Game Conference Guide is as simple as it sounds. It is tracking every games industry and game developers conference, event, trade show & summit around the world.

The idea came about during a time when most of the events started to push back dates, being canceled or just postponed. And with the increased amount of changes, a simple spreadsheet was created. First for myself, then it was expanded, updated and after a few weeks supported kindly by Slovak Game Developers Association (SGDA) and European Game Developers Federation (EGDF).

To be able to function as a stand-alone tool onwards on any device and be viable in the future, the list had to be fully searchable offering more business intelligence. It was upgraded into full-fledged website. More data points were added including dashboard and you can view all the events in more pleasant way.

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Pavol Buday, creator and curator of Game Conference Guide.


Everything in the list can be filtered, sorted and searched. Start with filters, choose the desired year & month, continue with region or nature of the event. Narrow your search by focusing on specific city or country.

Press the little blue „i“ button on the left of every single row for some magic & more details about every single event listed.

Are you wondering what event is happening now?
Click on Status filter and choose “Today”.

Do you want to highlight only B2B events without consumer part?
Type in “
B2B“. Events happening in November? Type in “NOV“, or pick up the desired month from the filters. Easy.

Don’t remember the name of the event?
Start with the country, city or region. Either from filters or by searching.

Looking for an event or conference that already happened in 2020?
All events from 2020 are accessible here.

Are you looking for awards, showcases, pitching submissions? 
Try newest feature Event Deadlines with the full list and integrated calendar with automatic reminders.


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