N/AGMT+8TBATWD $3,000 – TWD $60,000N/ANone26/07/2022 13:09:3612/12/2022 09:14:07
4 – 10 FebYorkshire Games Festival 2023 LogoYorkshire Games Festival02 – FEB2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalEuropeUnited KingdomBradfordA unique festival of all things gaming, celebrating games culture, design and production with special industry guests—returning to the museum in February 2023.https://www.scienceandmediamuseum.org.uk/whats-on/yorkshire-games-festivalN/AGMT+1£20 – £25TBAN/ANone25/10/2022 11:22:1509/12/2022 08:12:15
6 – 13 FebSteam Next Fest 2023 LogoSteam Next Fest02 – FEB2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDVIRTUALVIRTUALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualSteam Next Fest is a multi-day celebration where fans can try out demos, chat with developers, watch livestreams, and learn about upcoming games on Steam. Deadline for submissions 3rd of November.https://store.steampowered.com/N/AGMT-7FreeVia submissionSteamNone12/10/2022 20:30:2412/12/2022 09:14:11
8 – 9 FebG4L Final Boss Conference 2022 Logo#G4L FINAL BOSS02 – FEB2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeGermanyDüsseldorfFINAL BOSS Conference wants to build bridges. The games industry can have meaningful exchange with the non-gaming industry which is adopting games technology and know-how. Also, it is the first conference to facilitate creative exchange between the creators of digital and analog games.https://G4L.gg/finalboss1500GMT+2149€Per requestProprietaryNone08/10/2021 13:25:0712/12/2022 09:14:12
8 – 9 FebGames Forum Barcelona 2023 LogoGamesforum Barcelona02 – FEB2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeSpainBarcelonaGamesforum Barcelona will run across 2 days for the first time since its conception. Day 1 of the event will focus on User Acquisition (UA) whilst day 2 will focus on Ad Monetization.https://www.globalgamesforum.com/barcelona-home/N/AGMT+2£349 – £1.399NoneN/ANone17/11/2022 09:47:2510/01/2023 10:20:51
8 – 9 FebWhite Nights Conference Belgrade 2023 LogoWN Belgrade02 – FEB2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeSerbiaBelgradeA series of international b2b events for the game industry comes to Belgrade, Serbia in February 2023.https://wnconf.com/belgrade-23N/AGMT+2$99 – $700Per requestWN HubNone02/12/2022 12:54:3002/01/2023 10:55:00
10 FebGuildford Games Festival 2023 LogoGuildford Games Festival02 – FEB2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalEuropeUnited KingdomGuildfordThe guildford games festival showcases the best games companies in the region & highlights the latest career opportunities in local studios.https://guildford.games/N/AGMT+1FreeN/AN/ANone09/12/2022 08:28:1202/01/2023 08:29:12
10 – 12 FebG4L Celebrate Gaming 2022 logo#G4L – Celebrate Gaming02 – FEB2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalEuropeGermanyDüsseldorf#G4L – Celebrate Gaming is the new Gaming and Music Festival for Germany, the GSA and BENELUX regions as well as eastern France. On three days, 45,000 or more attendees (consumers) will celebrate all sorts of games – no matter if digital or analog as well as witness live music performances.https://g4l.gg45,000+GMT+1Starting at 19.99€https://G4L.gg/pitchdeckProprietaryNone12/10/2022 20:13:3516/11/2022 08:16:02
13 – 17 FebGame Max Game Week Belgium 2023 LogoGame Max | Game Week NEW02 – FEB2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CEuropeBelgiumMonsA whole week dedicated to game development. Since its creation, the objective has been simple: to boost the video game sector in the heart of Hainaut and, by extension, in Belgium. GameWeek is a free event open to everyone: students, developers, trainers, international relations, journalists.https://gamemax.be/en/gameweek/N/AGMT+2FreeNoneN/ANone17/01/2023 08:58:5517/01/2023 08:59:33
21 – 23 FebDice Summit Las Vegas 2023 LogoDICE Summit02 – FEB2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesLas VegasThe D.I.C.E. Summit is the premier video game networking conference which includes a variety of intimate and exciting events to make sure you get the best time to interface with our attendees.https://www.dicesummit.org/N/AGMT-7$850 – $3,250TBAN/ANone25/10/2022 11:21:3712/12/2022 09:14:20
23 FebGames Growth Summit 2023 LogoGames Growth Summit02 – FEB2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomLondonOur day-long, in-person event will cover all aspects of growth needed to scale a business, including investment, finance and PR.https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/games-growth-summit-tickets-418587284837200GMT+1£65 – £175NoneNoneNone18/11/2022 08:41:2802/01/2023 08:29:16
1 – 2 MarDevGAMM Gdansk 2023 LogoDevGAMM Gdańsk03 – MAR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropePolandGdańskDevGAMM Gdańsk 2023 is the first conference that DevGAMM organizes in Poland. It will be held on March 1-2, at AmberExpo. The event will be done in collaboration with Digital Vikings. Expect Showcase, Digital Vikings Awards, Career Wall with job offers and more. Submit games until January 25.Check the websiteN/AGMT+2$75 – $200Per requestPineNone26/11/2022 07:16:1202/01/2023 08:29:19
