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10 – 31 OctOCT2020Level Up KL 2020ON AIRON AIRPHYSICALDIGITALASIAMalaysiaOnlineB2B2Chttps://www.levelupkl.com/biz/N/AN/AN/ANoneN/ALEVEL UP KL is Southeast Asia’s Games Festival; designed to CONNECT, LEARN, INSPIRE and CELEBRATE video game related cultures. The brainchild organized by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). The event caters to both business and public alike and aspires to bring the industry forward.
16 – 24 OctOCT2020IndieCadeON AIRON AIRDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAGlobalGlobalB2B2Chttps://www.indiecade.com/festival-2020/NONSTOPN/AFREEN/AN/AIndieCade has been committed to celebrating independent gamemakers and bringing your ingenuity to the world and one another.
19 – 25 OctOCT2020BIC Festival (Busan Indie Connect)ON AIRON AIRPHYSICALPHYSICALASIASouth KoreaBusanB2B2Chttp://bicfest.org/en/GMT+9N/AN/AN/AN/AAs a single event exclusively for indie games, it has grown to the largest one in South Korea. Meanwhile, BIC Festival 2020 is going to be online ONLY due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus on a global scale
19 – 25 OctOCT2020Gamedev Career WeekON AIRON AIRDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEONLINEONLINEB2Bhttps://gamedev.career/N/AN/A0-5 USDPineN/AOur new project is a mix of the bold spirit of the 8-bit game and the power of the PINE platform. Gamedev Career Week is a combined space that will satisfy both gaming fans and industry professionals.
21 OctOCT2020GameISFINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALASIAIsraelTel AvivB2Bhttps://www.gameisconf.com/GMT+3600N/AN/AN/AThe prime event of the Israeli game development community.
21 – 22 OctOCT2020Unity for Humanity Summit 2020ON AIRON AIRDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAOnlineOnlineB2Bhttps://ufhsummit2020.unity.com//N/AN/AFREEN/AN/AThe Unity for Humanity Summit is a free, one-day online event that brings together creators, activists, nonprofits, funders, philanthropists, and brands who are harnessing real-time 3D technology to power social impact and real-world change
21 – 23 OctOCT2020Sweden Game ConferenceON AIRON AIRDIGITALDIGITALEUROPESwedenSkovdeB2B2Chttps://www.swedengameconference.se/GMT+2N/AFREEMeet 2 MatchN/ASweden Game Arena invites students, startups and indies to the conference, with focus on business and students.
21 – 23 OctOCT2020Konsoll 2020CANCELEDCANCELEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPENorwayBergenB2Bhttps://konsoll.org/GMT+2N/AN/AN/AN/AKonsoll is a conference designed to offer both Norwegian and International Game Developers inspiration and wisdom, and to create a forum for communicating and networking.
21 – 23 OctOCT2020Reboot Develop RedCANCELEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALNORTH AMERICACanadaBanffB2Bwww.rebootdevelopred.comGMT-61000455€NONEN/ACanada’s boutique games industry and game developers conference.
21 – 23 OctOCT2020GDBAY.Network Grand OpeningON AIRON AIRDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEUkraineKyivB2Bhttps://gdbay.com/network/GMT +31000+FreeGDBAY.Network & CalendlyN/ACelebrate the grand opening of a new business platform for the game industry with us! Join us in the gala online event on October 21-23 dedicated to GDBAY Network.
23 – 24 OctOCT2020Game AccessCANCELEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPECzechiaBrnoB2B2Chttps://game-access.com/conference/GMT+21500N/AN/AN/A
23 – 27 OctOCT2020Paris Games WeekCANCELEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEFranceParisB2B2Chttps://www.parisgamesweek.com/en/GMT+2N/AN/AN/AN/ACanceled, the show continues in 2021
26 – 28 OctOCT2020GamesIndustry.Biz AcademySCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEUnited KingdomOnlineStudenthttps://live.gamesindustry.biz/GMT+1N/AFREEN/AN/AA new free digital UK event designed to connect university and college students with games industry professionals.
26 – 30 OctOCT2020White Nights FallSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALCISRussiaMoscowB2Bhttp://wnconf.com/GMT+320,0000 – 99€N/AN/AThe White Nights Conference is a leading B2B event for the game industry in Europe. It gathers key companies from around the globe – over 4,500 attendees per year offline and over 20,000 participants online.
26 Oct – 20 DecOCT2020GamergySCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPESpainMadridFestivalhttps://www.ifema.es/gamergyMadridN/AFREEN/AN/AGamergy 2020 will occasionally be an online event designed for you, in which you can enjoy competitions at all levels, both competing and cheering for the best players and teams in the country. We hope to return to the physical event in June 2021
26 Oct – 31 DecOCT2020Game CarnivalSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALONLINEONLINEOnlineB2B2Chttps://gamecarnivalevent.com/N/AN/AFREEProprietaryN/AGame Carnival hosted by Unreal Engine is a virtual gaming industry event that celebrates and supports new indie game development.
27 OctOCT2020#PitchYaGame Round 6SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALONLINEONLINETwitterB2Bhttps://pitchyagame.comN/AN/AN/ANONEN/A#PitchYaGame is an exciting platform for indie developers and game developers to learn the art of pitching their games… by elevator pitching about their game/s LIVE on Twitter
27 – 30 OctOCT2020Games Berlin Week Pro X (Quo Vadis + Womenize)SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEGermanyBerlinB2Bhttps://www.gamesweekberlin.com/GMT+2N/A9 – 149€Meet 2 MatchN/AThe gamesweekberlin is the leading cross-industry communication and networking platform, from October 28-30, 2020 the event will focus on the experience for professionals, the PRO X.
27 – 30 OctOCT2020XDS 20 (External Development Summit)SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICACanadaVancouverB2Bhttps://xdsummit.com/GMT-7N/A$489OWNN/AThe only annual, international games industry event advancing external development
30 Oct – 1 NovOCT2020EGX BerlinCANCELEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEGermanyBerlinB2Bhttps://www.egx.net/berlinGMT+2N/AN/AN/AN/AShow canceled
2 – 4 NovNOV2020Develop: Brighton DigitalSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEUnited KingdomBrightonB2Bhttps://www.developconference.com/GMT+1N/AFREEN/AN/AMoving from physical location to Digital space
3 Nov – 4 NovNOV2020Dev.Play conference 2020SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPERomaniaBucharestB2Bhttps://dev-play.ro/GMT+2N/AStarting from 35, 50, 75, 115 EURPINETBATBAThe Game Development Conference for Eastern Europe,Bucharest.
4 – 6 NovNOV2020VRDays EuropeSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPENetherlandsAmsterdamB2Bhttps://vrdays.co/GMT+2N/A19 – 239€N/AN/AVRDays Europe is an annual 3-day conference and exhibition on VR/AR/MR content, creativity and innovation.
4 – 6 NovNOV2020Chile ConnectedSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALSOUTH AMERICAChileOnlineB2Bhttps://www.prochile.gob.cl/difusion/varios/chile_connected_en/index.htmlN/AN/AN/AMeet 2 MatchN/AChile Connected is a virtual business meeting, that seeks to consolidate the U.S. as a destination market for innovative and high value-added Chilean products and services, such as creative industries and technology.
4 – 6 NovNOV2020Games Industry Law SummitCANCELEDCANCELEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEEstoniaVilniusB2Bhttps://gameslawsummit.org/GMT+3N/AN/AN/AN/AThe 6th international Games Industry Law Summit with the semifinals and finals of the Legal Challenge and the Reception Dinner
6 NovNOV2020XmasJKLCANCELEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEFinlandJyväskyläB2Bhttps://www.xmasjkl.com/GMT+2N/AN/AN/AN/AThe most relaxed business seminar in the finnish game industry.
7 NovNOV2020INDIE Live Expo IISCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALASIAJapanOnlineFestivalhttps://indie.live-expo.games/en/GMT+9N/AFREENoneN/AInformation program with the newest information on Indie games. The first live stream broadcasted in English, in Japanese, and in Chinese, introduced more than 150 games and watched by over 7.3 million audiences around the world.
9 – 13 NovNOV2020Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #4SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEUnited KingdomOnlineB2Bhttps://www.pgconnects.com/digital/GMT+11500£48 – £252ProprietaryN/AFollowing three fantastic digital events in 2020, Pocket Gamer Connects will celebrate this year’s final November edition online too!
9 – 20 NovNOV2020DevGAMM 2020SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALCISUkraineMinskB2Bhttps://devgamm.com/GMT+32020+10-199$PineGameConfGuide15Join DevGAMM 2020 and take part in the games activities. Submissions for Awards, Review series, and Public Pitch 2.0 are open until October 20, for Streaming and Virtual Showcases until November 3: https://games.devgamm.com/games/submit#!/
10 – 13 NovNOV2020EGLXSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICACanadaTorontoB2Chttps://eglx.com/N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AEnthusiast Gaming Live Expo – Canada’s largest video game expo
12 NovNOV2020Games Market Bootcamp: IndonesiaSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALASIAIndonesiaOnlineB2Bhttps://gamescom.asia/digital-miniseries/sessionsN/AN/AFreeN/AN/APlayers in Indonesia spent a total of $1.1 billion on games last year, making it one of the biggest games markets in Southeast Asia. Join us for another country breakdown about Indonesia’s homegrown devs and artists.
12 – 13 NovNOV2020MEGAMIGS VirtualSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICACanadaMontrealB2B2Chttps://megamigs.com/en/GMT-4N/A20 – 175$N/AN/AMEGAMIGS, the number one event in the Canadian video game industry will offer an exploded version this year.
12 – 15 NovNOV2020indieXSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEPortugalB2B2Chttp://indiex.pt/N/AN/AN/AN/AMade by developers for developers, Indie X aims to promote the best indie games that Portugal has to offer as well as a selection of international indies who tag along for an awesome showcase with tons of experience sharing!
15 – 18 NovNOV2020Pixel HeavenNEW DATENEW DATEPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEPolandWarsawFestivalhttps://www.pixelheavenfest.com/en/GMT+2N/A40 – 70 złN/AN/APixel Heaven Games Festival & More 2020 is the 8th edition of the largest event in Europe for fans of electronic entertainment who still remember the early days of 8/16-bit computers
16 – 17 NovNOV2020Global Games Pitch — Season 2!SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEUkraineKyivPitchinghttps://gdbay.com/global-games-pitch/GMT +3Indies, Publishers, Investors9$N/AN/AIf you’re looking for a Publisher or Investments for your game project? Save the date November 16-17, 2020, on your calendar and participate in the Global Games Pitch 2020!
17 – 20 NovNOV2020India Game Developers ConferenceSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALASIAIndiaOnlineB2Bhttps://indiagdc.com/2019/GMT+5:30N/A1000 INRN/AN/AThe India Game Developer Conference (IGDC) is India’s premier game developers conference. The conference is organized by industry volunteers, with support from corporates and the Telangana government.
17 – 21 NovNOV2020G-Star 2020SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALASIASouth KoreaBusanB2B2Chttps://www.gstar.or.kr/engGMT+9240.000+100 – 200$N/AN/AB2C combination of online and offline activities, B2B biz-matchmaking only online (pre registration starts in September)
18 – 20 NovNOV2020Game RomeSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEItalyRomeB2Bhttps://www.gamerome.com/GMT+2500+N/APitch & MatchN/APrime Italian game developers conference.
18 – 19 NovNOV2020ESI Digital WinterSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEUnited KingdomOnlineB2Bhttps://esportsinsider.com/esi-digital-winter-2020/GMT+1600+$95 – $155BrellaN/AESI Digital Winter will be Esports Insider’s grand finale to 2020. Following the successes of both the Summit and ESI Digital Summer, this is the Winter edition, with more of the good stuff; networking, education and debate.
19 – 21 NovNOV2020Games Industry Conference (GiC)SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDEUROPEPolandPoznanB2Bhttps://gic.gd/GMT+2N/AN/AN/AN/AThe Game Industry Conference takes place alongside the Poznan Game Arena, one of the most important and largest game expos in Europe.
19 – 22 NovNOV2020Lisboa Games WeekSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEPortugalLisabonB2Chttps://www.lisboagamesweek.pt/GMT+1N/AFREENoneN/A
20 – 22 NovNOV2020Pax UnpluggedSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesPhiladelphiaB2B2Chttps://unplugged.paxsite.comN/AN/AN/AN/AWe’ve found that the Tabletop parts of PAX have grown and grown to the point where we said, “You know what? Let’s make a show that’s just that.”
21 – 22 NovNOV2020FROG – Future And Reality Of Gaming 2020SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEAustriaViennaB2Bhttp://www.frogvienna.at/GMT+2N/AFREENoneN/AThe international conference brings together scholars, players, students, game designers, game developers, educators and experts from various disciplines to discuss the Future and Reality of Gaming.
25 – 27 NovNOV2020Nordic GameSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPESwedenMalmoB2Bhttps://conf.nordicgame.com/GMT+2N/A590€MeetToMatchN/AWelcome to the seventeenth edition of Nordic Game, the only conference in the world with a dedicated focus on the entire Nordic games industry.
26 – 27 NovNOV2020Game Days KosiceSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALDIGITALEUROPESlovakiaKosiceB2B / Festivalhttps://gdays.skGMT+2N/AN/AN/AN/AThe first games industry event focused on professionals in Slovakia.
26 – 29 NovNOV2020Milan Games WeekSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEItalyMilanB2Chttps://www.milangamesweek.it/GMT+1N/AFREENoneN/A
27 – 28 NovNOV2020Game Developers SessionSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPECzechiaPragueB2Bhttp://www.gdsession.com/GMT+21000+80 – 100€N/AN/AOldest running games industry conference in Eastern Europe, focusing on Czechia and Slovakia.
28 NovNOV2020SUBOTRON pro games: PLAY AUSTRIA 1.5SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEAustriaViennaFestivalhttps://subotron.com/veranstaltung/play-austria-1-5-2020/GMT+1N/AN/ANoneN/ACelebration of analogue or hybird creation made in Austria, from early prototypes to released games in 2020.
30 Nov – 1 DecNOV2020ESI New York 2020SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesNew YorkB2Bhttps://esportsinsider.com/esi-new-york/GMT-4350575 – 750$N/AN/AESI New York is focused on networking and business development in and around esports.
1 – 4 DecDEC2020Talents in GamesSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALCISUkraineOnlineB2Bhttps://tigconf.wnhub.io/GMT+2N/AFREEWN HubN/ATalents In Games Conference Online will gather more than 2,000 game industry professionals from all over the world on December 1-4, 2020. The event will be held on WN Hub — the online communication platform for the game industry.
3 DecDEC2020Games Market Bootcamp: SingaporeSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALASIASingaporeOnlineB2Bhttps://gamescom.asia/digital-miniseries/sessionsN/AN/AFREEN/AN/ASingapore is the host country and home of gamescom asia. The country may be a little red dot but is extremely tech literate and houses its own pool of game makers. Not to mention a number of made-in-Singapore studios turned AAA leads.