1 – 2 MarHamburg Games Conference 2023 LogoHamburg Games Conference03 – MAR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeGermanyHamburgThe Hamburg Games Conference is back as a two-day on-site event! 2023, the conference focuses on the topic “Invest in Games” with a second track about funding, and dev/startup-topics. Additionally, the conference offers an expo and extensive networking opportunities, including MeetToMatch.https://www.gamesconference.com/600GMT +1starting from 99€N/AMeet 2 MatchNone23/11/2022 08:11:0202/01/2023 08:29:21
2 – 4 MarValencia Indie Summit 2023 LogoValencia Indie Summit NEW03 – MAR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalEuropeSpainValenciaTwo days devoted to professionals in the videogame sector —developers and industry respectively— and a third one devoted to the general public. Both sections with talks, round tables, project exhibitions, networking area and a financing and investment table.http://valenciaindiesummit.com/index.html600+GMT+2TBAFree Via ShowcaseN/ANone11/01/2023 09:41:5511/01/2023 09:46:38
3 – 4 MarGamedev & Creative Careers Expo03 – MAR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALHR / RecruitmentEuropePolandWarsawThe sixth edition of the International Gamedev & Creative Careers Expo and Conference is an event dedicated to networking between employers and individuals and companies looking to collaborate in the video game and related creative sectors.https://gcce.eu/en/N/AGMT+20 – 90 złPer requestN/ANone25/11/2022 16:44:1402/01/2023 08:29:24
8 – 9 MarIndieGame Business 2023 LogoIndie Game Business Sessions: March Edition NEW03 – MAR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualJoin us for our 13th event featuring a wide variety of business, marketing, and licensing sessions for the first time. Tickets to participate in all sessions are completely free. Meeting system is behind paywall.https://www.powellgroupconsulting.com/indiegamebusiness/N/AGMT-8$0 – $50NoneMeet 2 MatchNone16/01/2023 11:43:3119/01/2023 14:30:10
17 – 20 MarMIX Direct Spring Showcase 2023 LogoMIX Direct Spring Showcase \03 – MAR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesSan FranciscoWe’ll present announcements, trailers, new gameplay, and more in this online showcase as a preview and lead into GDC week, bringing together some of the hottest developers and publishers around the world. The tradition of kicking off GDC week Monday with The MIX returns onsite and in person again this year, on 20th of March.https://www.mediaindieexchange.com/event/the-mix-direct-spring-2023-showcase/N/AGMT-8Free / Via SubmissionVia SubmissionNoneNone13/01/2023 08:50:1925/01/2023 15:32:52
19 MarCourage XL San Francisco GDC 2023 LogoCourage XL03 – MAR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesSan FranciscoMeetup with GDC & GameConnection visitors the day before the conferences start! 30 (indie) game developers to showcase their latest game, play a game and get a drink + meet 500+ game industry professionals.https://courage.events/event/couragexl2023/500GMT-8FreeTBANoneNone12/12/2022 08:50:3902/01/2023 08:29:30
20 – 21 MarGame Connection 2023 LogoGame Connection03 – MAR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesSan FranciscoGame Connection is the perfect event if you are looking to meet new partners and prospects within the video game industry. You can attend the event to pitch your last projects, promote your services, share your expertise or invest in games and products.https://www.game-connection.com/N/AGMT-8790€Per requestProprietaryNone06/12/2022 15:23:5624/01/2023 15:34:21
20 – 24 MarGame Developers Conference GDC 2023 LogoGDC 202303 – MAR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesSan FranciscoLove it or hate it. You will go there at least once.https://gdconf.com/24.000+GMT-8$188 – $1,748TBAProprietaryNone20/03/2022 06:07:3624/01/2023 15:58:05
20 – 24 MarMeet To Match San Francisco Edition 2023 LogoMeetToMatch – The San Francisco Edition03 – MAR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesSan FranciscoMeet all relevant publishers, investors, and developers during one of the biggest games industry gatherings in San Francisco. And this year we have added the Monday and Tuesday as well, so you can plan your meetings for 5 whole days at a location of your choosing!https://www.meettomatch.com/sanfrancisco/N/AGMT-879€N/AMeet 2 MatchNone09/12/2022 08:29:0402/01/2023 08:29:48
21 MarEuropean Games Showcase GDC 2023 LogoEuropean Game Showcase03 – MAR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesSan FranciscoThe European Game Showcase at GDC is a pro-bono event where 30+ European developers showcase their newest games to the press, publishers, and strategic partners. It’s an invite-only event aimed to help developers and their showcased projects in taking the next steps towards success.http://europeangameshowcase.com/N/AGMT-8Invite OnlyVia showcaseMeet 2 MatchNone12/12/2022 08:51:1402/01/2023 08:29:51
22 – 23 MarESI Next Gen 2023 LogoESI Next Gen03 – MAR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomCoventryESI Next Gen, working with the University of Warwick, is focused on uniting leaders across the video games, esports, and education sectors. Expect practical applications and use cases highlighted both on the main stage and workshops.https://esportsinsider.com/events/esi-next-gen250+GMT+1£60 – £250N/AN/ANone12/12/2022 08:57:2602/01/2023 08:29:53
23 MarFuture Games Show Spring Edition 2023 LogoFuture Games Show: Spring Showcase NEW03 – MAR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualThe Future Games Show (FGS) will return for three events during 2023 with our first broadcast due on March 23. The Future Games Show Spring Showcase will spotlight the best and most interesting multi-format games of the year ahead with FGS @E3 to follow in June, and FGS @Gamescom in August.https://www.gamesradar.com/future-games-show/N/AGMT-8FreeVia showcaseNoneNone16/01/2023 11:46:0116/01/2023 11:46:42
23 – 26 MarPAX East 2023 LogoPAX East03 – MAR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesBostonPAX East is a celebration of gaming and gaming culture featuring thought-provoking panels, a massive expo hall filled with the best publishers and studios, new game demos, musical performances, tournaments, and a community experience unlike any other.https://east.paxsite.com/en-us.htmlN/AGMT-5$67 – $247Per requestN/ANone03/12/2022 08:30:3702/01/2023 08:29:56
24 – 25 MarIndieway Biz 2023 LogoIndieway (March) NEW DATE03 – MAR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeTurkeyIstanbulA series of events focusing on MENA region. Showcase + networking.https://www.indieway.biz/events/marchN/AGMT+36 – 250€N/AN/ANone06/12/2022 15:08:0425/01/2023 15:32:56
24 – 26 MarDStars Conference 2023 LogoDStars NEW03 – MAR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeItalyPadovaWe want to talk about the creators, having their personal contributions celebrated. We want these stars of the games industry, from inspiring veteran developers to young rising stars, to be able to have their contributions recognized. We have an award. We have a conference. We love Italian devs.http://www.dstars.it/N/AGMT+2TBATBAN/ANone16/01/2023 11:42:4416/01/2023 11:43:17
25 MarGame Pavilion JP 2022 LogoGamepavilionjp03 – MAR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CAsiaJapanOsakaThe Game Pavilion JP is organized by volunteers who have held game exhibitions in Osaka and Tokyo. Showcase is free to enter for public, networking part followed after is exclusively for professionals.http://gamepavilion.jp/wp/N/AGMT+9TBAVia submissionN/ANone10/11/2022 09:11:1602/01/2023 08:29:59
27 – 29 MarDigital Gaming India ExpoDigital Gaming India Expo03 – MAR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BAsiaIndiaNew DelhiThe Digital Gaming India Expo 2023 will bring together the entire eco-system from India and overseas to take the Indian Gaming Industry to the next level. The forum facilitates collaboration amongst gaming companies and showcases institutions.https://www.digitalgamingindiaexpo.com/N/AGMT+5:30TBAPer RequestN/ANone25/10/2022 11:22:5612/12/2022 09:14:42
29 MarWN Hub CEO Summit London 2023 LogoWN CEO Summit03 – MAR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomLondonJoin industry veterans and gaming visionairies for an open dialog. Feel free to take part in the organised discussions with up to 10 people or just network with CEOs and entrepreneurs, form partnerships and make deals.https://wn.events/ceosummit-london23N/AGMT+1$1000NONEWN HubNone02/01/2023 11:33:0824/01/2023 08:37:43
29 Mar – 8 AprLondon Games Festival 2022 logoLondon Games Festival03 – MAR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalEuropeUnited KingdomLondonHighlights for 2023 include another mix of compelling events for games industry professionals and the public such as: Games Finance Market 2023, WASD, BAFTA Games Awards, Now Play This & more.https://games.london/25.000+GMT+1TBATBAN/ANone19/10/2022 09:07:3712/12/2022 09:14:45
30 MarLondon Developer Conference 2023 LogoLondon Developer Conference NEW03 – MAR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomLondonPart of London Games Festival. There will be a chance to take part in live sessions with games industry pioneers, either giving a short talk offering the benefit of their experience, or taking part in a panel or round table to help educate and inform across a broad spectrum of relevant topics.https://www.londondevconference.com/N/AGMT+1£150 – £175N/AN/ANone23/01/2023 17:48:3223/01/2023 17:49:24
30 Mar – 1 AprWASD Live 2022 LogoWASD03 – MAR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CEuropeUnited KingdomLondonPlay games? Make games? Study games? – W.A.S.D is for you. Come and play.https://www.wasdlive.com/N/AGMT+1£12.50 – £50.00TBAN/ANone19/10/2022 09:06:2812/12/2022 09:14:47
5 – 6 AprGlobal Games Pitch Spring Edition 2023 logoGlobal Games Pitch – Spring Edition NEW04 – APR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeUkraineVirtualOnline international games pitching show and 365/7 matchmaking portal.https://gdbay.com/global-games-pitch/N/AGMT+2$9 – $125NonePineNone16/01/2023 11:47:0216/01/2023 11:47:36
7 – 10 AprInsomnia Gaming Festival 2023 logoInsomnia Gaming Festival NEW04 – APR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalEuropeUnited KingdomBirminghamIn ‘23 we’re adding more exhibitors, more brands, and more GAMES! Play the latest games, take part in tournaments, meet creators and voice actors, pick up some gaming merch and much, much more. Join us from April 7th to celebrate all things gaming and for the UK’s Biggest LAN Party!https://insomniagamingfestival.com/N/AGMT+1£28.81 – £81.37Per requestN/ANone17/01/2023 09:53:2417/01/2023 09:55:06