3 – 5 DecDEC2020PlaytopiaCANCELEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALAFRICASouth AfricaCape TownB2Bhttps://www.playtopia.co.za/GMT+2N/AN/AN/AN/AWith a special focus on Africa, Playtopia MGA strives to bring local content to the forefront and attract the world players into our backyard to work with local developers and businesses to unlock the unlimited potential that is Africa.
3 – 5 DecDEC2020Africa Games WeekSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALAFRICASouth AfricaCape TownB2Bhttp://gamesweek.africa/GMT+2N/AN/AN/AN/AOff the back of the last 2 year’s physical events Make Games Africa continues to drive exposure, opportunities, knowledge and investment to African Game Developers connecting them to the world. The virtual event will happen over one full day and include; International Speakers, Workshops, Roundtables, Pitching Competitions and B2B Matchmaking.
3 – 6 DecDEC2020Games Gathering KiyvSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDCISUkraineKievB2Bhttp://ggconference.com/en/GMT+3N/A60 – 120$Pine10% off = GG2020PRMCD4FRNDSGames Gathering the biggest B2B conference in Eastern Europe dedicated to game development and creation of high-quality gaming content. Annually held in Kiev since 2015.
4 – 13 DecDEC2020Siggraph Asia 2020SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALASIASouth KoreaDaeguACADEMIAhttps://sa2019.siggraph.org/about-us/sa2020GMT+9N/AN/AN/AN/AThe annual event, which rotates around the Asian region on normal circumstances, attracts the most respected technical and creative people from all over the world who are excited by research, science, art, animation, gaming, interactivity, education and emerging technologies.
8 – 11 DecDEC2020Indie Game Business Sessions: Winter 2020SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAUnited States of AmericaNew York CityB2Bhttps://www.eventbrite.ca/e/indie-game-business-sessions-winter-2020-tickets-116881173737?aff=erelexpmltGMT-41,000+Lectures and Sessions – Free, Meeting System tickets starting at $50Meet 2 MatchGAMECONFERENCEGUIDELearn more about video game business, marketing, and licensing from industry leaders. Meet global deal makers and decision makers from the comfort of your own home or office. The IndieGameBusiness Online Conference is the longest running virtual matchmaking event in the game industry.
9 – 11 DecDEC2020Game Connection EuropeSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEFranceParisB2Bhttps://www.game-connection.com/GMT+21500490€Let’s MeetN/AGame Connection is the international event where 1,500+ developers, publishers, distributors and service providers come to find new partners and/or (in the case of service providers) find new clients.
9 – 11 DecDEC2020Game Connection AsiaSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALASIAChinaXi’AnB2Bhttps://www.game-connection.com/GMT+8N/AN/AN/AN/AGame Connection is the international event where 1,500+ developers, publishers, distributors and service providers come to find new partners and/or (in the case of service providers) find new clients
17 – 19 JanJAN2020PAX SouthFINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALNORTH AMERICATexasSan AntonioB2B2Chttps://south.paxsite.com/GMT-5N/AN/AN/AN/APAX South 2020 is the sixth annual celebration of gaming and pop culture. Tens of thousands of families and friends, both locals and travelers from around the world, converge in San Antonio to play hundreds of the most anticipated upcoming games from the biggest names in gaming, local rising-star developers, as well as creators from across the globe.
20 – 21 JanJAN2020Pocket Gamer Connects LondonFINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEUnited KingdomLondonB2Bhttps://www.pgconnects.com/london/GMT+12500N/AProprietaryN/AMobile is the most important area in gaming right now, and we’ve been championing it for years through our Pocket Gamer brand. But there’s more than mobile in 2020: our dedicated blockchain and PC/console games conferences are here too.
23 – 24 JanJAN2020White Nights AmsterdamFINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPENetherlandsAmsterdamB2Bhttp://wnconf.com/GMT+2N/AN/AProprietaryN/AThe next White Nights Conference will take place in Amsterdam! The main reason to attend the event is an opportunity to meet decision-makers face-to-face. Around 1,500 game industry professionals – developers, publishers, investors, representatives of platforms and services – will get together in Amsterdam.
29 – 31 JanJAN2020Global Game JamFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALONLINEOnlineOnlineJamhttps://globalgamejam.org/N/AN/AFreeNoneN/AThe Global Game Jam (GGJ) is the world’s largest game jam event. Think of it as a hackathon focused on game development. It is the growth of an idea that in today’s heavily connected world, we could come together, be creative, share experiences and express ourselves in a multitude of ways using video games – it is very universal.
31 JanJAN2020Interactive Futures – Leamington SpaFINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEUnited KingdomLeamington SpaFestivalhttps://interactive-futures.com/GMT+1N/AN/AN/AN/AInteractive Futures is a three-day event taking place in Leamington Spa, primarily at the Royal Spa Centre but taking over the town centre as well.
30 Jan – 2 FebJAN2020Gaming Istanbul (GIST)FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPETurkeyIstanbulB2B2Chttps://www.gamingistanbul.com/en//GMT+3N/AN/AN/AN/AAbout GISTThe GIST is not a computer games exhibit. It is a “game” exhibit. Professionals or amateurs, interested in any type of games, will convene under the roof of the GIST.
5 – 9 FebFEB2020Yorkshire Games FestivalFINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEUnited KingdomBradfordFestivalhttps://www.scienceandmediamuseum.org.uk/what-was-on/yorkshire-games-festival-2020GMT-1N/AN/ANoneN/AThe festival of videogames returned for a fourth fantastic year, with special guests, family fun and lots of ways to learn.
11 – 13 FebFEB2020DICE SummitFINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesLas VegasB2Bhttps://www.dicesummit.org/GMT-7N/AN/AProprietaryN/AUnmatched networking opportunities are a hallmark of the D.I.C.E. Summit experience. This year’s networking events include Topgolf Las Vegas, Magic: The Gathering, go-karting, yoga, and poker tournaments, a full day of a single-track speaker program, the popular roundtable discussions, intimate workshop learnings, lunches and happy hours.
14 FebFEB2020Madison Game Development Conference (M+Dev)FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesMadisonB2Bhttps://www.mdevconf.com/GMT-5N/AN/AN/AN/AM+DEV is a video game development conference for professional game developers and those seeking to become professional game developers. This conference provides a gathering place for game developers in the state, the region and beyond to discuss and share the latest information on the science, art, mechanics and business of making games.
21 – 23 FebFEB20201UP ConferenceFINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEBelgiumKortrijkB2B2Chttps://www.1up-conference.com/GMT+2N/AN/AN/AN/A1UP celebrates the wonderful world of gaming: A Conference for gaming professionals & An Expo for gamers of all ages.
27 FebFEB2020Hamburg Games ConferenceFINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEGermanyHamburgB2Bhttps://www.gamesconference.com/GMT+2N/A25 – 120€N/AN/AThe conference for game developers, investors, publishers, influencers, agencies and media companies about “Digital revenue models in gaming – how game developers will make money in the future”
27 FebFEB2020GamesIndustry.biz Investment Summit @ PAX East 2020FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesBostonB2Bhttps://www.gamesindustry.biz/GMT-4N/AN/AProprietaryN/AThe GamesIndustry.biz Investment Summit is celebrating its tenth year, and this is a real opportunity for you to get your game funded — small-to-medium-sized games companies can discover more about games investment and access to finance in the morning talks, and then meet and pitch to investors, publishers and platform-holders in the afternoon session of the event.
27 – 28 FebFEB2020PAX EastFINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesBostonB2B2Chttp://east.paxsite.com/GMT-4N/AN/AN/AN/AThe Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) is an annual gamer festival held in Boston. PAX was created by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, the authors of the Penny Arcade webcomic, because they wanted to attend a show that gave equal attention to console gamers, computer gamers, and tabletop gamers.
16 – 20 MarMAR2020Plan B ProjectFINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesOnlineB2Bhttps://www.planbproject.org/N/AN/AFREEN/AN/AThe event provides an alternative for people who are unable to travel to San Francisco and are still looking for knowledge and interesting lectures and will provide a forum for speakers to record their sessions for broadcast.
17 MarMAR2020European Game Showcase at GDCFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesSan FranciscoB2Bhttp://europeangameshowcase.com/GMT-7N/AN/AProprietaryN/AThe European Game Showcase at GDC is a pro-bono event where 30+ European developers showcase their newest games to press, publishers and strategic partners. It?s an invite only event aimed to help developers and their showcased project in taking the next steps towards success.
26 Mar – 6 AprMAR2020London Games FestivalFINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALDIGITALEUROPEUnited KingdomOnlineFestivalhttps://games.london//GMT+1N/AN/AN/AN/AReturning to the capital for the fourth year, the festival champions and showcases the best of video games and interactive entertainment with a large programme of events.
2 AprAPR2020IGDA Game Development Crisis Conference & Webinar SeriesFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAWEBINARhttps://igda.org/news-archive/game-development-crisis-conference-webinar-series/N/AN/AN/AN/AWebinars launch: April 2nd, 2020 and are hosted every Thursday until May 14th
6 – 10 AprAPR2020PG Connects DigitalFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEUnited KingdomB2Bhttps://www.pgconnects.com/N/AN/AN/AN/ASeminars / Networking + Pitching sessions
9 – AprAPR2020IGDA Game Development Crisis Conference & Webinar SeriesFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAWEBINARhttps://igda.org/news-archive/game-development-crisis-conference-webinar-series/N/AN/AN/AN/AWebinars launch: April 2nd, 2020 and are hosted every Thursday until May 14th
16 – 17 AprAPR2020Global Games PitchFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALCISB2Bhttps://gdbay.com/N/AN/AN/AN/Apitching for indies
16 AprAPR2020IGDA Game Development Crisis Conference & Webinar SeriesFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAWEBINARhttps://igda.org/news-archive/game-development-crisis-conference-webinar-series/N/AN/AN/AN/AWebinars launch: April 2nd, 2020 and are hosted every Thursday until May 14th
23 AprAPR2020IGDA Game Development Crisis Conference & Webinar SeriesFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAWEBINARhttps://igda.org/news-archive/game-development-crisis-conference-webinar-series/N/AN/AN/AN/AWebinars launch: April 2nd, 2020 and are hosted every Thursday until May 14th
22 – 30 AprAPR2020White Nights HubFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALCISUkraineB2Bhttps://hub.wnconf.com/#attendeesN/AN/AN/AN/Agame industry communication platform
26 – 28 AprAPR2020EGX Rezzed DigitalFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEUnited KingdomLondonB2Bhttps://www.rezzed.com/N/AN/AN/AN/AEGX Rezzed has shifted a number of its talks online in a shorter digital conference
27 – 30 AprAPR2020ADDONFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEFranceB2Bhttps://www.twitch.tv/addon_eventN/AN/AN/AN/AFocused on French devs
28 – 29 AprAPR2020GamesBeatFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesLos AngelesB2Bhttps://www.eventbrite.com/e/gamesbeat-summit-2020-tickets-60771924462?aff=articleN/AN/AN/AN/ATalk / Sessions / Networking
30 AprAPR2020IGDA Game Development Crisis Conference & Webinar SeriesFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAWEBINARhttps://igda.org/news-archive/game-development-crisis-conference-webinar-series/N/AN/AN/AN/AWebinars launch: April 2nd, 2020 and are hosted every Thursday until May 14th
4 – 7 MayMAY2020Latam IndustryFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALSOUTH AMERICAB2Bhttps://www.eventbrite.com.ar/e/latam-industry-video-games-edition-tickets-103134772882N/AN/AN/AN/AThe creative talent in Latin America is growing exponencially. We are helping international players meet the local talent, through a series of recruiting and business oriented online meetings and video conferences.
11 – 12 MayMAY2020Game Developers Carnival, hosted by XSOLLAFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesB2Bhttps://www.gamedeveloperscarnival.comN/AN/AN/AN/A
13 MayMAY2020Big Indie Pitch #1 Mobile editionFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEUnited KingdomB2Bhttps://www.bigindiepitch.com/event/the-digital-big-indie-pitch-mobile-edition-1/N/AN/AN/AN/A
13 – 14 MayMAY2020European Game BizDev Gathering (EGBG)FINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEB2Bhttp://www.egbg.euN/AN/AN/AN/A
14 – 15 MayMAY2020DevGAMMFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALCISB2Bhttps://devgamm.com/N/AN/AN/AN/Astreamed talks, possibility for meetings online
18 – 20 MayMAY2020Gamebreak.onlineFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEFinlandB2Bhttps://www.gamebreak.onlineN/AN/AN/AN/AContact EGDF for a discount code.
20 – 22 MayMAY2020LA Games ConferenceFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesLos AngelesB2Bhttps://lagamesconference.comN/AN/AN/AN/A
25 – 30 MayMAY2020Norwich Games FestivalCANCELEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEUnited KingdomNorwichFestivalhttps://norwichgamesfestival.co.uk//GMT+1N/AFREEN/AN/AThe Norwich Games Festival is a free, family-friendly celebration of video games, brought to you by The Forum Trust. Explore the latest releases, classic retro games, coding and game technology.
26 – 27 MayMAY2020ESI Digital SummitFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEUnited KingdomB2Bhttps://esportsinsider.com/esi-digital-summit/500+N/ABrellaN/A
27 – 29 MayMAY2020Nordic GameFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPESwedenMalmöB2Bhttps://conf.nordicgame.com/N/AN/AN/AN/AContact EGDF for a discount code. This year Nordic Game is organising two events in Malmö, Sweden: NG20 on 27-29 May and NG20+ on 25-27 November.
28 MayMAY2020GI.Biz Investment SummitFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEUnited KingdomB2Bhttps://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-04-27-gamesindustry-biz-investment-summit-online-takes-place-next-month-for-freeN/AN/AN/AN/ATalks + meetings. Entry for free for publishers / investors and game developers
1 – 24 JunJUN2020Taipei Game Show LINK Biz-Matching 2.0FINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALASIATaiwanTaipeiB2Bhttp://tgs.tca.org.tw/news.php?a=1&b=2c_e&n=f7e2b2b75b04175610e5a00c1e221ebbN/AN/AN/AN/ARegistration for FREE, discover your next business opportunity with TGS LINK Biz-Matching 2.0, exchange the latest aspects with INDIE SALON ONLINE, and witness the rising stars in Indie Game Award 2020 Online Ceremony.
8 – 12 JunJUN2020PG Connects Digital #2FINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEUnited KingdomB2Bhttps://www.pgconnects.com/digital/N/AN/AN/AN/A
8 – 11 JunJUN2020Talents in Games, by White NightsFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALCISUkraineB2Bhttps://tigconf.wnhub.io/N/AN/AN/AN/ARegistration for FREE, The lectures will cover four major fields of game development process: Game Design; User Acquisition; Art; Community Management. The first speakers from the leading game companies as well as independent experts and industry celebrities will be announced in May.