11 – 14 AprFoundations of Digital Games 2023 LogoFoundations of Digital Games04 – APR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropePortugalLisbonThe 18th Foundations of Digital Games (FDG) held in Lisbon, Portugal, invites all research contributions in the form of papers, posters, demos, doctoral consortium applications, as well as panels, competitions, and workshop proposals.http://fdg2023.org/N/AGMT+0TBATBAN/ANone16/12/2022 08:14:3502/01/2023 08:30:02
10 – 12 AprGames Gathering 2023 Logoo PragueGames Gathering Prague NEW04 – APR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeCzech RepublicPragueIs an international game conference in Prague focused on the work skills upgrade, helping to find business partners or investors, and providing job opportunities. First day of the conference is virtual.https://ggconference.com/en/conference/games-gathering-2023-prague/1600GMT+2$9 – $159N/APineNone11/01/2023 10:32:4611/01/2023 10:33:27
15 AprTokyo Sandbox Akihabara 2023 LogoTokyo Sandbox04 – APR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalAsiaJapanTokyoTokyo Indie Fest started as an initiative by the local gaming community to bring indie games out of dark, enclosed spaces into the limelight. Indies are not a side show, but the main event.https://www.tokyosandbox.com/1200GMT+9¥1,000 -¥2,000¥20,000N/ANone06/12/2022 15:07:2302/01/2023 08:30:05
18 – 19 AprMeet and Greet 2023 LogoThe Game Assembly – Meet and Greet NEW04 – APR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeSwedenStockholm / MalmöAt Meet and Greet, we gather game companies for a fair like set up where the students can come to introduce themselves and show off their portfolios, in search for internship. Around 40 game companies from different countries attends The Game Assembly’s Meet and Greet.https://www.thegameassembly.com/meet-and-greet/N/AGMT+1TBATBAN/ANone16/01/2023 11:47:5016/01/2023 11:48:28
18 – 20 AprEast Coast Game Conference Raleigh 2023 LogoECGC – East Coast Game Conference04 – APR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesRaleighThe Largest Conference for Game Developers on the East Coast.https://ecgconf.com/N/AGMT-4TBATBAN/ANone01/06/2022 09:25:5812/12/2022 09:14:52
20 – 21 AprXP Game Developer Summit Toronto 2023 LogoXP Game Developers Summit04 – APR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaCanadaTorontoXP Game Developer Summit will return to Toronto for its 4th year at the Westin Harbour Castle on April 20 & 21st, 2023. Featuring global networking, world-class speakers, exclusive panels, workshops, Canada’s largest game showcase, and more.https://xpgamesummit.com/N/AGMT-5CA$54.06 – CA$637.54Per requestMeet 2 MatchNone09/12/2022 16:58:0713/01/2023 08:45:27
21 AprEPC Everything Procedural Conference 2023 LogoEPC – Everything Procedural Conference NEW04 – APR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALAcademiaEuropeNetherlandsBredaWe are crafting a full day programme on procedural content generation in games, where speakers will share their knowledge and experience. During the conference there will be enough time to ask questions and connect.http://everythingprocedural.com/N/AGMT+2TBAN/ANoneNone20/01/2023 14:10:0520/01/2023 14:11:22
24 – 25 AprCopenhagen MatchUp 2023 LogoCopenhagen Matchup NEW04 – APR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeDenmarkCopenhagenCopenhagen MatchUp is Denmark’s largest games industry matchmaking event. Pairing investors & publishers from across the Worlds with the best of the Danish Games industry both online and on-site over two days in April.https://copenhagenmatchup.dk/N/AGMT+1Invite onlyNoneMeet 2 MatchNone16/01/2023 11:40:5316/01/2023 11:41:32
24 – 26 AprReboot Develop Blue Dubrovnik Croatia 2023 LogoReboot Develop Blue04 – APR2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeCroatiaDubrovnikPrime gathering spot of the best that worldwide games industry has to offer in its eight year is reaching record attendance and delivering, huge, unique and unbeatable speaker lineup.https://rebootdevelopblue.com/1,500+GMT+2295 – 895€Per requestNoneNone03/10/2022 16:11:3902/01/2023 08:30:12
4 – 8 MayLudonarracon Showcase 2023 LogoLudoNarraCon05 – MAY2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDVIRTUALVIRTUALShowcaseAustraliaAustraliaAustraliaLudoNarraCon is a digital convention celebrating narrative video games, hosted on Steam. An initiative of indie label Fellow Traveller, it aims to create a platform to showcase and celebrate interesting and innovative narrative games.https://www.ludonarracon.com/N/AN/AFreeVia submissionSteamNone15/12/2022 14:29:0202/01/2023 08:30:15
8 – 10 MayLA Games Conference Online 2023 LogoLA Games Conference NEW05 – MAY2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualLA Games Conference Online features 3 tracks over 3 days – with fireside chats, roundtables, panels, and presentations on digital game investment, creation, distribution, marketing, and monetization. Stay tuned for speaker announcements!https://lagamesconference.com/N/AGMT-8TBATBAN/ANone16/01/2023 11:45:1316/01/2023 11:45:46
9 – 11 MayGames Law Summit Unpacked 2022 LogoGames Industry Law Unpacked05 – MAY2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropePolandWarsawGames Industry Law Unpacked is an inclusive legal event that runs each year in Warsaw, in May. The two-day program of the conference covers all the principal legal aspects of the international games industry.https://gameslawsummit.org/warsaw-unpacked/200GMT+2Invite Only (600€)NoneN/ANone09/05/2022 08:34:3812/12/2022 09:14:57
10 – 13 MayA Maze Berlin 2023 LogoA Maze05 – MAY2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalEuropeGermanyBerlinA MAZE. / Berlin 2023 : Get ready for the most amazing games and playful media festival in Berlin.https://2022.amaze-berlin.de/N/AGMT+280€ – 120€N/AN/ANone05/09/2022 08:29:4012/12/2022 09:14:59
15 – 16 MayDigital Dragons 2023 LogoDigital Dragons05 – MAY2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropePolandKrakowDigital Dragons is Central and Eastern Europe’s prime games industry conference addressed to representatives of the digital entertainment sector.https://digitaldragons.pl/2000+GMT+2220€ – 650€TBAN/ANone25/10/2022 10:38:3828/01/2023 15:51:06
16 – 17 MayADDON Rennes 2023 LogoADDON NEW05 – MAY2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeFranceRennesDedicated to professionals in the video game industry, the event will offer 2 days of technical conferences related to production, but also plenty of networking time, all in a friendly atmosphere, in the heart of Rennes.https://addon.events/N/AGMT+2198€ – 396€TBAB2MatchNone11/01/2023 09:52:0924/01/2023 15:41:57
22 – 23 MayGamesBeat Summit 2023 LogoGamesBest Summit NEW05 – MAY2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesLos AngelesGoing onto its 15th edition, GamesBeat Summit will take place over the course of three days. The first two days will take place in Los Angeles where attendees will be able to network in an incredible and fun venue with over 500 in-person attendees followed by a third day of online content.https://events.venturebeat.com/gamesbeat-summit-2023/500GMT-8$99 – $999NoneSwapcardNone16/01/2023 11:44:3116/01/2023 11:44:55
23 – 24 MayEsports Conex 2023 LogoEsports Conex05 – MAY2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeFranceParisThe mission of Esports Conex is to provide you, as esports industry professionals, with a conference and an exhibition to connect, be inspired, do business, grow … and to have fun. Esports Conex – the World’s Greatest Esports Business Gathering, formerly Esports Bar.https://www.esports-conex.com/en-gb.html600+GMT+2TBATBAN/ANone25/10/2022 10:41:1112/12/2022 09:15:02
23 – 26 MayNordic Game 2023 LogoNordic Game05 – MAY2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BEuropeSwedenMalmöThe Nordic Game conference is held each spring in Malmö, Sweden. Since 2020, we also organise an autumn event each year. This 15-16 November marks our exciting debut in Helsinki, Finland. Next year, Nordic Game returns online and to Slagthuset in Malmö with NG23 Spring on 23-26 May.https://conf.nordicgame.com/N/AGMT+1299 – 599€TBAMeet 2 MatchNone18/11/2022 10:18:2102/01/2023 08:30:23
25 – 26 MayGamesUR Summit Seattle 2023 Logo#GamesURSummit NEW05 – MAY2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesSeattleThe #gamesUR Summit is proudly presented by the Games Research and User Experience Special Interest Group of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA GRUX SIG).https://gamesurconf.com/us/N/AGMT-8TBATBAN/ANone16/01/2023 11:41:5416/01/2023 11:45:19
25 – 28 MayMomoCon 2023 Logo AtlantaMomoCon05 – MAY2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesAtlantaMomoCon brings together fans of Japanese Anime, American Animation, Comics, Video Games, and Tabletop Games to celebrate their passion by costuming / cosplay, browsing the huge exhibitors hall, meeting celebrity voice talent, designers, and writers behind their favorite shows, games, and comics.https://www.momocon.com/N/AGMT-5$40 – $95N/AN/ANone18/07/2022 09:21:2802/01/2023 10:21:10
26 – 28 JunPixel Heaven 2023 LogoPixel Heaven06 – JUN2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CEuropePolandWarsawPixel Heaven Games Festival & More is one of Europe’s key events dedicated to the fans of electronic entertainment, the ones who’ll never forget the first 8-/16-bit computers, the comic and board game enthusiasts, and the nostalgic ones who just love the atmosphere of the ’80s and ’90s.https://www.pixelheavenfest.com/en/N/AGMT+2TBATBAN/ANone01/08/2022 19:59:0324/01/2023 08:38:22
1 – 2 JunBaltic Dev Days 2022 LogoBaltic Dev Days06 – JUN2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeGermanyKielThe Baltic Dev Days is a non-profit oriented event and is part of the Digital Week Kiel. Every year we bring together the brightest minds of several verticals to discuss innovative solutions.https://www.balticdevdays.com/550+GTM+1N/AN/AN/AN/A02/02/2021 10:55:0412/12/2022 09:15:08
2 – 3 JunGame Access Conference BrnoGame Access06 – JUN2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeCzechiaBrnoFamed for its relaxed atmosphere, inspiring speakers, outstanding design and rich accompanying program, Game Access is fast becoming one of the most sought-after and beloved game dev events in the region.https://game-access.com/conference/2000+GMT+2114 – 225€TBAN/ANone19/08/2022 07:51:0612/12/2022 09:15:11