8 – 26 JunJUN2020Gamesweek digital: Devbooster (deadline 8th / Finals 26)FINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEGermanyBerlinB2Bhttps://www.gamesweekberlin.com/digital/N/AN/AN/AN/A
9 JunJUN2020Big Indie Pitch #3 Console and PC editionFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEUnited KingdomB2Bhttps://www.bigindiepitch.com/event/the-big-indie-pitch-pcconsole-edition-at-pocket-gamer-connects-digital-2/N/AN/AN/AN/A
9 – 10 JunJUN2020Game Global Digital SummitFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesB2Bhttps://gameglobal.events/N/AN/AN/AN/AGame Global Digital Summit is a unique platform for everyone who is a stakeholder in video game localization, QA and FQA to meet, exchange ideas and start exciting collaborations around the topic they care about the most: games!
10 JunJUN2020Big Indie Pitch #2 Mobile editionFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEUnited KingdomB2Bhttps://www.bigindiepitch.com/event/the-big-indie-pitch-mobile-edition-at-pocket-gamer-connects-digital-2/N/AN/AN/AN/A
10 JunJUN2020Game Dev Career DaysFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesRecruitmenthttps://www.eventbrite.ca/e/game-dev-career-days-tickets-103739724308N/AN/AN/AN/A
19 JunJUN2020Game Dev Days GrazFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEAustriaGrazB2Bhttps://gamedevdays.com/N/AFREEN/AN/AGame Dev Days Graz is a community event for everyone who is interested in game development: connecting industry, indies, academia, research.
21 – 23 JunJUN2020DGC DubaiFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALMIDDLE EASTUnited Arab EmiratesDubaiB2Bhttps://www.dgcgames.com/N/AN/AN/AN/ADGC Games Dubai is the MENA region’s premier gathering of influential gaming industry players
21 – 26 JunJUN2020GameventionFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEGermanyHamburgB2Chttps://gamevention.de/N/AN/AN/AN/ADigital Gaming, e-sports & Culture event
22 – 26 JunJUN2020BIG BrazilFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALSOUTH AMERICABrazilSao PauloB2B2Chttps://www.bigfestival.com.br/N/AN/AN/AN/AFestival transitioned to online space
23 – 25 JunJUN2020GameLabFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPESpainBarcelonaB2Bhttps://www.gamelab.es/en/gamelab-live-eng/N/AN/AN/AN/Aformerly in Barcelona, Spain
23 – 25 JunJUN2020Serious Play ConferenceFINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesOnlineB2Bhttps://seriousplayconf.com//N/AN/A$75 – $650N/AN/AThe Serious Play Conference is a leadership conference for professionals who are exploring the use of game-based learning, sharing their experience and working together to shape the future of training and education.
24 – 25 JunJUN2020Mobile Summit LiveFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEGermanyHamburgB2Bhttps://events.bizzabo.com/hmsliveN/AN/AN/AN/Aformerly in Hambourg, Germany
26 JunJUN2020Indigo 2020FINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPENetherlandsUtrechtB2Bhttps://www.dutchgamegarden.nl/indigo-2020-will-be-online/N/AN/AN/AN/Atalks, showcase and meetings – indie focused, organized by Dutch Game Garden, usually happening in Utrecht, Netherlands
27 JunJUN2020Womxn in GamesFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesSan FranciscoB2Bhttps://www.meetup.com/SF-Bay-Area-Womxn-in-Games/events/271151577/N/AN/AN/AN/AFormely in SF, the USA
27 – 28 JunJUN2020BitSummit GaidenFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALASIAJapanKyotoIndie Festivalhttp://bitsummit.org/en/N/AN/AN/AN/A
25 – 26 JunJUN2020Taipei Game ShowCANCELEDCANCELEDDIGITALDIGITALASIATaiwanTaipeiB2B2Chttps://tgs.tca.org.tw/index_2b_e.phpN/AN/AN/AN/ACANCELED FOR 2020
1 – 3 JulJUL2020Ludicious XFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPESwitzerlandZurichB2Bhttp://www.ludicious.ch/N/AN/AN/AN/Aprevious location Zurich, Switzerland
4 JulJUL2020Games GatheringFINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALCISUkraineOdessaB2Bhttp://ggconference.com/en/N/AN/AN/AN/ALimited capacity of attendees following the rules and restrictions
7 JulJUL2020Taipei Game Developers ForumFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALASIATaiwanTaipeiB2Bhttps://2020.tgdf.tw/en/N/AN/AN/AN/A
13 – 17 JulJUL2020Blockchain Gamer Live #1CANCELEDCANCELEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEUnited KingdomB2Bhttps://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/blockchain-gamer-live-digital-1-tickets-103931826892N/AN/AN/AN/Aevent is going to happen as part of Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki
14 JulJUL2020Unreal Fest Online 2020FINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALONLINEB2Bhttps://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/events/unreal-fest-online-2020N/AN/AN/AN/AUnreal Fest Online is a free one-day virtual event that brings together Unreal Fest and Unreal Academy to offer an exciting and informative program of sessions that’s open to everyone
14 – 16 JulJUL2020Games For Change FestivalFINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesOnlineFestivalhttps://festival.gamesforchange.org//N/AN/AFREEN/AN/ADevelopers, educators, policymakers, and non-profits from all over the world are invited to share and learn how they can leverage the power of games and immersive media for positive social impact!
15 JulJUL2020Big Indie Pitch #2 Mobile editionFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEUnited KingdomB2Bhttps://www.bigindiepitch.com/event/the-big-indie-pitch-mobile-edition-at-pocket-gamer-connects-digital-2/N/AN/AN/AN/A
16 – 17 JulJUL2020PG Connects Hong KongCANCELEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALASIAHong KongB2Bhttps://www.pgconnects.com/N/AN/AN/AN/APOSTPONED
20 – 24 JulJUL2020White Nights Summer 2020FINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALCISUkraineB2Bhttps://wnconf.com/N/AN/AN/AN/Aprevious location St. Petersbourg, Russia
22 – 25 JulJUL2020A MazeFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEGermanyBerlinB2B / Festivalhttps://amaze-berlin.de/N/AN/AN/AN/A9th International Games and Playful Media Festival – ART X of gamesweekberlin, going digital. Formerly in Berlin, Germany
23 – 25 JulJUL2020Pocket Gamer LaunchPadFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEUnited KingdomB2Chttps://www.pocketgamer.com/launchpad/N/AN/AN/AN/A
30 JulJUL2020State of Play by Gamesindustry BizFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEUnited KingdomB2Bhttps://www.gamesindustry.biz/N/AN/AN/AN/AState of Play will deliver an in-depth, data-focused view on the health of the games business and how companies need to position themselves to succeed in the new global marketplace.
31 Jul – 3 AugJUL2020China JoyFINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALASIAChinaShanghaiB2B2Chttp://www.chinajoy.net/cjdhen/N/AN/AN/AN/A
4 – 6 AugAUG2020GDC SummerFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesSan FranciscoB2Bhttps://www.gdconf.com/N/AN/AN/AN/A
4 – 6 AugAUG2020MeetToMatch San Francisco Summer 2020 editionFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesSan FranciscoB2Bhttps://www.meettomatch.com/sanfranciscosummer2020/N/AN/AN/AN/A
7 – 9 AugAUG2020GameDev EveningFINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEPolandTarczynB2Bhttp://gamedevevening.com/N/AN/AN/AN/AInvite Only, non-profit, professional game developers gathering organized by developers themselves.