7 – 18 JunTribeca Festival Showcase 2022 logoTribeca Festival06 – JUN2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesNew YorkFor more than two decades the Festival has been a destination for new, groundbreaking storytelling from established and emerging artists. Next June, Tribeca will continue to explore creative innovation across film, TV, immersive, games, audio storytelling, talks, and more.https://tribecafilm.com/festivalN/AGMT-4TBAVia submissionN/ANone19/10/2022 09:05:3712/12/2022 09:15:12
7 – 8 JunWhite Nights Conference 2023 Logo IstanbulWN Istanbul06 – JUN2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeTurkeyIstanbulA series of international b2b events for the game industry returns to Istanbul in 2023.https://wn.events/N/AGMT+3TBATBAWN HubNone02/12/2022 13:07:2502/01/2023 08:30:26
8 JunSummer Game Fest 2023 LogoSummer Game Fest06 – JUN2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesLos AngelesCelebrate what’s next in video games. Returns LIVE on June 8, 2023! Showcase event will be broadcasted from the 6,000-seat YouTubeTheater in Los Angeles.https://www.summergamefest.com/N/AGMT-8TBANoneNoneNone01/12/2022 19:49:3402/01/2023 08:30:29
9 – 11 JunNarrascope 2023 Pitsburgh LogoNarraScope06 – JUN2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesPittsburghNarraScope is an event that supports interactive narrative, adventure games, and interactive fiction by bringing together writers, developers, and players. To support the community that has formed in our online years, we intend to stream all of our talks live.https://narrascope.org/N/AGMT-5TBATBAN/ANone29/11/2022 08:47:3402/01/2023 08:30:34
13 – 16 JunE3 Logo 2023E3 202306 – JUN2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesLos AngelesThe E3 physical event will take place from Tuesday, June 13 – Friday, June 16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It is a business and consumer show. The first two days are only for the business. The third day is a business/consumer day, while the fourth day is purely for consumers.https://e3expo.com/N/AGMT-7TBAPer RequestN/ANone27/09/2022 07:55:4612/10/2022 20:34:22
16 – 18 JunGaming Istanbul 2023 LogoGaming Instanbul06 – JUN2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CEuropeTurkeyIstanbulGaming İstanbul has become the largest B2C and B2B gaming expo of Turkey & the MENA in three years and the visitor number has been increasing about approximately 27% every year. The gaming bridge of Eurasia GIST combines Asia and Europe games market and open a door through the MENA.https://www.gamingistanbul.com/en/N/AGMT+3TBATBAN/ANone06/12/2022 15:06:4402/01/2023 08:30:39
19 – 20 JunGame Camp France 2023 LogoGame Camp06 – JUN2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeFranceLilleThe great annual gathering of the French video game industry returns in June for its 6th edition! 2 days intended for professionals and future professionals of ALL Video Game professions.https://gamecamp.fr/1200GMT+2160€ – 240€N/AN/ANone10/01/2023 10:10:5224/01/2023 08:38:31
19 – 23 JunDIGRA 2023 LogoDiGRA NEW06 – JUN2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALGame JamEuropeSpainSevilleThe next edition of the Digital Games Research Association’s annual conference will take place in sunny Seville, Spain, June 19-23, 2023. As a result of these concerns, and with the aim of building an international framework for a dialogue about them, we propose the Limits and Margins of Games as the central theme of DiGRA 2023.https://digra2023.org/N/AGMT+2TBAN/AN/ANone19/01/2023 09:41:3919/01/2023 09:43:10
20 – 21 JunDevGamm Vilnius 2023 LogoDevGAMM Vilnius06 – JUN2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeLithuaniaVilniusDevGAMM conference is aimed at developers, publishers, game designers, programmers, artists, business development managers, recruiters, journalists and everyone involved in the game industry in any way.https://devgamm.com/N/AGMT+3TBAPer requestPineNone26/11/2022 07:16:5624/01/2023 08:38:39
23 – 25 JunGame Con Canada 2023 LogoGame Con Canada06 – JUN2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CNorth AmericaCanadaCalgaryOur goal is to bring fans of all gaming genres together to play games, make friends and discover new experiences. Our dream is to bring these people together and strengthen both the gaming community and industry in Canada.https://gameconcanada.com/N/AGMT-6TBATBAMeet 2 MatchNone10/05/2022 18:16:0712/12/2022 09:15:26
28 Jun – 2 JulBIG Festival 2023 logoBIG Festival06 – JUN2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalSouth AmericaBrazilSão PauloBIG Festival is the main event for the release and promotion of games in Latin America. More than 200 games will be available to play, including Festival finalists, games selected for the Brazil and the World Panorama + the release of amazing games by major publishers.https://www.bigfestival.com.br/homeen.htmlN/AGMT-3TBATBAN/ANone16/12/2022 15:56:4302/01/2023 08:30:42
11 – 13 JulDevelop Brighton 2023 LogoDevelop: Brighton07 – JUL2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeUnited KingdomBrightonDevelop:Brighton has been bringing together the European Game Dev community from global superstars to micro indies – since 2006. Come and learn from your peers and share your experiences, hear from the industry’s leading lights, get up-to-date with tools, and network.https://www.developconference.com/N/AGMT+1TBATBAN/ANone15/07/2022 09:02:1012/12/2022 09:15:27