13 AugAUG2020Changing Channels by GamesIndustry BizFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEUnited KingdomB2Bhttps://www.gamesindustry.biz/N/AN/AN/AN/AA day-long conference and networking event that unites the worlds of TV, film, books and video games.
17 – 30 AugAUG2020DevCom Digital ConferenceFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEGermanyCologneB2Bhttps://www.devcom.global/N/AN/AN/AN/A
19 – 21 AugAUG2020The New Zealand Game Developers Conference 2020CANCELEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALAUSTRALIANew ZealandWellingtonB2Bhttp://www.nz-gdc.com/N/AN/AN/AN/ACANCELLED 2020
24 AugAUG2020The 5th International Conference on Game Jams & HackathonsFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALONLINEB2Bhttps://sites.google.com/view/icgj2020N/AN/AN/AN/AICGJ is an interdisciplinary conference for educators, researchers, professionals, and event organizers across various fields related to game jams and hackathons
25 – 27 AugAUG2020MeetToMatch Online Cologne Edition 2020FINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEGermanyCologneB2Bhttps://www.meettomatch.com/cologne-2020/N/AN/AN/AN/A
27 – 30 AugAUG2020GamescomFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEGermanyCologneB2B2Chttps://www.gamescom.global/N/AN/AN/AN/A
1 – 5 SepSEP2020EVA Digital 2020FINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAArgentinaBuenos AiresB2Bhttps://www.expoeva.com/en/N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AArgentinian game expo and business event
4 – 7 SepSEP2020PAX WestCANCELEDCANCELEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesSeattleB2B2Chttps://east.paxsite.com/GMT-8N/AN/AN/AN/APAX is a series of gaming culture festivals involving tabletop, arcade, and video gaming
7 – 13 SepSEP2020Women in Games Global ConferenceFINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALDIGITALONLINEOnlineOnlineB2Bhttps://womeningamesconference.com/N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AWe will be covering a multitude of topics from Education to Community to all things Business and Culture. This conference will showcase the work of talented women, opportunities in video games, the challenges that we face and will engage and encourage more women into the industry.
8 SepSEP2020Games Education Summit (GamesED 20)FINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEUnited KingdomOnlineB2Bhttp://thebgi.uk/gamesed20/GMT+2N/A£38.93 – £254.92N/AN/AInnovators will share how their organisations are handling the pandemic and what impact Covid and Brexit could have on employability, diversity, skills, apprenticeships and work placements within the industry.
9 – 11 SepSEP2020GamesIndustryBiz Investment SummitFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEUnited KingdomOnlineB2Bhttps://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/gamesindustrybiz-live-investment-summit-online-september-tickets-113085650224GMT+2N/A£0 – £187.66N/AN/AThe world’s premier games investment event has previously taken place in Seattle, Boston and London, and now invites the entire world to take part in our virtual conference and meeting event.
12 – 20 SepSEP2020PAX ONLINEFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesOnlineB2Chttps://online.paxsite.com/N/AN/AFREEN/AN/APAX Online is the result of the convention-organizing supergroup made up of the people responsible for PAX West, PAX Australia, as well as our new friends at EGX to create our new PAX Online and deliver a steady 24/7 stream of content, events, discussions, and gameplay
14 – 18 SepSEP2020Pocket Gamer Connects HelsinkiFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEFinlandHelsinkiB2Bhttps://www.pgconnects.com/helsinkiGMT+21500£180OwnN/ALearn from leading global experts, connect with developers, publishers, investors, tool-makers, monetisation companies and more – all without leaving the home or office
15 – 17 SepSEP2020Digital DragonsFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEPolandKrakowB2Bhttp://digitaldragons.pl/GMT+2N/A0-75€TBAN/AThe leading game industry event in Europe
16 SepSEP2020GameSlice OnlineFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICACanadaLondonB2Bhttps://gameslice.joydrop.co/GMT-5N/AN/AN/AN/AGame Slice gathers local game industry professionals in order to provide a sneak preview and gather feedback for unreleased games made in the London, Ontario area… and beyond!
17 SepSEP2020Creative Industries EU-Mexico ForumON AIRON AIRDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEB2Bhttps://en.industriascreativasuemx.com/N/AN/AFREEN/AN/AOrganised by the European Union (17 September-8 October). Registration is FREE. The forum will have webinars and round tables, followed by three days of virtual B2B sessions among Mexican and European companies and professionals.
17 – 18 SepSEP2020Canada Games OnlineFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICACanadaB2Bhttps://canadagamesonline.com/GMT-5N/A95 – 150 CADMeet2MatchN/AThe inaugural online event presented by the Canadian Interactive Alliance (CIAIC) is designed to help Canadian video game developers grow their businesses
17 – 20 SepSEP2020EGX (Eurogamer Expo)CANCELEDCANCELEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEUnited KingdomLondonB2Chttps://www.egx.net/egxGMT+1N/AN/AN/AN/AMerging with PAX ONLINE
19 SepSEP2020Game Devs of Color ExpoFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesNew YorkB2Bhttps://gamedevsofcolorexpo.com/N/A7005-10$N/AN/AAt the virtual Game Devs of Color Expo, new and experienced game developers will share, learn, and connect in unique ways.
SepSEP2020Game UpCANCELEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPESerbiaBelgradeB2Chttp://www.game-up.org/GMT+2N/AN/AN/AN/AThe aim of GameUp was and continues to be the promotion and strengthening the growing video games industry in the SEE region.
21 SepSEP2020AsobuFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALASIAJapanTokyoB2Bhttps://discord.com/invite/asobu/GMT+2N/AN/AN/AN/Aasobu is a community hub and working space for indie game creators in Japan.
22 – 26 SepSEP2020CGC Live (Cutting-edge Games Conference)FINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALONLINEOnlineOnlineB2Bhttps://cgc.one/N/A150025$N/AN/A10 tracks of sessions featuring 100+ speakers; a virtual exhibition area and showcase zone; business networking with over 1500 delegates from more than 50 countries who works on mobile, PC, console, VR/AR and blockchain games
23 – 27 SepSEP2020Tokyo Game Show OnlineFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALASIAJapanTokyoB2B2Chttps://expo.nikkeibp.co.jp/tgs/2020/enGMT+9N/AFREEN/AN/ATGS2020 ONLINE streams an official program, in which the exhibitor sends out the latest information and other information, as well as the organizer’s keynote speech, e-Sports X, and indie developer presentation event “”SENSE OF WONDER NIGHT(SOWN).””and“Japan Game Awards”.
25 – 26 SepSEP2020MEGAMIGS VirtualFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICACanadaMontrealB2Bhttps://megamigs.com/en/GMT-4N/A20 – 175$N/AN/AThe event was split into two separate ones. In September focusing on Training and Careers in November the Business Development, Speakers and Industry Showcase are in the spotlight.
28 – 29 SepSEP2020#GAConf (Game Accessibility Conference)FINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEOnlineOnlineB2Bhttps://www.gaconf.com/GMT+2N/AFREEN/AN/AAdvancing accessibility for gamers with disabilities
28 – 30 SepSEP2020Level Up SchoolFINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEItalyRomeACADEMIAhttp://levelup.aiv01.it/ENGMT+2N/AN/AN/AN/AUniversity focused on teaching and learning in the digital era, no business component
29 – 30 SepSEP2020GameBiz LatamFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALSOUTH AMERICAB2Bhttps://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/gamebizz-latam-tickets-118179830053N/AN/A0-25€N/AN/ASeries of round tables covering Latin America.