14 – 16 JulBitSummit Kyoto Festival Logo 2023BitSummit07 – JUL2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalAsiaJapanKyotoBitSummit: Japan’s Industry-Leading Independent Game Development Festival in Kyoto Established in late-2012.https://bitsummit.org/en/N/AGMT-8TBATBAN/ANone24/11/2022 07:54:3402/01/2023 08:30:45
18 – 20 JulGames For Change Festival 2023 logoGames For Change Festival NEW07 – JUL2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALFestivalNorth AmericaUnited StatesNew YorkListen to expert perspectives on the current state of the industry, retrospectives on what we learned from past failures and wins, and predictions for the global future of games and XR in education, health and wellness, civic engagement, environmental sustainability, and more.https://festival.gamesforchange.org/N/AGMT-5TBATBAN/ANone19/01/2023 09:42:2619/01/2023 09:42:55
28 – 31 JulChinaJoy 2023 LogoChinaJoy07 – JUL2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CAsiaChinaShanghaiChina Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference (ChinaJoy for short) is the most influential event in the global digital entertainment industry. ChinaJoy is held annually in late July in Shanghai, China, a coastal cosmopolitan city with open economy.https://www.chinajoy.net/N/AGMT+8N/AN/AN/ANone02/01/2023 11:32:5024/01/2023 08:38:44
3 – 6 AugGen Con 2023 LogoGen Con08 – AUG2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesIndianapolisGen Con is the largest and longest-running tabletop gaming convention in North America, held annually in Indianapolis, IN.https://www.gencon.com/50,000+GMT-4TBATBAN/ANone09/08/2022 14:45:1212/12/2022 09:15:30
4 – 5 AugGaming Community Expo 2023 LogoGCX Event08 – AUG2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CNorth AmericaUnited StatesOrlandoJoin us as we take over Orlando for the weekend. Kick back with friends, family, and the rest of the gaming community while you meet your favorite creators, play new games, enjoy amazing food, and celebrate nerd culture — all without ever having to leave your hotel.https://gcxevent.com/N/AGMT-4$70 – $150Per requestN/ANone26/10/202212/12/2022
6 – 10 AugSiggraph Los Angeles 2023 logoSIGGRAPH08 – AUG2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesLos AngelesThe premier conference & exhibition on computer graphics & interactive techniques. Celebrate 50 years of SIGGRAPH and join us in Los Angeles or online.https://s2023.siggraph.org/N/AGMT-7TBATBAN/ANone27/10/2022 16:26:2112/12/2022 09:15:33
20 – 22 AugDevcom Gamescom 2023 Logodevcom NEW08 – AUG2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeGermanyCologneEurope’s biggest game developer conference will again offer a wide range of events and sessions for international game developers, game publishers and service providers. #gamescomhttps://www.devcom.global/N/AGMT+289 – 1559€Per requestN/ANone16/01/2023 13:02:1816/01/2023 13:02:50
22 AugOpening Night Live Gamescom 2023 Logogamescom: Opening Night Live 202308 – AUG2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALShowcaseEuropeGermanyCologneThe spectacular ONL live show produced by Geoff Keighley returns for 2023. #gamescomhttps://www.gamescom.global/N/AGMT+2N/ANoneNoneNone24/08/2022 01:02:0411/09/2022 09:47:35
23 – 27 Auggamescom 2023 Logogamescom 202308 – AUG2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CEuropeGermanyCologneGamescom is a trade fair for video games held annually at the Koelnmesse in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.https://www.gamescom.global/enN/AGMT+2TBATBAN/ANone24/08/2022 01:01:0311/09/2022 09:47:38
5 – 6 SepMobidictum Business Conference 2023 LogoMobidictum Business Conference09 – SEP2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeIstanbulTurkeyThe largest game industry conference in Turkey and MENA region. We aim to grow the game industry in the region by bringing world-class publishers, service providers, and game companies to Turkey.https://events.mobidictum.biz/mobidictum-business-conference-2023/N/AGMT+3TBAN/AN/ANone23/11/2022 08:12:4602/01/2023 08:30:48
6 – 8 SepGames Industry Law Summit 2023Games Industry Law Summit09 – SEP2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeLithuaniaVilniusThe Summit is the annual invitation-only community event for the legal and business professionals who work in the international games industry. https://gameslawsummit.org/300GMT+3TBANoneN/ANone10/09/2022 08:15:2012/12/2022 09:15:39
6 – 8 SepExternal Development Summit XDS Vancouver 2023 LogoXDS09 – SEP2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BNorth AmericaCanadaVancouverThe only annual, international games industry event advancing external development.https://xdsummit.com/N/AGMT-8TBATBAN/ANone15/12/2022 11:23:2302/01/2023 08:30:52
21 – 24 SepTokyo Game Show 2023 LogoTokyo Game Show 202309 – SEP2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CAsiaJapanTokyoTOKYO GAME SHOW 2023 is scheduled to be held from September 21 (Thu) to 24 (Sun) next year, with the real venue again at Makuhari Messe.https://tgs.nikkeibp.co.jp/tgs/2022/en/N/AGMT+9TBATBAProprietaryN/A20/09/2022 07:27:3212/10/2022 20:34:31