3 – 4 OctOCT2020Tokyo SandboxCANCELEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALASIAJapanTokyoB2B2Chttps://tokyosandbox.com/GMT+9N/A1000 – 2000 JPYN/AN/A
3 – 11 OctOCT2020Melbourne International Games Week 2020FINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALAUSTRALIAAustraliaMelbourneB2B2Chttps://gamesweek.melbourne/GMT+10N/AFREEN/AN/AJoin Australian and international influencers, businesses and industry for Melbourne International Games Week 2020 – Asia Pacific’s largest digital games celebratio
5 – 7 OctOCT2020Games Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP)FINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALAUSTRALIAAustraliaMelbourneB2Bhttps://gcap.com.au/GMT+10N/A$39.95 – $49.95N/AN/AGCAP is Australia’s premier professional development and networking event for the game development industry, catering to a range of disciplines.
5 – 7 OctOCT2020Gamesound conFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICACaliforniaLos AngelesB2Bhttps://www.gamesoundcon.com/N/AN/A$25N/AN/AGame Music, Sound Design And Virtual Reality Audio Conference
6 – 7 OctOCT2020Legal In GamesFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALCISUkraineB2Bhttps://legalingames.wnhub.ioN/AN/AFREEN/AN/A
7 – 8 OctOCT2020Guerrilla Game FestivalFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPESpainMadridB2B2Chttp://guerrillagamefestival.es/N/AN/AN/ANoneN/AGuerrilla Game Festival is the video game event that brings together the entire indie development community.
7 – 8 OctOCT2020The International Gaming Summit (TIGS)FINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICACanadaTorontoB2Bhttps://tigs.ca/GMT-7N/A50 USDN/AN/AThe International Gaming Summit on Mental Health Illness and Awareness is an annual conference addressing mental health illness and awareness in the video games industry.
10 OctOCT2020Online Games Job Fair 2020FINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEFinlandHelsinkiHRhttps://gamesjobfair.com/GMT+2N/AN/APINEN/AFinnish Games Career day is an online interactive event where leading games studios from Finland are inviting Talents to join and learn more about the job opportunities
9 – 12 OctOCT2020Madrid Games WeekCANCELEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPESpainMadridB2B2Chttps://www.ifema.es/en/madrid-games-weekGMT+2139,000N/AN/AN/AAnnual meeting for the industry in Spain and the most important Spanish event on the international circuit.
9 – 11 OctOCT2020PAX AUSCANCELEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALAUSTRALIAAustraliaMelbourneB2B2Chttps://aus.paxsite.comGMT+10N/AN/AN/AN/ACANCELED: “While we can’t move forward with PAX Aus 2020 in the way we normally would, we are finding new and exciting ways to connect you and the PAX community with your favourite content and creators,” the statement read. Next PAX AUS will now take place in 2021
14 OctOCT2020Asian Game Audio SummitCANCELEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALASIASingaporeSingaporeB2Bhttps://www.asiangameaudiosummit.com/GMT+8N/AN/AN/AN/AMoved to 2021 ~~ Connecting International Game Audio Professionals
15 OctOCT2020Games Market Bootcamp: The PhilippinesFINISHEDFINISHEDDIGITALDIGITALASIAPhilippinesOnlineB2Bhttps://gamescom.asia/digital-miniseries/philippines-bootcampN/AN/AFreeN/AN/AJoin us for first-hand insight into the market situation and trends and hear from prominent local experts about the gaming ecosystem in the Philippines.
15 – 17 OctOCT2020Reboot Develop BlueCANCELEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPECroatiaDubrovnikB2Bhttp://www.rebootdevelopblue.comGMT+22000+350€NONEN/ABoutique games industry and game developers conference
16 OctOCT2020W<3GamesFINISHEDFINISHEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEFinlandHelsinkiB2Bhttps://wlovegames.com/GMT+2N/AFREEN/AN/ACapacity limited to 150 ~~ W ❤ Games is a conference where developers share their stories, expertise and give positive contribution to the gamedev community!
19 – 21 OctOCT2020Game Quality Forum GlobalCANCELEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEUnited KingdomLondonB2Bhttps://www.iqpc.com/events-gamequalityglobal/GMT+1N/AN/AN/AN/AThe Game Quality Forum brings together industry leaders from around the world to discuss all aspects of the quality lifecycle, from development, to release, to live support.
20 – 22 OctOCT2020Gamethon ExpoCANCELEDCANCELEDPHYSICALPHYSICALASIAIndiaNew DelhiB2B2Chttp://www.gamethonexpo.com/GMT+5:30N/A100 – 300$N/AN/A
16 – 17 JanJAN2021GTR ConferenceSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEMaltaOnlineB2Bhttp://2020.globaltopround.com/N/AN/AN/ANoneN/AAn annual gathering that serves as a networking event for the GTR community and as a celebration of GTR Accelerator studios
28 – 31 JanJAN2021Taipei Game ShowSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDASIATaiwanTaipeiB2B2Chttps://tgs.tca.org.tw/GMT+8N/AN/AProprietaryN/ATaipei Game Show 2021, held by Taipei Computer Association, will be taking place at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1. (TaiNEX 1). This time, we are bringing a hybrid show, a physical event with reinforced digital elements, to the game industry.
TBA – JanJAN2021White Nights Winter OnlineSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALEUROPEGlobalOnlineB2Bhttps://wnconf.com/en/”N/AN/AN/AProprietaryN/A
3 – 7 FebFEB2021Yorkshire Games FestivalSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEUnited KingdomBradfordFestivalhttps://www.scienceandmediamuseum.org.uk/whats-on/yorkshire-games-festivalGMT+1N/AN/AN/AN/AA five-day extravaganza celebrating games culture, design and production, with special guests, workshops, master classes, and a fun-packed weekend for gamers of all ages.
19 – 20 FebFEB2021BlizzConSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesAnaheimB2Chttps://blizzcon.com/N/AN/ANoneN/ABlizzCon is where geeks, players, and employees from all walks of life can group up and feel at home.
1 – 5 MarMAR2021GDC Community CelebrationSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesSan FranciscoB2Bhttps://www.gdconf.com/GMT-8N/AN/AProprietaryN/AA week-long single-track will stream behind-the-scenes lectures on top games of the past year, high-profile talks, Q&As and more interactive content.
4 MarMAR2021MGS GamesSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALDIGITALONLINEOnlineOnlineB2Bhttps://www.mobilegrowthassociation.com/events/games/N/A200+N/AN/AN/AMGS GAMES is an intimate one-day, developer, publisher, and marketer-focused conference where you can connect with and learn from mobile app and online marketing professionals.
24 – 26 MarMAR2021Gamethon ExpoSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALASIAIndiaNew DelhiB2B2Chttp://www.gamethonexpo.com/GMT+5:304.637N/AN/AN/AShowcase games, pitch for awards in 10+ categories, connect with panel of experts in speed dating format.
26 – 28 MarMAR2021DStarsSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDEUROPEItalyPaduaB2Bhttp://www.dstars.itGMT+2300+N/ANoneN/ABorn as a digital Award for Italian Developers, it is turning into a B2B Conf in 2021.
TBA – MarMAR2021Animation ExchangeSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALDIGITALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesSan FranciscoB2Bhttp://www.animstate.com/GMT-8N/AFREEN/AN/AA day of animation talks from developers all over the industry covering everything from the most recent tech advancements to traditional animation techniques to career path and growth
TBA – AprAPR2021Reboot Develop BlueSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPECroatiaDubrovnikB2Bhttp://www.rebootdevelopblue.comGMT+22000+N/AN/AN/ABoutique games industry and game developers conference
19 – 25 AprAPR2021NZ Games FestivalSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALAUSTRALIANew ZealandWellingtonB2B2Chttps://nzgamesfest.com/GMT+12N/AN/AN/AN/AThe week-long festival is centred around all things games – whether digital, tabletop or otherwise! It’s our goal to ensure everybody has the opportunity to be included in the magic of games, so we aim to provide events for all demographics.
20 – 22 AprAPR2021East Coast Game ConferenceSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesRaleighB2Bhttps://ecgconf.com/GMT-5N/AN/AN/AN/AThe East Coast Game Conference (ECGC), the largest gathering of video game professionals on the East Coast, returns for its twelfth year. The focus of the conference is to provide video game developers an engaging program and opportunities for networking and collaboration.
21 – AprAPR2021Games Forum Laser SeriesSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPESpainBarcelonaB2Bhttps://www.globalgamesforum.com/barcelona/GMT+1N/AN/AN/AN/AThe Gamesforum Laser events series are one day highly focussed conferences that are design to provide highly informative and actionable content to delegates whilst providing an intimate and concentrated networking environment to our sponsor partners.
27 – 28 AprAPR2021Copenhagen MatchUpSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEDenmarkCopenhagenB2Bhttps://copenhagenmatchup.dk/GMT+1N/AN/AMeet 2 MatchN/AThe event consists of one full day of online 1:1 meetings, where both investors/publishers and developers can book meetings with each other through the Meet2Match booking system.
TBA – MayMAY2021Game AccessSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPECzechiaBrnoB2B2Chttps://game-access.com/conference/GMT+21500N/AN/AN/AGame Access ‘21 is a huge conference including lots of speeches, presentations, discussions and opportunities to find new partners and interesting information on the 8,000 sq. meters area.
5 – 7 MayMAY2021Games Industry Law SummitSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEEstoniaVilniusB2Bhttps://gameslawsummit.org/GMT+3N/AN/AN/AN/AThe 6th international Games Industry Law Summit with the semifinals and finals of the Legal Challenge and the Reception Dinner
5 – 9 MayMAY2021BIG FestivalSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALSOUTH AMERICABrazilSao PauloB2B2Chttps://www.bigfestival.com.br/GMT-3N/AN/AN/AN/AThe largest festival and market for ​independent games in Latin America
12 MayMAY2021Arctic Game ConferenceSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPESwedenB2Bhttps://www.arcticgameconference.com/GMT+1N/AN/AN/AN/AArctic Game Conference is northern Sweden’s annual meeting place for game developers, students, academia, investors and decision-makers.
12 MayMAY2021LA Games ConferenceSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesLos AngelesB2Bhttps://lagamesconference.com/GMT-8N/A$649 – $1.099N/AN/AThis spring, join the most influential decision-makers in the digital media industry at Digital Media Wire’s Annual LA Games Conference to network, do deals, and share ideas about the future of games and connected entertainment! Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/la-games-conference-2021-tickets-94012980355
25 – 27 MayMAY2021Global Gaming Expo (G2E) AsiaSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDDIGITALPHYSICALASIAChinaMacaoB2Bhttps://www.g2easia.com/GMT+8N/AN/AN/AN/AIt is the must attend marketplace for the Asian gaming-entertainment industry, offering a one-stop platform to the industry professionals to network, forge fresh connections, source new products and solutions, and gain a deeper insight into the latest global industry trends.
11 – 13 JunJUN2021Indie Game FestSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEGermanyCologneB2B2Chttps://indiegamefest.de/GMT+2500+12€ – 120€N/AN/AThe Indie Game Fest is a curated, annual event in Cologne.Our goal is to connect indie studios in Germany and Europe, to create more visibility and attention for their creative and innovative products.
15 – 17 JunJUN2021E3SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesLos AngelesB2B2Chttps://e3expo.com//GMT-865.000+N/AN/AN/ABiggest games industry circus on planet.
28 – 30 JunJUN2021Game Quality Forum GlobalSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEUnited KingdomLondonB2Bhttps://www.iqpc.com/events-gamequalityglobal/GMT+1N/A1.099-3.299€N/AN/AThe Game Quality Forum brings together industry leaders from around the world to discuss all aspects of the quality lifecycle, from development, to release, to live support.
3 JulJUL2021Games Gathering OdessaSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALCISUkraineOdessaB2Bhttps://www.resonatetotalgaming.com/GMT+31000+N/AN/AN/AGames Gathering 2021 Odessa presents news and innovations in game development. At the conference you may ask skilled developers in person about their experience and get huge networking opportunities with them.
17 – 18 JulJUL2021ResonateSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEScotlandGlasgowB2Chttps://www.resonatetotalgaming.com/GMT+1N/AN/AN/AN/AScotland’s largest gaming festival!
19 – 23 JulJUL2021GDC SummerSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDNORTH AMERICAUnited StatesSan FranciscoB2Bhttps://www.gdconf.com/GMT-8N/AN/AProprietaryN/AGDC 2021 will be held as a hybrid event taking place physically in San Francisco with a robust virtual offering.
21 – 24 JulJUL2021A MazeSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDHYBRIDHYBRIDEUROPEGermanyBerlinFestivalwww.amaze-berlin.deGMT+1N/AN/AN/AN/AA MAZE. / Berlin is an international festival focusing on the art and culture of games and playful media.
23 – 24 AugAUG2021devcomSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEGermanyCologneB2Bhttps://www.devcom.global/N/AN/AN/AN/AOfficial gamedev conference of gamescom
25 – 29 AugAUG2021gamescomSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEGermanyCologneB2B2Chttps://www.gamescom.global/N/AN/AN/AN/AThe show everybody talks about.
15 – 16 SepSEP2021Baltic Dev DaysSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALEUROPEGermanyKielB2Bhttps://www.balticdevdays.com/GTM+1550+Starting at 99€N/AN/AThe Baltic Dev Days is a non-profit oriented event and is part of the Digital Week Kiel. Every year we bring together the brightest minds of several verticals to discuss innovative solutions.
14 – 17 OctOCT2021Gamescom Asia 2021SCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALASIASingaporeSingaporeB2B2Chttps://www.gamescom.asia/GMT+830.000N/AN/AN/Agamescom asia aims to serve as the premier platform for Southeast Asian game developers to explore partnerships globally, and act as a hub for international publishers who are looking for the next big thing in games.
10 – 11 NovNOV2021Global Gaming Expo (G2E) PhilippinesSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALASIAPhilippinesManilaB2Bhttps://www.g2easiaphilippines.com/en-gb.htmlGMT+8N/AN/AN/AN/AG2E Asia @ the Philippines comprises of expo, industry specific conferences and unmatched networking opportunities that offer suppliers the most effective marketing and networking platform to create brand awareness and network intimately with the land based and online gaming operators in Philippines and neighboring countries.
TBA – DecDEC2021PlaytopiaSCHEDULEDSCHEDULEDPHYSICALPHYSICALAFRICASouth AfricaCape TownB2B2Chttps://www.playtopia.co.za/GMT+2N/AN/AN/AN/AWith a special focus on Africa, Playtopia MGA strives to bring local content to the forefront and attract the world players into our backyard to work with local developers and businesses to unlock the unlimited potential that is Africa.