26 – 27 SepIndie Game Business September Edition 2023 LogoIndie Game Business Sessions: September Edition NEW09 – SEP2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BNorth AmericaUnited StatesVirtualLearn more about video game business, marketing, and licensing from industry leaders.https://www.powellgroupconsulting.com/indiegamebusiness/N/AGMT-8TBATBAMeet 2 MatchNone19/01/2023 14:30:1519/01/2023 14:30:59
27 – 28 SepHorizons Conference Bordeaux 2023 LogoHorizon(s)10 – OCT2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeFranceBordeauxAfter the success of its first edition, the Horizon(s) forum is happy to announce its return in 2023. We look forward to meeting you to discuss the challenges of the video game industry through conferences, discussions and workshops.https://www.horizonsvideogames.com/N/AGMT+2TBATBAN/ANone06/12/2022 15:05:4619/01/2023 10:02:19
12 – 15 OctEGX London 2022 LogoEGX10 – OCT2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CEuropeUnited KingdomLondonThere’s so much to do at EGX London. Whether you’re exploring new indie titles in the Rezzed Zone or watching panels from industry guests, here’s everything you don’t want to miss.https://www.egx.net/london/en-gb.htmlN/AGMT+1TBATBAN/ANone26/09/2022 14:24:0212/12/2022 09:15:45
19 – 22 Octgamescom Asia 2023 Logogamescom Asia10 – OCT2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2B2CAsiaSingaporeSingaporeFor trade, gamescom asia aims to serve as the premier platform for Southeast Asian game developers to explore partnerships and expand their audiences globally.https://gamescom.asia/N/AGMT+8TBATBAN/ANone25/10/2022 09:28:4516/12/2022 10:45:39
26 – 28 OctGame Days 2023 LogoGame Days10 – OCT2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeSlovakiaKošiceAnnual games festival bringing together the local community for 9th time, now with bigger focus on business, networking and cross border knowledge exchange.https://gamedays.sk/500+GMT+2TBATBAN/ANone18/11/2022 10:23:5602/01/2023 08:30:59
17 NovCIGA Developers Conference 2023 LogoCiGA Developer Conference 2023 NEW11 – NOV2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2B2CAsiaChinaShanghaiCiGA Developer Conference is a conference organized by CiGA for game developers and game industry practitioners. In combination with the latest game market environment and situation of the year, we will invite high-quality guests from around the world to share valuable information and experience.https://www.cigadc.com/englishN/AGMT+8N/AN/AN/ANone17/01/2023 10:01:5517/01/2023 10:02:51
17 – 18 NovCIGA Connects 2023 logoCiGA Connects 2023 NEW11 – NOV2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BAsiaChinaShanghaiCiGA Connects is the B2B event brand of CiGA, which focus on B2B showcase, international business connection, and industry conference. Its predecessor held industry workshop in different cities, covering more than 3,000 developers in China.https://www.ciga.me/connects3000GMT+8N/AN/AN/ANone17/01/2023 09:54:1817/01/2023 09:56:02
18 – 19 NovWePlay 2023 NEW11 – NOV2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDB2CAsiaChinaShanghaiWePlay Expo is a fantastic game festival with high-quality indie games, 3A games cultural content and experiences from around the world. WePlay 2023 will happen 18th-19th Nov at Hall H4 of Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center ,China.https://www.weplaymore.com/englishN/AGMT+8N/AN/AN/ANone17/01/2023 09:52:1617/01/2023 09:53:08
24 – 26 NovMilan Games Week 2023 LogoMilan Games Week NEW11 – NOV2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2CEuropeItalyMilanMilan Games Week is the most important gaming and esports festival in Italy. Since 2011 it hosts every year over thousands of visitors ready to discover the latest news of gaming industry, the biggest esports tournaments and amazing entertainment moments.https://www.milangamesweek.it/N/AGMT+2TBATBAN/ANone19/01/2023 10:34:0419/01/2023 10:34:41
27 Nov – 1 DecImmersive Tech Week VR Days Rotterdam 2023 LogoVR Days11 – NOV2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BEuropeNetherlandsRotterdamLet’s keep on building XR humanity together! We hope to see you all again next year so save the date: 27 November – 01 December 2023 for our next edition in Rotterdam.https://vrdays.co/N/AGMT+2TBATBAN/ANone21/12/2022 11:32:0002/01/2023 08:31:03
12 – 15 DecSiggraph Asia 2023 LogoSIGGRAPH Asia12 – DEC2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALB2BAustraliaAustraliaSydneySIGGRAPH Asia will be heading to Sydney for its 2023 conference and exhibition, bringing together the world’s most respected technical and creative minds, and further building New South Wales’ position as a leading global knowledge hub for creative industries.https://sa2021.siggraph.org/en/about-us/siggraph-asia-2023N/AGMT+10TBATBAN/ANone18/08/2022 08:33:0112/12/2022 09:15:52
14 – 15 DecHyper Games Conference 2023 Logo HGCHyper Games Conference #912 – DEC2023SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDVIRTUALVIRTUALB2BEuropeEuropeVirtualHyper Games Conference is the main international online conference devoted to the development, marketing, and growth of the hyper/hybrid-casual, all mobile & Web3 games industries.https://hgconf.com/N/AGMT+2TBATBAN/ANone02/01/2023 11:34:4524/01/2023 08:39:01